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Welcome to my Portfolio. You are welcome to come in and browse my work. Despite being a photographer for many years I see that I have a lot to learn.
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  • Suzi Wolf perhaps, would set the place alight if that's all it does.......Tongue
  • Gonna be interesting to see who will replace him. However, most of the contracts have been signed, sealed and delivered. I wonder if Ferrari will release Vettel. In addition the new specifications for 2017 might throw another spanner in the works......... watch this space... 2017 is gonna be interesting.

  • Quote: the political activists have plenty of evidence to back them up. When successive governments inflict such appalling austerity measures on the poor and disabled, it is difficult not to get angry.

    What austerity measures Garth. Reducing Benefits to make it fairer to the people who work on minimum wage and pay taxes. Where Benefits can reach 26,000 (23,000 austerity) and the minimum wage 15,600, yeah that's really fair.... that makes me angry....... Sad
  • Q/ What kind of mind set does one have to have to believe in Fairy Stories.......

    Belief in Gods is irrational given the evidence of Science and Evolution.
  • That's a little off target, It was the Russians who took care of that...........
  • I don't think you could call a 48/52% result a clear win for democracy! It was marginal at best. I know that 17 million people voted for Brexit but 16 million of us didn't, so in my eyes a soft Brexit would be the fair way to go..............

  • Agree with you on tighter and better regulations for both landlords and occupants. Whilst there are vile landlords we must not forget tenants who refuse to pay rent and leave houses almost derelict owing thousands in rent. After that please tell us how we can build AFFORDABLE homes............ If I were to buy a house to rent out I would certainly want a decent return on my

    300K investment so the rent would not be cheap.............

  • Quote: unless more affordable homes are built very quickly and the renting sector is better controlled, I think big trouble is lying in wait for us in the not very distant future.

    There is no such thing as "affordable homes" that is unless its made out of old shipping containers or plywood and even then they would still be very expensive due to the price of land. When people quote affordable homes I think they probably mean "subsidised homes" in that they would be subsidised by either the councils or government - which of course means you and me..............

    I have always thought that "LAND" should never be owned by anyone. It should only be owned by the country and leased to the public during their lifetime and only their lifetime. After all, land at one time was either stolen/taken by some one in the past. However I'm not sure even this would solve the housing crisis.
  • Do I regret selling my Rollieflex -- you bet. Started off with a Yashicamat, then Rolliecord then the Rollieflex....... Used to do 2 square slides too, perfect for great landscapes.
  • I think Turkeys have just voted for Christmas!
  • Yes the program was remarkable and of course David Attenborough is a treasure.
  • I don't believe that the West has made the Middle East any worse. We are blamed of course, but the various Middle East Countries have been at war with each other since millennia, and still are. They are too Tribal, they hate each others sects and religions, so it didn't need us to make it any worse. They don't even go to each others aid. Since my child hood I have seen city after city totally destroyed and turned into a heap of rubble. They are beyond help and the sooner we let them sink in their own sh1t all the better.
  • I have just bought one of the Photobox offers ,an A3 Flat Photobook 29 pages 60, very pleased with it.
  • The shocking part of this is that the Coal Board new those coal tips were dangerous, it was a disaster waiting to happen. Lord Robens Chairman of the Coal Board at the time and new of the risks of these tips went on to become Health and Safety Chairman............. bit like a Turkey voting for Xmas
  • Yes, that Vietnam image is still burnt in my memories.
  • I came across this image while scouring the internet. I find it a remarkably good image showing the refugees in Calais awaiting their doom, wondering what is going to happen to them in the coming days. There are many times when looking through a variety of press images and then suddenly come across one that jumps out at you, as this one did for me.

    I created this Forum to perhaps turn it into favourite Press Images you admire or mean something to you. My other memorable image is that of Steve McCurrys Afghan Girl.

    PLEASE keep this on photo's and do not turn it into a Brexit Immigration issue, that's not why I am posting it..

  • Quote:I am reminded of US 'high school' dramas - bits of which I've accidentally seen whilst flicking through channels

    Yeah, I like Debbie does Dallas too............... WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink Smile
  • The thing that gets me is that the Brexiteers are like cats who got the cream, but they are overlooking that the vote was a 48/52% vote and not the whitewash they seem to imagine. Summing up it was a marginal win.......

  • Quote:Says those that voted to remain, these are the angry ones.

    Absolutely, the Brexiteers rationale to leave was based on immigration - open borders, EU interfering in our own laws, and that there would be 350b waiting to go into the NHS. All extremely shallow arguments.

    It was (and is now proven) that Brexit would wreak havoc on the UK with EU/Sterling exch rates , Stock Market falling, Foreign Investors reluctant to invest in UK.

    So yes I am angry because if the Brexiteers have given it any real and rational consideration we would not be in the present situation we are in now.

    Yes, I do believe the UK can make it outside the EU but I see lots of heartache for at least a generation before any benefit is forthcoming, is all the turmoil worth it.
  • Yes Keith, but it was double locked. Even so its a lesson for us all.
  • A recent case, my sons boss travelled to a shopping centre with her husband. They parked the car ( a Merc) and she decided not to take her handbag so she left it hidden on the back seat. They had privacy glass on the rear windows so they assumed it was OK to do so. Her husband locked the car and off they went. When they returned to the car it had gone. There was a lot of broken glass on the floor and the police said that they had got in by breaking a window.
    They made an insurance claim and the first question the company asked was "Can you present to them both sets of car keys". Innocently she declared "no, because the second set was in her handbag in the car" which of course had been stolen.
    In summary the company refused to pay out any claim because keys were left in the car, even though it was double locked. Which of course is how the car was stolen after the window was broken the handbag on the back seat gave them a key......... They now have to still settle the finance balance ( 18,000) and also buy another car (30,000). A hard but lesson for everyone.....

    Note how the insurance company asked a loaded question which really got them their get out of jail card from the start..

  • Quote:Hope you never have to make a claim! Aviva must be one of the most obstructive insurers to deal with. If they can find the slightest reason to get out of a claim they will do so. Check the small print VERY carefully.

    I think this applies to ALL insurance companies from Cars to Health, from Home to Life. Its essential to be fully open and honest when completing forms for any insurance if they can find a way to avoid paying a claim they will find it.
  • I think Will have summed it up extremely well.
  • Carter, looked at your images and cant say they appeal at all in fact they are rather ordinary and say nothing. I think you need to explain better what you are trying to do.........

  • Quote:I guess it is because most of the " healthy " debaters of yesteryear do not stop by ePHOTOzine these days.

    I think its because the PC Brigade overrule too much.
  • Got a bloody badger breaking the fences and turning all the flower pots over. How the hell can I get rid of it...short of shooting that is......

  • Quote:I've sold many items via MPB photographic and the prices are usually very good.

    Fully agree, sold all my Canon Kit got a great deal and it was a very quick process with money being in my bank account in 4 days. Highly recommended.
  • Whatever!!!
  • Me neither, nothing wrong with you..WinkWinkWink
  • Does anyone else think the women's Boxing was wrong? I don't like Boxing generally but to see 2 ladies knocking **** out of each other just seems wrong.