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welcome to my portfolio.
One day I hope my images will be worth looking at!

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  • My 7D is almost 8 years old. But I haven't really used it all that much. For the past 3 years, I've been dealing with prostate cancer, so apart from family photos and simple snapshots, it is still in good condition. I'll only replace the 7D, after it's actually stopped working. I've had my 3 'L' zooms, since 2003, when I bought my EOS 3, which I no longer have. My first digital camera, Canon 450D, I gave away to a friend, after I bought the 7D.

  • Thank you StrayCat,

    I do have sleep apnea, therefore I need the CPAP machine, on loan from hospital. Apparently they cost 700!

  • Thank you Mick,

    eventually I found out my serial number - now written down safely!

    Hello Colin,

    I splashed out on a new computer, as that was needed soon. My 7D may be old, but not as old as I am! Grin

  • I've recently been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea!

    The doctor sent me home with a CPAP machine, with a face mask, which I use during the night. When I was first tested in November, I had another machine for 1 night.

    Last week I saw the doctor who loaned me the machine. I was having 25 episodes of sleep apnea per hour through the night. The CPAP machine was given to me for 2 nights, and I returned to the doctor, the day after that. She checked the SD card, and my episodes had dropped to 4.5 per hour! I've had the machine in use for 7 nights now, and my episodes have reduced to 2.6 per hour or a similar number!

    It's also helping me with my heart disease; I haven't had an angina attack for about 10 days now. Apparently it will also help my diabetes, with reduce glucose blood levels. I won't know about this for about 4 months, at my next check up. Will it also help me recover from my cancer treatment? I don't know, but it's a magical machine so far!

  • Hi StrayCat,

    I fully agree with you. I'd also like to change my car some time. May have to wait till next year - at least it passed the MOT.

  • Sherlob,

    I apologise - I didn't realise you're going on safari.

    I also understand your reasoning, regarding the battery. I trust you'll enjoy your trip!

  • Sherlob,

    In my own personal opinion, you have a quality camera in the 5DS; I fail to understand, why you would waste money on a cheap alternative? So you're flying to a destination, why do you perceive a problem in keeping your battery charged?

    I've got my 7D, which is nearly 8 years old. I've only got my original battery and haven't got the need for a spare one.

  • Hello StrayCat,

    I don't believe I have. At present, my wife won't entertain me spending more silly money on stuff, I probably don't need! Grin

    I've got to be on best behaviour, as in next few months, we're moving to a 3 bed bungalow.

  • Friends,

    thank you ever so much, for your kind recommendations. While in bed last night, I thought, why didn't I use my current DPP software on PC, to discover the camera's number? This morning I did just that. Found a raw image, clicked on file, and eventually found what what I was looking for. Feeling pleased!

    This evening, I believe I've downloaded the software I needed, onto my Mac, from emails I received from Canon UK. I don't know if they work - I've got to locate them! My ambition this year, is to learn to use my 7D, using manual mode. By the summer, I aim to purchase some Lee filters. I haven't used my camera in anger for almost 3 years. I'm visiting our new granddaughter tomorrow, so I'll practice portraits, which I'm not very clever with.

    Thank you all once again, I'm grateful.

  • Hello Euan, hello Phil,

    thank you for your replies. My PC is off now. I'll take another look tomorrow.

  • Hello friends,

    I recently purchased and Apple Mac, with Sierra operating system. I've still got my old PC in another room.

    So I would like to install Canon's DPP and Eos Utilities programmes onto my Mac.

    I phoned Canon UK a couple days ago, the gentleman emailed me a couple links. I tried to open the first link and attempt to download software, error message came up, asking for original disk. Now my 7D is nearly 8 years old, and my disk is long gone. I phoned Canon UK again this afternoon. The gentleman kindly sent me another email with 2 other links. I asked whether a proper disk was available, which I was willing to pay for, he tried to convince me to use the email he sent. I looked at the email I was sent, but didn't open the links. I noticed lower down, details to contact Robert Scott, from who, I get Eos magazine.

    So I phoned Robert Scott, and spoke to a nice lady. She asked me to open the first link, and asked me to click on Full I think. another box appeared, so she asked me to enter my 7D's serial number. Now I can't read it clearly, so I ended up with a red error message. Then she asked if I have photos on the Mac, I said no, but my PC is upstairs. She said to go on my PC and open a photo, then if I click on Exif info, I ought to be able to find the camera's number. I tried to do this with Paintshop Pro and Photoshop CS version 8, but failed to find what I need.

    So can a kind member please help me with this problem. I'm frustrated, 60 years old and recovering from cancer treatment.

    Thank you,

  • Thank you Phil,

    I don't think I have much use for A3 prints. I'll take a look at the printer you've suggested. I'm assuming it prints photos reasonably well?

  • Thank you,

    so I would like to get a wireless photo printer. What would be a good all rounder for under 100 please?

  • Hello Phil,

    thank you for your reply. It has been suggested to me that I get a wireless printer, suitable for photos. My Mac forum friends, suggest I go back to Curry's telling them, that I did not need them to install THEIR iCloud software, and I don't need McAfee anti-virus; asking them to give me a printer instead. Will that work?

  • Hello friends,

    I've had my Mac for about a week, and I'm having a tough time getting used to it. on a Mac forum, it was suggested, that my Canon i9950 printer is not compatible with the Sierra software. Is this true, and is there some way to work around the problem please?

