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13/09/2010 - 7:36 PM

Closed to the world

Closed to the worldi appreciate your vision, very well seen and taken,

what i like in this shot is the simplicity with horizontal lines, a closed window breaking that line,

but you can see the top part of the image where the lines are strait and the lower parts of the image where the lines are not strait, you simply can correct it at the time of post processing,

do not zoom your camera, mostly fill the frame with the lines and place the window on the third as small as possible,

there is not much color in the image, so you can just convert the image to a high contrast black and white image to give much more importance on the simple lines, otherwise the image can look flat,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
13/09/2010 - 7:15 AM

Raining Petals

Raining Petalsa lovely portrait, but too much elements to my taste, there is an interesting tattoo, a Japanese style umbrella, very colorful lips, dress, as well as petals falling above the head, a bit of white reflection on the dress, all together makes a clutter of a potential good shot,

you can execute several shots to exploit the situation rather taking it all at once,

if you want to show the raining petals, do not include all the other elements like tattoo, dress umbrella, make it simple,

if you want to highlight the character of a Japanese model, do not rain the petals, make it simple with the dress, umbrella etc.

if you want to show the tattoo, give emphasis on the tattoo,

play with the placement of the light, try to exclude any kind of reflection or glare, you can use a polarizer,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
06/09/2010 - 6:31 AM


BeeFirst of all congrats to the new dslr, because i have not seen you are using a dslr before,

sharpening an image which is not otherwise sharply taken, (many photographers here do not make sure that the image is 100% sharply taken in the camera when viewed at the full size of the image, they try to hide their faults by sharpening the image at the time of post processing resulting some artifacts), can not produce good images, the quality of this kind of images mainly depends on the detail of the subject, the shutter speed you have used is not at all sufficient for the shot,

focal length * crop factor = 1/shutter speed for hand held shot, so 170 * 1.6 = 1/270 shutter or more for handheld shot, if you reduce the shutter speed below this limit, the image will be blurred due to the shake of the hand & body, (if possible use tripod), as a general rule, iso 400 (Max),

to capture such highly moving subjects, the shutter speed must even more than that as said above, so unless, you have sufficient light to increase the shutter speed, you have to introduce a flash which can freeze anything with providing sufficient light, in this way you can get sharp images, first be sure that you are taking 100% sharp images, then after resizing try to increase the sharpness slightly to compensate for the resizing loss,

you should consult the manual and make sure your picture style has enabled you to take sharpest images (value 7), but i am not sure with your camera, but you can check it,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
01/09/2010 - 8:25 PM

Piel castle: isolated

Piel castle: isolatedhere, i think the subject is the castle, the line is used here to lead the eye to castle, if you break that line by an object that will be the main element where the eye will stop to flow, if that boat or person or the red buoy (as used here) is included at the middle to break that line that should be the subject,

here is the main confusion about composition,

i am giving you two examples breaking that line, forming a different intention and composition,

1. the first one,

2. the second one...
01/09/2010 - 7:16 PM

Piel castle: isolated

Piel castle: isolatedbut what i am seeing in your mod and in Phil's version, is altogether a different image may be called the RED BUOY, and certainly not the Piel castle,

ok, what looks different and weired in the original composition is the line of horizon with the castle at the top of the image rather placing it on the third according to the golden rule, but i should call it a bold attempt, and as Phil has already guessed it, the photographer may not have ND filter and the sky may be looking very uninteresting to include,

whether following the rule of third is a must? it is proved that to follow the rule has psychological advantages but sometimes to break those rules may provide more interest,

symmetry and asymmetry are the both side of the same coin, if it is not the one, it should be the other, and to me a good composition means a psychological and meaningful arrangement of the subject and objects in a given condition...
31/08/2010 - 7:23 PM

