Welcome to my world - I hope you enjoy my photos. All comments and criticisms are more than welcome.
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A quick view of clo99's recent activity.

  • Majestic Jay

    Very well captured - that's the first time I've seen that crest!

    • 19 Jul 2009 2:53PM
  • Wheal Coates

    I was that man! Good job you came down to see us, or you might not have got so many good photos!

    Very nice moods and nice one of our Jay. Also liked the sunset.

    All the best
    (The 'other' photographer)
    • 19 Jul 2009 2:52PM
  • Red Kites, formation flying

    Superb capture. Clo
    • 19 Jul 2009 2:44PM
  • In the Hole

    Like it! Clo
    • 19 Jul 2009 2:43PM
  • Having a rest

    Very striking with the puffin isolated from any distracting background - great detail. Clo
    • 22 Jun 2009 6:54PM
  • The Savage Shore

    Striking composition. Clo
    • 22 Jun 2009 6:51PM
  • Puffin in flight

    Great capture - love the timing. Clo
    • 22 Jun 2009 6:49PM
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