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welcome to my portfolio.
One day I hope my images will be worth looking at!

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  • Hello friends,

    thank you all for your valuable replies.

    I haven't heard about reverse grads - they sound interesting.

    However, I shall have to wait until next year for my new filters. My car is in for some serious repairs just now, so my hobbies can wait. Due to my cancer treatment last year, I've had to retire from work earlier than planned.

  • My main lack of confidence, is in doing post-processing.

    As I'm slowly recovering from cancer, I'm hoping to have the patience to learn how to use my 7D on manual mode. My love is landscape!

  • My first digital camera was the Canon 450D, which I quite liked.

    About 7 years ago, I gave it to my brother in law and bought my current Canon 7D, which I need to re-acquaint myself with, since being diagnosed prostate cancer 2 years ago.

  • Dear friends,
    I apologise for my late reply here. For past 2 weeks I've been unable to login to Ephotozine. Has there been a problem with the website?

    Thank you all for your kind advice. As I've said, I'm still recovering from my treatment, also for past few weeks I've had the grandchildren around, so I haven't picked up my camera yet. I haven't lost my desire for photography. I've missed some lovely sunsets this month, I don't do early mornings!

    My post-processing skills are non-existent. However, I've made my mind up to purchase Lee filters, in next couple months or so.

  • Darklord and Len,

    thank you both for your advice.

    I forgot to mention, I'm not clever with post processing. I have the original photoshop CS, and I now have Paintshop Pro X9, which I need to play with. I've never used Lightroom, although I understand it's a brilliant program.

  • Thank you for your kind replies!

  • Hello Friends,
    I apologise if I'm in the wrong section, but the word Filters is on here.

    It's 12 months since I finished having radiotherapy for prostate cancer. I'm slowly getting back to normality, although I still get tired.

    I have a Canon 7D, which I've owned for 6 or 7 years, but I haven't used it for almost 2 years. My aim is to learn to get better results for my photography by learning how to use it on Manual mode, and also to make use of Live View, which I have never used.

    This afternoon, I've looked online, to research the 100mm Lee Filter System. My plan is to buy the following items - Lee Professional kit, 77mm Lee Wide Angle Adaptor Ring and Lee Starter Kit. All this will be worth around 300. This will have to do me for a while, as I won't able to buy more filters willy nilly. I do of course have a large collection of Cokin P filters which I can still use. I won't buy Lee Circular polariser for example.

    One thing that I need advice for, is will I eventually have to purchase some soft ND grad filters in future? My main love of photography is landscape.

    I've watched Joe Cornish explain the merits of Lee Filters, and in the video, he explains being able to use 2 filter holders, in order to position 2 ND grad filters at different angles. I thought that was amazing.

    I thank you in advance, for your comments and replies.

  • Hello Novecento,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video, absolutely beautiful!

    Is this flower festival on every year? Thank you for sharing,

  • May I ask please? If I were to take a photograph, with my camera on manual mode, with possibly an ND filter or polariser filter, if the resulting image was acceptable, is there any need to use photoshop or an equivalent programme?

  • Kingbee,

    you've already said that the camera is working wonderfully. Also you bought it with an amazing deal - why worry? It has a warranty, does it not?

  • I have 3 Canon 'L' series zooms. There is no way I would like the front element of my lenses to be affected by the weather, so they are all protected by UV filters, and when I remember, I also use a lens hood. My lenses are over 10 years old and working lovely. My wife would NOT be amused if I had to spend a few K in order to replace them - no chance!

    So for members here who say they don't use filters, how do they slow down the water on the river?Tongue

  • Hello friends,

    I apologise for my late reply - I thank you all for your great advice. I'm recovering from radiotherapy for prostate cancer, and occasionally, like this past week, I suffer from fatigue, which is not very nice.

    I'll go and download DPP4, when I get some time to myself. Thank you Neil for that serial number, I will use that. I don't actually do a lot of processing. In fact I haven't used my camera for over 2 years. I just like to keep my camera up to date.

    Thank you once again, Frank.
  • This may be a dumb question, but here goes.........

    I have a Canon 7D ( not MK 2 ) and I'm wondering if I download DPP 4 from a Canon website, would I be able to use it.

    I ask because I started watching an overview of DPP 4 from the Canon USA website, and it mentioned that if downloaded, I would need the serial number of a compatible camera. How do I find out if my camera is compatible with DPP 4?

  • Thank you Justin and Jack,

    I don't have lightroom. I've never used level adjustments, although I understand the over/under exposure in camera. I've made myself familiar with AV and TV mode. I also know about sharpening, although I probably don't know how to fine tune it. The majority of post processing is way over my head, I don't understand it much.

