Hello all I love looking at images of beautiful things,places,people,plants ,anything.
Photography is great fun,loading those shots up to see if you got a cracker always excites me,just need to take the time to improve my skills.
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  • Waterfall at Glencoe

    Get some of these up on Scotland from the roadside woman!!!
    • 23 Mar 2017 6:01AM
  • Light on Loch Achtriochtan

    I see this is a popular one and rightly so xxx
    • 23 Mar 2017 6:00AM
  • A Grey Day

    Love this x
    • 23 Mar 2017 5:59AM
  • Love me Tender

    I had to come on to see my wee Johnny boy on here!!
    Love the title xxx
    • 23 Mar 2017 5:47AM
  • Colours of the Earth

    Very earthy and calming.👌🏻
    • 14 Dec 2016 10:37AM
  • My Brother

    Gold ol uncle Ernie, made his mark xxxx
    • 14 Dec 2016 10:35AM
  • Marvelous!

    Very eyecatching 👍🏻
    • 14 Dec 2016 10:16AM
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