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Hi thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio. Any comments or criticisms are welcome, good or bad. I am still a beginner so have lots to learn.....and cant wait to experience it all along the way.
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A quick view of clintQB's recent activity.

  • A whole new world

    Thanks everyone......i know what you mean fazzer, ive given up on landscape lol, i don't think it was the genre for me lol
    • 20 Mar 2013 7:56PM
  • Lost innocence

    Thanks everyone
    • 13 Mar 2013 10:04PM
  • Beauty in the decay

    Thanks everyone Grin
    • 4 Mar 2013 6:45AM
  • The forgotten staircase

    wow thank you for the GUA Newday, I haven't been on here for a while so that was a nice surprise Smile
    thanks Dave, ive been a busy man recently but its nice to drop in for a while Smile
    Thank you Alda and Quoise
    • 1 Mar 2013 7:55PM
  • Hells kitchen

    Hi guys.....and girl lol thank you for the comments, i had a spare momen t(for once lol) so thought id post a little something on here...hope your all ok, college is going well......GrinGrin
    • 30 Nov 2012 2:49PM
  • Im not afraid of the afraid of whats in it

    Thanks everybody....sorry i havent been around here muchn lately.......and a big thank you to zapar40 for th UA GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin
    • 28 Sep 2012 6:57AM
  • In eternal shade

    Thanks everybody GrinGrin
    • 24 Sep 2012 10:16PM
  • beautiful portfolio of work....keep up the good work
  • Excellent portfolio Andre, i love your Hdr's....keep up the good work Grin
    • Posted on AndreG's profile
    • 17 Mar 2012 7:34PM
  • Stunning portfolio.......every photo is a winner.....excellent work
  • Amazing profile...full of ideas and unusual it