  • Hello friends,

    it's been almost 2 years since I've taken any serious photos. 2015 has been very unkind to me, as regards my health.

    So, I feel I've returned back to a beginner stage, as I've forgotten some of the functions on my camera. What I would like to be able to do during 2016, is getting to grips with my camera, and learning manual mode, rather than my default 'P' setting. Also I need to learn how to use LiveView, as I've never touched it before.

    In the current issue of EOS magazine, there's a brilliant article on manual mode, which is very interesting. My question is, once I've discovered how to use manual mode, in order to get a decent photo, is it necessary for me to use PaintshopPro? In my simple understanding, if a good exposure is achieved, why bother messing about with photo editing? You can guess I'm not good at editing.

    I look forward to your replies.

  • Hello Cuffit,

    I'm really sorry! Yes, I did indeed receive your PM. I apologise for not replying to you. I'm not normally like this.

    I still have my part-time job, grandchildren and my wife to keep happy. They are all concerned, but I do try to keep in good spirits. On occasion I get what feel like mood swings, but I don't think it's that. Sunday morning I woke up feeling really great and generally happy. Yet, after lunch, my mood changed, to sort of feeling miserable. So I slept a couple hours. Later the feeling of heaviness on my mind didn't clear, although I enjoyed watching what was on TV. Sometimes I can't seem to get motivated to do chores around the house, almost like a feeling of helplessness. Rest assured, everyday is different. Normally I'm a very happy chappy. Of course hearing about would affect anybody.

  • Hello Friends,

    I apologise for not replying sooner, but I've been a bit down this past week, but I'm over it now.

    Last Sunday, my wife and I travelled to London to see a urologist, at Princess Grace Hospital. My aim was to ask her, if I am a suitable candidate for any treatments such as HIFU, Cryotherapy or NanoKnife.

    We met the nice lady at 9am Monday morning and I handed her a thick file of Urology notes from my local hospital. She read through them making notes. It turns out that I'm not a suitable candidate for any focal treatment, simply because of my existing heart disease, plus it turns out that my prostate is about three quarters full of cancer. So there we are. Although Monday was a nice sunny day, my wife and I had a miserable trip home. I couldn't even be bothered to read a paper or magazine, so I tried to sleep instead.

    The urologist sent me a letter back, which arrived on Friday. Her details were really pleasing, as my current medical team haven't been in contact. One urologist told me that I had an aggressive small cell cancer. According to the London doctor this is not so. It now seems I have a normal type cancer ( it's still cancer ).

    So as I'm already on hormone therapy injections, I'm doing ok, and I wait for radiotherapy. So I have been advised correctly by my medical team - the only problem is, they're not good at communicating any information.

  • Hello Friends,

    thank you for your continued replies. I'm not ignoring any of you, I've been busy doing other things, really encouraged by my wife and son.

    I'm not going to wait for Mr.Fenn to return from holiday. My son told me in no uncertain terms - get on the phone to London! I've been given details for London Urology Associates, over 3 weeks ago. So I finally telephoned them and made an appointment for Monday morning. So tomorrow, it's on the train to London town.

    The Urologist I need to see, is still on holiday, but I'm meeting with a couple of his colleagues, armed with all the Urology notes and MRI scans from our local hospital.

    I shall get back to you with any news.

  • Friends, thank you all so much - I never expected such a quick response. Members of EP never fail in their friendliness and support.

    I hear all of you, I really do. I've seen a private urologist already, and I'm in the process of making another appointment to see him. My problem is I'm too much of a nice guy, but I have it on good authority from a business friend, that I'm already speaking to 1 of the top men in South Wales. My son preaches to me every night, go phone someone else in London. That's all well and good, but I'm not ready for that just yet. Surely a few more weeks won't hurt?

    In past couple weeks I've spoken to 3 local men who have prostate cancer, one was diagnosed 6 years ago. I said nothing to him, but he's looking damn good on it. He's advised me on some dietary changes. I actually love broccoli soup, with tomatoes, onion and garlic really wonderful. I read on one cancer website, of a gentleman who eats broccoli soup daily, probably for lunch. He swears that it has helped him to keep his cancer at bay.

    Another man I spoke to, went to London to have a Cryotherapy operation to his prostate. I believe it involves keyhole surgery, where a needle is inserted into the prostate, it zaps argon gas onto the cancer cells, and this kills them apparently, they're thawed out and I suppose they get sucked out! He hasn't had the results of this operation yet, but he's confident that it will work. I shall be asking my consultant whether this would be suitable for me.

    Thank you all once again!