Piel castle: isolated

Piel castle: isolatedvery bold attempt, i like the composition, both the versions are looking very good, the foreground detail is superb,

but what i see, as you have intended to include the red buoy at the middle where the eyes are flowing with the line to the castle and certainly i consider it as an obstruction/distraction, if i were you, i would have tempted to clone it out,

the light is not very much interesting, it may not be the proper time of the day for landscape shots, if you take care of the light too plus the composition, i think the image would have got more response,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
27/08/2010 - 7:45 PM


Butterflyyou can see so many macro works uploaded in this site on the daily basis, if you see, you will certainly notice that the background of their images are uncluttered,

if you are serious enough for macro photography, you can invest in purchasing a true macro lens (1:1), the lens you are using can also produce decent images, what you have to do, you should take care of light and background,

a tripod can provide much more help for macro photography by the way of reducing the possibility of blur caused by shaking of hand, as well as a tripod can give you the possibility of employing slower shutter speed, which may often be necessary for macro photography due to insufficient light,

move your camera close to the insect as far as possible, but some insects like butterfly here are more active throughout the day than at the morning before sunrise or after the sunset, so if you choose proper time of the day you can go close to the insect otherwise it will be very difficult here,

ok, if i critique on the image,( but hardly there is any scope to tell you the correct setting for this kind of shot unless you take the above advice ), f/10 is certainly not necessary here, which has forced you down the shutter speed resulting a blur caused by hand holding the camera with insufficient shutter speed,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
25/08/2010 - 5:06 PM

Group Shot

Group Shoti like the mod provided by Joyce, you have asked for the sharpness which is not looking bad at all in your image, make sure when you resize your image, you should increase the sharpness to compensate for the resizing loss,

what looks apparent to me in your image is overexposure, the ambient light exposure as well as flash exposure is not looking right, iso 2000 may not be needed in this occasion and you should keep it as lower as possible, first, meter the ambient light at the background and then adjust flash to subject distance to keep the exposure right,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
24/08/2010 - 7:31 PM

Monkey Business

Monkey BusinessA good attempt, but Both the images are a bit soft probably for taking the shot hand held with insufficient shutter speed, 1/80 is not sufficient for the focal length 100 mm and for the moving subject like these, in a sensor where the crop factor is probably 1.6, in v2 i can also see there is some focusing problem, that means your focus is on the tree in front and not the subject,

i guess you have used auto focus, and for this kind of situation where there is a lot of clutter around the subject, manual focus is best,

f/6.3 is not a good choice, if i were you i would have used f/5.6 or lower than that if possible in your lens, and try to keep the iso 400 to increase the shutter speed,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
24/08/2010 - 8:50 AM

A Perfect Sunday Evening

A Perfect Sunday EveningI agree with Daves above so i am trying to give you some different thoughts which may help you,

i guess you may have tried to compose the shot with the road starting from the low right side point of the image, and the empty bench at the left side of the image giving an appearance that the bench is looking out side the frame, ask yourself because i am not aware of the place, if you did not have intended that way, you could have easily excluded the sky which is rather boring despite of doing HDR, think about different composition and inclusion of a person on the bench which can give better result,

try to recompose the shot in such a way as to exclude the sky simply, you have used f/20, but the lens you are using can always give better result from f/9 to f/11 with a good dof as you are looking for, so you need not to employ f/20 which can derogate the image quality,

the light on the front lamp post has a bit distraction, you should try to tone it down,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
24/08/2010 - 8:32 AM

The Cloisters

The CloistersI agree with Willie above, so i am not trying repeat those points, instead i am trying to give you another thought,

compositionally a lovely symmetry is visible, but there is a lot of noise probably because you have employed high iso to take the shot, you can do HDR, but you can also consider the use of a tripod to shoot or you can even place the camera on a stationary object so that you can use lower shutter speed,

the point of view is general, you could have taken a low pov to create more interest as well as an inclusion of a model/person to break that symmetry which is looking obvious to this place might have helped you to create even more interest,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
23/08/2010 - 7:20 PM

