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Welcome to my Portfolio. You are welcome to come in and browse my work. Despite being a photographer for many years I see that I have a lot to learn.
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  • Quote:I have a dozen of my children growing up.

    My god Dave you sure kept your wife busy.............Smile
  • We lost our engineering industries because we became a 'high labour cost country' , In addition, our labour pool was unreliable due to industrial strikes over cold cups of tea.......... Smile It was inevitable that we would lose out to the Japanese, Koreans and now Chinese. Students shunned industry because banking and the financial segment were paying high salaries that car workers and miners could only dream of.

    There was a lack of investment but why would companies put millions of investment in only to be held to ransom by the Unions.

  • Oh of course, silly me I forgot they are all on benefits and sending loads of our money home to their families in Bosnia and they are all over here draining our resources having boob jobs on the NHS.. and adding nothing to the UK economy.......... I guess you believe what you want to believe........

  • Quote:Of course importing about 4 million people into the UK, over a relatively short period, can't possibly have made the slightest difference to demands on the NHS.

    ........... who probably pay their taxes and NI............ closing the many hospitals has not helped.

  • Quote:12 million would do wonders currently.....why should those from overseas take advantage.....you try getting free health care abroad in some countries.

    Methinks you are stirring it sir?

    Not at all. People are making such a fuss about health tourism and all I am pointing out that it is insignificant in the overall problems of the NHS. Now bed blocking has been raised and again that's only a miniscule fraction of the costs..... The issue is that the NHS is a bottomless pit and is capable of spending as much as you can put into it. The public need to recognise that if they want a limitless NHS from cradle to grave then they have to pay more into it and I suggest via higher taxes.

  • Quote:If there is only some abuse as you say, can you provide a figure in relation to the total NHS budget? However that figure needs to incorporate far more of the unnecessary services that are listed in this thread.

    The total NHS budget is about 120 billion and the estimated Health Tourism is estimated to be 12million which works out to something like 0.0001% - as I say, INSIGNIFICANT.
  • I now use a Panasonic Lumix TZ 60, later models are now available. I find this gives me all the functions I need and indeed want.

  • Quote:
    You've obviously not sat in an A&E department for 5 hours and watched the influx that parade in front of you that give a telephone number as they cant give an address. Nobody is turned away and are given free help and drugs.

    Dave, don't believe all you read in the Daily Mail..........

    I guess that there is some abuse of the system but as I said in a previous post, it is insignificant in the size of the real problems facing the NHS.

  • Quote:A big loss of revenue is Health Tourism, the NHS are failing to collect from the people that arrange to come here to milk the system

    Another waste of money is the removal of tattoos. If they want them removed they should pay for it.

    Given the size of the problems facing the NHS, your misleading statements are minimal and would have no impact.

  • Quote:If the NHS refused to admit totally bladdered idiots after they have spent hours guzzling whatever makes them sick, there would be more room and money for those who are truly sick or injured.

    Instead of picking up and admitting drunks and those too stoned to care, recovery, clinics should be funded in full, by those who market and sell the poisons......that is definitely one part of the NHS that SHOULD and could be privatised.

    ..... and what about drivers who cause accidents, should they not be chased for repayment of NHS services...... and what about those crazy people who take part in adventure sports......

    Very difficult to draw the line...

  • Quote:The government wants the NHS to be run down so it has an excuse to privatise the whole set up.

    Hi Garth .I don't agree (surprise Tongue ) I see no problem in allowing some private companies providing services to the NHS it sometimes is cheaper and better. What I do believe is that the public need to wake up and smell the coffee about it If the public want the service that they wish for then they will have to pay more. With people getting older, more illnesses being cured and technology advancing it needs MORE money. Now where that comes from is a debate but I think the public should start paying more either by increasing taxation or upping the National Insurance.

    No matter how much is poured into the NHS, in five years it will be underfunded again................

  • Quote:Our education system is fine,but unappreciated.

    Really !

