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claudio the bassist

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  • it's time, isn't it?
  • WOW skeletor, thank you a lot!! It's exactly what I was looking for!

  • The OM10 was my first camera. I bought it in Margate about 20 years ago. I remember the "manual adapter" which I had to buy separately! (I'm feeling old...)

  • 90 image rotation is the most common operation. But is it lossless? Windows XP alerts it is not for its plugin, while ACDC has an option for "lossless jpg operations".

    I wonder if PSP or PS have a jpg lossless 90 rotation. Is it sufficient to set the file size after the rotation equal or greater than the original?
    Anybody knows?

    Thank you
  • I've just opened a thread saying this:

    Pete's topic about the gallery changes is obviously receiving tons of posts, and it would take a week to read all of them.

    So why dont you make a poll for each proposal point, in order to have a synthetic representation of the epz members feeling?

    Just my two cents


    and the thread has immediatly been locked. What an exageration!!! It really seem that the word "click" has become a swear word, worst than a pedophily shot.

    I've only opened a new thread because I didn't express any opinion on Pete's proposals, but I proposed a brand new action on the site.
    Sorry if I irritated someone with my action, shame on me!


    P.S. I also propose to mark the threads about cl**ks with the label "adult content".
  • Pete's topic about the gallery changes is obviously receiving tons of posts, and it would take a week to read all of them.

    So why dont you make a poll for each proposal point, in order to have a synthetic representation of the epz members feeling?

    Just my two cents

  • I agree with almost every Pete's proposals, but the negative clicks. It would create flames and unconstructive arguments.
    Personally I've never had arguments in the web and seldom in the real life, but if someone came in my page leaving a negative click, I'd go immediatly minus-clicking like a crazy on all his shots! (Everyone is warned! Smile )

    Seriously, I like the idea of the five super-clicks per day, because it would represent an alternative satisfaction to the EC/HC, that are so difficult to obtain for most of us.

  • I always get a system error each time I try to access to this shot of mine.

    P.S.: hehe!!! :-P
  • 192. To paint Max white to stop frodo winning another EC.
  • WOW! My best score ever in a photo competition! Smile
  • Shame on you all! Only one Beatles song!
  • I hope to remember this time!
  • I have the same doubt.
    I wouldn't trust to post a photo over 60Kb because some time ago I did it (not for a comp, though), and the system accepted the photo without warning. But then I noticed that the system automatically compressed my picture under 60kb with orrible results, so I deleted it and reposted a 60Kb version. But in a competition you don't have the possibility to delete and repost!!!
    A confirmation from an epz moderator would be appreciated.
    (But I think this is the wrong forum for these questions, you'd better to repost it in general discussion or similar...)
  • I'm boing this thread just to remind colin of his task for tonight! I miss last comp and I'd like to try again...
  • I want to reply to chriswebb who said that he had to resize to 400 pixels to get the file size down. In general this is not the correct way to reduce the size. You should mantain the 500 pixels, and increase the jpeg compression factor. All the most common graphic softwares allow to do this, usually in the save as... menu (photoshop, paintshop, and many others). I hope this helps.
    I completely forgot the challenge!!!
    Damn! #@%&#&@!!!!!
  • This is the link to the Samantha's page. Her first photo will be the challenge title. Hope this helps.
  • It should be at 8:00 pm GMT (9:00 for me!)
  • I had a lot of fun last week with the one hour challenge organized by Hazard (this is the link ).
    Is something similar planned for tonight?
  • Nice idea. I'll try to post something!
    By the way, I'm seeing that the EPZ clock is wrong of ten minutes... are you basing in any case on the EPZ clock?
  • OK Ian, I've got a couple of shots for the "lines" competition... Smile
    I'll try this way, even if I have 1 chance over 14 million to test it!
  • Pete wrote: "I believe the odds on winning the National Lottery are 14 million to 1 and one thing's for sure, like that, if you don't enter you have absolutely no chance of winning".
    Absolutely wright.
    But even with this little chance, lot of people buy the ticket, just to feed a dream. But if you make the rule that somebody is not eligible to win the prizes another thing's for sure, he wont buy the tiket.
    I know, it's strange: I enjoy very much posting shots hoping to receive some clicks and nice comments or to get an EC and winning nothing. But I hate the competitions, where you know that if you win (1 chance over 14 million for me) you lose (the prize). Frustrating.
    It's a pity, because I feel at home in this site, and I like almost everything, but this restriction is a pebble in my shoe, reminding me that I'm not exactly at home...
  • I like this site very much, but I have a big complaint to do about the competitions.
    I find really unfair the exclusion of the "overseas members" from the prizes. What's the real reason? Please don't write again the old lie "Unfortunately, due to restrictions from the sponsor, only UK entries are eligible...", because it's impossible that ALL the sponsors want such restriction, even those who... don't exist yet! I mean, the May competition "lines" doesn't have a sponsor yet, but it's already known that whoever he will be, he will hate the "overseas" world, as specified in the competition rules.
    This situation should not worry me very much, because for me it would be already a great success to be just shortlisted, but the exclusion "a priori" from every prize is frustrating and not stimulating at all.
    Pete, is there any chance to convince the "sponsors" to eliminate this unfair restriction in the future?

    Claudio the bassist