Messing About

Messing Abouti like the expression of the model, but i am afraid to say the light, composition, background is not looking very good, you should think about these points as basics, i also do not know what you have tried to do,

i am giving you some basic ideas by the following links:-

1. link,

2. link,

3. link,

4. link


wish you best of luck for your future works...
23/08/2010 - 7:03 PM

B & W

B & Wlovely conversion, as a still life shot, the highlight area is really a distraction here, and some portion of the background is cluttered by the blurred chair,

if you try to shoot still life shots with natural light, first you should make sure with the background, a plain background works well in such cases,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
16/08/2010 - 3:48 AM

Another of Nic

Another of Niclovely shot, a few minor correction can give even better result,

for this kind of shots f/5.6 is really sufficient, the subject is not moving too much, if you take handheld shot, 1/100 is really sufficient @40mm, if you take support of a tripod or some other thing, you can even lower the shutter speed, and in this way try to keep the iso lower,

probably your ps work has resulted some artifact at the background which is visible at the right side,

you can also resort to the vertical format instead of horizontal one for this kind of shots to fill the frame,

otherwise it is a lovely shot, lovely catch light on the eyes, but i am also curious to know where he is looking?

wish you best of luck for your future works...
15/08/2010 - 1:17 PM

A cobbler of souls

A cobbler of soulsit certainly looks like a grab shot, that means unplanned,

first of all, the person with a shoe on the hand is not looking a cobbler because of not much clue, you could have excluded the other person to include the accessories surrounding the cobbler, the position of the cobbler sitting is not looking very good, the rod and wires at the background are certainly a distraction, some parts of the shirt and a cloth ( i suppose ) at the background are overexposed,

if you try to find suitable light and background for this kind of shots, the result will be better, street photography is all about vision, i believe

sorry for my negative comments, i hope you can do better...
22/05/2010 - 5:02 PM

Child & Stick

Child & Sticklove the tone, but a glare is visible probably due to the heavy sunlight, the image is very dark and the horizon is also not looking straight, sorry no vote you can do better...
22/05/2010 - 4:57 PM

Before we open...

Before we open...it is really very soft, is it intended or out of focus, or intensionally added blur ?, but really like the desaturated look, it is looking like a grab shot to me, i am very sorry but no vote, you can do better...
10/05/2010 - 3:16 PM


Softlove this shot, love the light and dof, but somehow the highlighted leafs at the foreground is a bit distraction, it is really a risky job to frame the subject by a highlighted blur object often results in a distraction, although it is a different shot...
30/04/2010 - 11:46 AM

[meet me on the other shore]

[meet me on the other shore]i too like this shot, the tones are really fantastic, a beautiful composition as well, often, people in this kinds of shots do not include the subject completely, but you have included it very nicely,

i am not sure with the dof, you may have given a shallow depth of field effect at the time of post processing, or if you had done it in the camera, you could have considered an angle or a slight increase in f number or changing your position so that the front of the boat( the lower part as well) is in sharp focus, also i would have preferred a little space in the front (front lower part of the boat is very tightly placed in the frame),

wish you best of luck for your future works...
24/04/2010 - 11:31 AM

British model Bex

British model Bexyou have full control over the exposure, love the shallow dof effect here, lighting is also first class, love the point of view too, but i am not sure with the composition, i have uploaded a modification to point out something,

i marked a portion (no. 1), obviously it is in sharp focus and it tends to draw the eyes at the first glance, but i have indicated a line (no. 2) which leads the eye to out side the frame (why?),

again i have marked 3 as a portion which is not wanted, as well as it is a hindrance to the composition, the position of the hand and the face is placed in such a way as to form a triangle, but where it is indicating the other hand above the head (which is certainly not intended), the hand above the head could have been used in a creative way to from the triangle, and you have placed it above the head which is destructive to the composition,

it is a beautiful photograph but to me the composition is not somehow systematic and well organized,
wish you best of luck for your future works...