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Colin Smale

I got my A.R.P.S in 2006 and after 60++ years behind a camera I sold all my pro equipment and just kept a small SLR, a kit lens with a 300mm zoom, that was it... UNTIL... a friend introduced me to the new Olympus 4/3rds range, the Mk 2 in particular. Gone are the big old heavy SLR's and the 500mm f4 and the very heavy Gitzo tripod etc, now all my kit fits inside a 30 x 20 cm camera bag. The lens is not 500mm it is effectively 600mm and it all weighs next to nothing! Ask me who is a happy snapper once more!
Of course that kit does not include a hide and now the tripod (necessary in a hide) is moderately lightweight.

Why did I abandon wildlife photography 5 years ago?
I was tired of all the territory restrictions in the UK... you can't put a hide up here, you can't park your vehicle there, you can't walk there etc. I had been restricted and constricted to a point where I felt trapped in some kind of small cube.
I don't want the services of a 'guide' to show me where to point my camera, I like to find my own subjects not pay someone to find them for me, what is that all about? Use fieldcraft not your wallet. One local 'wildlife photographer' told me a guy in Norfolk nearly 100 miles away had put a hide up to an avocets nest for him. He was so proud of that and that he could afford to pay the guy. However, if he had explored his own area he would have known that only ten miles up the road there was an avocet sitting eggs, in front of a public wildlife trust hide but then he would have had to have looked for himself. What a sad era we are living in at the moment.
Anyway, enough of all that nagging, I'm off to point my camera at some wildlife.
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