  • Dear Friends,

    I've waited over a month to pluck up the courage to post this message. My Topic Title isn't exactly accurate - the truth is I haven't picked up my camera much at all, during the past 18 months or so. Of course I do the odd family snapshots - I have 2 grandchildren. Plus, if I'd totally lost interest, I wouldn't be here now. During last 2 months, I've had some bad news regarding my health, but I'm doing ok, I'm trying to stay strong.

    I was recently diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive small cell prostate cancer. I've seen a private consultant regarding this, but he's difficult to get hold of, he's already on a second holiday! I'm waiting to hear from his secretary to arrange a second meeting with him, just to get to the bottom of where I stand with this dreaded disease. At the first meeting he suggested radiotherapy and chemotherapy; then in a later email, something changes, so I no longer need chemo - what? How can such important information suddenly change in just 3 weeks? I've had letters copied for me by my GP, must it's mostly in medical lingo, which I don't understand.

    Yesterday, a very nice nurse from Carmarthen, phoned me at work yesterday, and she's the only person who has managed to explain to me in Queen's English, that apparently, the cancer has not spread outside of the prostate, which is good. But because I also have heart disease, I would not be able to endure an operation to remove my prostate, as I could either die on the table, or suffer a heart attack - all cheerful news!Sad

    Some of you would rightly say that picking up my camera, would be a great means to rekindle my hobby and take my mind off stuff - I fully agree. I've already begun hormone therapy, having had tablets for three weeks, and I had my first injection about 3 weeks ago. One side effect which is annoying, is that I feel cold. My hands are cold as I'm typing this, and even my arms are cold, and I'm fully dressed, I've been wearing a thin pullover all summer, well it feels more like autumn to me! Bottom line is I don't like cold weather of any kind - and yes I know there are thousands of people going around in tee-shirts and shorts, I'm afraid I'm not one of them.

    Worry not, I'm generally in good spirits with a smile on my face. Life is still worth living. Who knows, Liverpool FC may improve on last season!!Grin

  • I have just taken a brief look at the links you've provided. They look very good! Of course, I should have thought about youtube myself!

    Hopefully I can make sense of these tutorials, photo-editing is not my strong point. Patience methinks!

  • Friends,

    thank you ever so much for your replies. I apologise for being late in acknowledging your help; I haven't been very well lately. Haven't touched my PC, since I last visited EPZ.

  • Dear Friends,

    do any of you own this software? Where can I can find some good tutorials on how to use it please?

    Thank you, Frank.
  • I've got a roll of film currently in my Eos 3, but I haven't finished using it yet!

    Indeed, all my Canon 'L' lenses were bought, while I was using the Eos 3.

  • Hello Lemmy,

    thank you for your kind words.

    I'm beginning once more to "see photos", as I drive around in my car. The big problem is my camera is at home. I hear what you said about your circumstances, but I don't think I would be happy with a compact portable camera - I don't mean to they're no good, it's just me being silly.

    I've already wasted a wonderful summer, through being busy with work, but it's time I picked up the camera once more.

  • Friends,

    this year of 2014, I've barely picked up my camera - shameful, as my new grand-daughter is 6 months old!

    Earlier this year, I went through a 1-2 month period of depression, something I've never experienced before. I think it was brought on by losing 2 elderly friends who passed away within a week of each other. Most of my hobbies just went out the window during that time.

    However, I believe my passion may return shortly, as my wife and I went for a walk along the coastal path near Broad Haven. It's been a lovely evening. The sea was calm and in my opinion, the lighting was superb. My camera of course was at home. I probably wouldn't have got an amazing image anyway. Though I shall return to the location soon.

    I love photography, but at this present time, not as much as most of my fellow members.

    PS, I used to belong to a creative writing class, until about 3 years ago. I gave it up, because I feel my imagination has deserted me - not a nice feeling at all.

  • Friends,

    so 7D Mark 2 is with us. How many current 7D owners will upgrade? I most definitely will not. Due to health issues, I haven't really picked up my 7D this year. I haven't really used it - I reckon I've probably forgotten how to use it.

    I haven't even upgraded the software for it, though I intend to one day. All I'm really interested in is landscape, some micro shots of flowers and family photos.

    Frank. PS, it's definitely a lovely toy!
  • Friends, because I suffer with my back, and recently been diagnosed with heart disease, I wouldn't entertain such a thought! I also have a 7D and the 100-400mm zoom. I wouldn't trust myself to put my equipment at risk. What is a camera bag for? Grin

  • Friends, in my own very personal opinion, I would stick to the manufacturer's ink - why not? Shop around say Amazon or 7Dayshop, you can still save money.

    While I was in business, I once tried compatible ink on a cheap HP office printer - what a mistake!

  • My 7D shows strange image counter numbers. I just simply ignore this and move on! Grin