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A quick view of col.campbell's recent activity.

  • A series of 16 pics Called MY DAY !! 1

    Looking forward to seeing how your day goes! Smile
    • 11 Mar 2021 4:46PM
  • Glencoe Lochan

    A favourite spot of my wife's, and mine.
    • 7 Dec 2020 12:39AM
  • The Fat Lady Sang

    Quote:Reminded me of when our eldest daughter decided to take up the violin - I'll let you decide if I'm referring to a good or bad memory...

    I was in my thirties before my mum (ever-supportive) admitted to me that it had been torture listening to me practising when I first started out, aged around 10 Wink
    • 2 Sep 2020 7:04PM
  • Can't ever resist a spiral staircase

    Can't ever resist a spiral staircase - and neither should you.
    • 25 Jul 2020 10:03PM
  • A little colour in our lives

    • 31 Mar 2020 1:29PM
  • Untitled

    Screenshot of my disk management conundrum. Thread here

    Any technowizards out there who can answer what is probably a simple question, please?

    My computer has 3 drives. They are all partitioned. One is a SSD.

    I'd like to take unused space from one partition and add it to another, but it seems I can only extend a partition if the free space is next door to it, and I can't work out how to shuffle the partitions along to leave the unused space next to the partition I want to add it to. Make sense?

    I'm talking about Disk 0, the first of the three charts. The unused space, 20Gb, is at the far right and I want to add it to the C: partition, which is highlighted and illustrated with hatched markings.

    Any idea how I shuffle the partitions along to leave the free space where I need/ want it, please?
    • 31 Jan 2020 10:29PM
  • Asleep on the job.

    Great shot. As an ex-squaddie with a few other ex-squaddies at my place of work, we're all laughing at the main character's medals. (Because squaddies always poke fun at one another, and once a squaddie, always a squaddie.)

    The farthest right is the Long Service and Good Conduct (LSGC) medal, which denotes '15 years undetected crime', and bar, which denotes a further ten years undetected crime.
    The other two are the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal and Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal - both awarded to all service personnel and emergency service workers with five years service on the relevant qualifying dates. So they were regarded as 'gizzits', freebies.

    Conspicuous by their absence are Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. 25 years service, minimum, not one single operational tour lasting thirty days, and we've no doubt he'll have travelled more and visited more countries than the lot of us put together!
    • 2 Nov 2019 5:41AM

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