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Welcome to my world of people & their tears, most of my images have no colours but still they can paint so many colours and i like to instigate your imagination to give your own colour of interpretaion on it...

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  • That missing spark...

    I had to consult with the initial GE thread to find out the exact date, when i had given it a try for the first time, i find that it was 10.05.2010 to 16.05,2010 i was first time given the privilege of being the Guest Editor by Pete...Then the experi...0

    10 Mar 2023 9:49AM  |  Read


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  • Village of death...

    In the year 2013, Delhi’s Paranormal Society sent a team of 30 people to stay the night in Kuldhara, the eerie abandoned village of Jaisalmer...They claim (somewhat unsurprisingly) that they detected mysterious moving shadows, haunting voices, hand i...0


    11 Feb 2023 4:44PM  |  Read


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  • Framing...

    Framing is defined by Wikipedia as ‘a technique used to bring focus to a subject’…Framing in photography refers to the process of composing a picture…It involves choosing what elements you will include in the frame…The goal is to direct the viewer’s ...0


    3 Feb 2023 5:59PM  |  Read


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  • Something interesting from an ordinary one...

    I have tried to find out a very ordinary image from my Hard disk to make it a bit interesting bearing in my mind, some acceptable rules in many competitions...Increasing contrast, Cropping, inverting & conversion to monochrome are generally accepted....0


    28 Jan 2023 3:37PM  |  Read


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  • Street Photography...

    "Street photography, a genre of photography that records everyday life in a public place. The very publicness of the setting enables the photographer to take candid pictures of strangers, often without their knowledge. Street photographers do not nec...0


    22 Jan 2023 12:56PM  |  Read


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  • Temple of mouse...

    Popularly known as the Karni Mata Mandir, this temple is the most called upon tourist attractions in Bikaner....The temple is dedicated to Karni Mata, who the locals believe is an incarnation of Goddess Durga,..The protective Mother Goddess in Hindu ...0


    7 Jan 2023 4:08PM  |  Read


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  • Taj Mahal...

    The National Geographic was not kidding when it said that the Taj Mahal was “most famous for being famous”, great fame brings with it great crowds…and millions of photos... This popularity ensures, that even without seeing the Taj Mahal in person, yo...0


    4 Jan 2023 4:21PM  |  Read


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  • Two different entities (Part-2)...

    I hope you all are well and being a Guest Editor in this week, i am very happy to see that there is a lot of good images uploaded in the gallery so far in this week...As always, it is a very much challenging task... In the capacity of the Guest Edit...0

    1 Jul 2022 1:39PM  |  Read


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  • Two different entities...

    As a member of this community i think i have a different entity so i distribute my user award accordingly, but whenever i occupy a special honourable seat as the Seat of a Guest Editor, i try to follow an well accepted general principle not only foll...0

    20 Jun 2022 6:15PM  |  Read


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  • Same image upload...

    There is nothing written here in the terms of using the site how many times you can upload a same image that you have already uploaded here before in your pf... To me the term 'Same Image' excludes the following... 1. A same image but one in colour...0

    12 Jun 2022 5:39PM  |  Read


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  • GE POTW...

    It was 19th March 2021, the topic 'Guest Editor POTW Discussion' was initiated by this site and it is running very smoothly and successfully... It has already gained 89 posts, and more than 60 images along with different opinions of the Guest Editor...0

    31 May 2022 11:37AM  |  Read


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