  • Hello friends,

    my Apple Mac has arrived and it's lovely. Watching 4K HD videos on Youtube is amazing. I did manage to set it up slowly. Then it took me a while to register my Apple I.D.

    I've hooked up my HP office printer, and it works! I haven't tried my i9950 printer yet as I need to put photos onto the Mac. I've also got the disc drive and external hard drive fitted.

    My question now is, how do I get the Canon DPP software downloaded onto this computer. I also have Photoshop Elements 15 installed, but I haven't looked at it yet.

  • Phil,

    thank you for your reply.

  • I patiently wait for the arrival of my Apple computer. Looking at Youtube videos, it's quite a special machine.

    I seem to understand that I'll need an external hard drive, but what sort do I need? I've heard of SSD, it depends on price I suppose.

    I've also heard about an Apple Magic Trackpad - do I need this?

  • Hello friends,
    thank you all for your informative replies.

    Rightly or wrongly, I've ordered my Apple Mac and superdrive, as well as Elements and Office, which will be loaded onto the computer. They shall also give me some tuition on the machine, so I'm looking forward to it.

    For past 2 years, I haven't done a lot of photography, as I've had prostate cancer, followed by radiotherapy, from which I'm still recovering. I'm hoping to pick up my 7D once more, and to use it with manual mode, and learn to use Live View.

    If I have any questions, I will be back.

  • Thank you for your replies, very helpful!

    Sterodesign, you say you use all the Canon apps on your Mac. So how do I get the apps onto the Mac ( when I buy it )? Do I simply download from the Canon website? I don't think I'm clever enough to subscribe to the CC software!

    I've got Spyder Express 3, upgraded to version 4, I'm assuming it will work.

    So I'll be able to use a superdrive to play CDs and DVDs. Would this device also enable me to load software onto the Mac, using discs?

    I appreciate all your patience in helping me with my request.

  • Hello Phil,

    thank you for your informative reply. I have my mind on purchasing an Apple computer. Can you explain what a thumb drive is, please?

  • Hello friends, I'm seriously considering ordering an Apple iMac 27" 2017 computer. My local Curry's didn't have the model I requested in stock. They had 1 Apple computer on display, similar to one my mother has got.
    The only other detail I know is that it is 3.4GHZ.

    I forgot to ask the obvious question - it has no disc drive! So my question is, how can I put any existing software onto the computer? I'm concerned about how would I use my Canon DPP software on the Apple? Also how does the computer recognise my Canon i9950 printer, or my HP Deskjet 2050?

    I'll be buying Photoshop Elements to use with the Apple computer, so could I simply connect my Canon 7D to a USB port, and work from there?

  • Hello friends,

    thank you all for your valuable replies.

    I haven't heard about reverse grads - they sound interesting.

    However, I shall have to wait until next year for my new filters. My car is in for some serious repairs just now, so my hobbies can wait. Due to my cancer treatment last year, I've had to retire from work earlier than planned.

  • My main lack of confidence, is in doing post-processing.

    As I'm slowly recovering from cancer, I'm hoping to have the patience to learn how to use my 7D on manual mode. My love is landscape!

  • My first digital camera was the Canon 450D, which I quite liked.

    About 7 years ago, I gave it to my brother in law and bought my current Canon 7D, which I need to re-acquaint myself with, since being diagnosed prostate cancer 2 years ago.

  • Dear friends,
    I apologise for my late reply here. For past 2 weeks I've been unable to login to Ephotozine. Has there been a problem with the website?

    Thank you all for your kind advice. As I've said, I'm still recovering from my treatment, also for past few weeks I've had the grandchildren around, so I haven't picked up my camera yet. I haven't lost my desire for photography. I've missed some lovely sunsets this month, I don't do early mornings!

    My post-processing skills are non-existent. However, I've made my mind up to purchase Lee filters, in next couple months or so.

  • Darklord and Len,

    thank you both for your advice.

    I forgot to mention, I'm not clever with post processing. I have the original photoshop CS, and I now have Paintshop Pro X9, which I need to play with. I've never used Lightroom, although I understand it's a brilliant program.

  • Thank you for your kind replies!

  • Hello Friends,
    I apologise if I'm in the wrong section, but the word Filters is on here.

    It's 12 months since I finished having radiotherapy for prostate cancer. I'm slowly getting back to normality, although I still get tired.

    I have a Canon 7D, which I've owned for 6 or 7 years, but I haven't used it for almost 2 years. My aim is to learn to get better results for my photography by learning how to use it on Manual mode, and also to make use of Live View, which I have never used.

    This afternoon, I've looked online, to research the 100mm Lee Filter System. My plan is to buy the following items - Lee Professional kit, 77mm Lee Wide Angle Adaptor Ring and Lee Starter Kit. All this will be worth around 300. This will have to do me for a while, as I won't able to buy more filters willy nilly. I do of course have a large collection of Cokin P filters which I can still use. I won't buy Lee Circular polariser for example.

    One thing that I need advice for, is will I eventually have to purchase some soft ND grad filters in future? My main love of photography is landscape.

    I've watched Joe Cornish explain the merits of Lee Filters, and in the video, he explains being able to use 2 filter holders, in order to position 2 ND grad filters at different angles. I thought that was amazing.

    I thank you in advance, for your comments and replies.

  • Hello Novecento,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video, absolutely beautiful!

    Is this flower festival on every year? Thank you for sharing,