Playing The Long Game: Outdoor Photography With Telezooms

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Colin Smale

Got my first camera in 1952 (and yes, it really was a box brownie) 😏 and I got my A.R.P.S. in 2006.
Wrote my book A WILDLIFE JOURNEY in 2022.
Still photographing wildlife/nature/rural subjects (albeit a little slower nowadays).
In the 60's I was a Nikon user but a few years later went over to Canon. They are both more than excellent cameras but the after-service was well below par with one brand.
I recently tried the much more compact/lightweight Olympus micro four thirds and was astonished at the techs.
Recently experimenting with what I call "white Space" images which I am enjoying very much.
I recently published my wildlife photography book "YOUR WILDLIFE JOURNEY" One day I had the idea to jot down all the tips and tricks needed to overcome the myriad of problems we all face when tackling wildlife. After a couple of years or more my notebook had enough information to make a book, a book I wish I had when I started this fantastic pursuit.
Sometimes success is because of what you don't do rather than what you do. When that first wader lands in front of your hide it's difficult not to swing round onto it and grab an image before it's 'too late'. We all make the same mistakes in our early days, this book will show you how to get great images with that first wader, bullfinch or whatever comes your way.
50+ years of tips and tricks.

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