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Welcome to my Portfolio. You are welcome to come in and browse my work. Despite being a photographer for many years I see that I have a lot to learn.
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  • Quote:Well, that may well be the case which is why I keep banging on about a likely increase in violence and general conflict across the world if the super-rich try to maintain the present status quo without any concessions.
    I think we both agree on the likely miserable outcome but at least I think we should go down fighting the super-rich controlling elite. I don't see why we should make it easy for them.

    Garth I still wonder at your outlook on life of Neo-Cons and Conspiracy Theories.................
  • The problem is finding a balance to retain and/or monitor important information. After all we wouldn't like it if our car serving records were not recorded, or our medical records or our children's school reports.................
  • Winsford one of the most beautiful villages in the UK also just up the road Tarr Steps an ancient monument of steeping stones that cross the River Barle. I think last year part of it was washed away in very heavy rains.
  • Talk to KDC his work is absolutely outstanding...
  • It depends on what settings you have selected.

  • Quote:Hi guys, im 19 years old and wanting to be a photographer mostly in landscapes and wildlife. i dont have the money to upgrade my camera etc to have more fps, iso, etc. but how can i get money from my images say of a bird, how can i get sponsers or anything that would help build me up for the future.

    any advice would be much apretiated

    Firstly, you are not the only person to start out with limited equipment. You need to learn to walk before you can run and be patient. Learn as much as you can while you are quite young and over time it will come to you as it does for anyone prepared to put the effort in.

    There is an old joke about a Young Bull and an Old Bull walking along the road when they see a herd of Cows in a field a mile away. The Young Bull turns to the Old Bull and says "Lets run down the hill into that field and service that big White Cow", The Old Bull turned to the Young Bull and said "No! lets walk down the hill into that field and Service them all"

  • One of the problems of modern living is that we are conditioned to accept and believe that we are all stressed whereas in reality its just life's pressures which is not the same as stress. In fact pressure can be a good thing. A soon as someone voices they are stressed they are directed to Psychiatrists or self help groups, Councillors, or Doctors. Its becoming ridiculous. If there is a bad news report on TV a sign pops up and states " if you are affected by this phone this number". If something happens at a school they send in Councillors and Social Services etc etc.........

    I think we should separate lifes 'pressure' from lifes' stress' and maybe our sleep patterns would improve..... now I'm off to bed...... Smile night night
  • There are so many brilliant Amateur Photographers out there and especially here on EPZ, take a stroll through members portfolio's and if you think you can better them then you have a good start. However being a 'professional' takes so much more than just taking photographs. There is a lot to learn.
  • Does anyone remember the Wallace Heaton Catalogue.........?
  • Jeremy Corbyn says he will fix it............................................................ TongueTongueTongueTongue
  • I took many images of our LCD TV Screen when the UK 2012 Olympics were on and they all came out OK. However they were for personal use and interest so I guess I don't need to worry about the copyright issue.
  • Meet them at your bank and pay the money in there and ask bank to check the notes. If they are not prepared to do this, walk away.
  • Oh dear, I cannot post my results........ BlushBlushBlushBlushBlushBlushBlushBlushBlushBlushBlush
  • As with (it seems) all your videos you are having the same problem, to short clips and unsuitable transitions. In looking at the video there is no link between clips so is not making a sensible story. I can see what you are trying to do but you are not succeeding.... Like I said in my comments on your other videos you are not listening........or learning! It seems everyone is giving you the similar feedback.
  • It is so interesting finding out about our families. I am at the moment creating both mine and my wife's Family Trees. I have her family going back to c1300 and my own family the 1600's.

    When investigating public records (via ancestry.co.uk and old Church and Old Parish Records) it is wonderful to see family names in those records. I do have photo's of some grave stones of my wife's ancestors graves The shame from my point of view is that I only have a few old photo's of people themselves..
  • I think I'd prefer to get on a safe flight regardless of equipment in the hold.....
  • Didn't know that, thanks.
  • Cant beat Spicer Hallfield Elizabethan.
  • From my experience I find it really helps you understand 'lighting, apertures and shutter speed's. I always carried my Weston with me even though my Canons were fully metered. How many photo's have we all taken with fully metered cameras and not even noticed what aperture and shutter speed is being used.......
  • Grew up through a period of economic stability and investment, never been unemployed, always earned a good salary, have a two thirds salary linked pension, have 4 boys all went to University, bought a house when they were only 4 times annual salary now worth half a million, have good health and fitness and a marriage that's lasted 50 years. YES, I am lucky..... and I think I'm gonna win the lottery this week too ......... ! SadSadSadSadSadSad
  • Lawyer ?
  • Alex, You have partly answered your own question in that close up photography because of the dimensions and aperture settings it automatically gives a blurred background. The rest of it is dependant on light available and shutter settings

    Presuming you are using a digital camera it is so easy to take lots of shots at the various aperture and shutter settings and compare them, even on screen.
  • You are not listening to all the comments you have been given on your other video links so its a waste of time commenting on this one........
  • The Canon Printer software that came with the printer can do this as will Photoshop and probably most photo editing software.
  • Helpful Tips
    When typing numbers it is often required that a ‘half’ or ‘quarter is required. There are numerous ways to do this but a simple one is as follows: -
    • Run the program named ‘Charmap’.
    • Select your font.
    • Click on the character you require
    • Select Copy and paste into your email, document, you can use the Alt+xxx codes to apply as well as the copy method.
    • Examples below

    Using Arial Font/Code
    ¼ Alt+0188

    ½ Alt+0189

    ¾ Alt+0190

    2½ Alt+0189

    In most cases the codes are common between fonts but some are different so check first. Using this method, you can effectively type in any unique characters within the font range.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • Do you have a second set of equipment? because if anything fails you will be in trouble and as Janeez says it all has to be of professional quality -- and that's alot of money....

    I was doing a very large ( 200 Guests at a large country house) wedding one day with a colleague and his Nikon failed, he then, to my horror, got out a Digital Compact Nikon. Now, I'm sure that he could have captured some reasonable if not good photos with the compact but what would the B&G thought.... I did loan him my spare and the company who had hired us never hired him again.
  • 18 hours equates to £360.
  • For friends I did the wedding for free and gave them a memory stick with the prints, for very close friends and family I did the wedding and an album for free.
  • Making a living from photography is extremely difficult Certainly you can earn some pin money doing weddings or portraits for friends but experience is essential. Your idea of helping a local tog with weddings is good, bearing in mind Satireblues comment However to start with all you will be doing is carrying the gear, parking the car,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc. Even so there will be tremendous learning potential and who knows if you are that good the wedding tog might give you more to do......... and maybe even take some photo's... One hard thing being a wedding tog is how to deal with and handle the guests to get the best shots for the B&G.

    My advice is to go for it and don't give up, however do realise your limits.