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  • The Grumpy Group

    Here's a group for all those heated discussions about things we don't like, bad news, things that get on our nerves, discussion about paedophiles and terrorists and generally anything thats based around bad news. Also, please use the group to start an...more

    • Leader : ade_mcfade
    • Established : 12 Aug 2010
    • Members : 452
    • Activity : Moderate
  • The 8th Annual BWC Meeting

    It is nearly that time of year again, so as the last seven years Christmas meetings have been such a success and it seems to have become tradition, Sharon and I plan to be at the BWC on Tuesday 27th December. If you are interested in joining us or want t...more

    • Leader : Terry L
    • Established : 9 Nov 2011
    • Members : 15
    • Activity : Quiet