    [b]UK schools slip down world rankings

    OECD study shows that despite comparatively high levels of per-pupil spending, the UK is behind Poland and Norway

    The UK is ranked 25th for reading, 28th for maths and 16th for science In 2006, when 57 countries were included in the study, it was placed 17th, 24th and 14th respectively. Poland has stretched ahead of the UK in maths, while Norway is now ranked higher in reading and maths

    Top countries in the Pisa study
    Hong Kong-China
    New Zealand
    United States
    Chinese Taipei
    United Kingdom - Yes we are last!
  • I think you could find the same in the UK if you did a similar survey............ init! Know what ah mean mate, ya know, , like ............. our education system isn't the brightest in the world.......
  • My monopod ia also my hiking pole....
  • If you are a landscape tog then I always like the books by Charlie Waite

  • Quote:your queen seems to be on the death-bed - a good occasion to get at equal stance with france

    YOU frogs would not understand our system as you chopped the heads off your Elite years ago.....
  • One for you Garth........Smile

    ....... but how true.....
  • The problem is that politicians are so out of touch with peoples lives they live in a world of their own. The shame is, that I believe probably most politicians go into parliament with real endeavour to do good for the people but the party Whips get hold of them and they instantly change their colours......... -- I they don't, they will never have a political career. I do admire people like Dennis Skinner a man who has stuck to his roots, who says what it is............
  • Suzi Wolf perhaps, would set the place alight if that's all it does.......Tongue
  • Gonna be interesting to see who will replace him. However, most of the contracts have been signed, sealed and delivered. I wonder if Ferrari will release Vettel. In addition the new specifications for 2017 might throw another spanner in the works......... watch this space... 2017 is gonna be interesting.

  • Quote: the political activists have plenty of evidence to back them up. When successive governments inflict such appalling austerity measures on the poor and disabled, it is difficult not to get angry.

    What austerity measures Garth. Reducing Benefits to make it fairer to the people who work on minimum wage and pay taxes. Where Benefits can reach 26,000 (23,000 austerity) and the minimum wage 15,600, yeah that's really fair.... that makes me angry....... Sad
  • Q/ What kind of mind set does one have to have to believe in Fairy Stories.......

    Belief in Gods is irrational given the evidence of Science and Evolution.
  • That's a little off target, It was the Russians who took care of that...........
  • I don't think you could call a 48/52% result a clear win for democracy! It was marginal at best. I know that 17 million people voted for Brexit but 16 million of us didn't, so in my eyes a soft Brexit would be the fair way to go..............

  • Agree with you on tighter and better regulations for both landlords and occupants. Whilst there are vile landlords we must not forget tenants who refuse to pay rent and leave houses almost derelict owing thousands in rent. After that please tell us how we can build AFFORDABLE homes............ If I were to buy a house to rent out I would certainly want a decent return on my

    300K investment so the rent would not be cheap.............

  • Quote: unless more affordable homes are built very quickly and the renting sector is better controlled, I think big trouble is lying in wait for us in the not very distant future.

    There is no such thing as "affordable homes" that is unless its made out of old shipping containers or plywood and even then they would still be very expensive due to the price of land. When people quote affordable homes I think they probably mean "subsidised homes" in that they would be subsidised by either the councils or government - which of course means you and me..............

    I have always thought that "LAND" should never be owned by anyone. It should only be owned by the country and leased to the public during their lifetime and only their lifetime. After all, land at one time was either stolen/taken by some one in the past. However I'm not sure even this would solve the housing crisis.
  • Do I regret selling my Rollieflex -- you bet. Started off with a Yashicamat, then Rolliecord then the Rollieflex....... Used to do 2 square slides too, perfect for great landscapes.
  • I think Turkeys have just voted for Christmas!
  • Yes the program was remarkable and of course David Attenborough is a treasure.
  • I don't believe that the West has made the Middle East any worse. We are blamed of course, but the various Middle East Countries have been at war with each other since millennia, and still are. They are too Tribal, they hate each others sects and religions, so it didn't need us to make it any worse. They don't even go to each others aid. Since my child hood I have seen city after city totally destroyed and turned into a heap of rubble. They are beyond help and the sooner we let them sink in their own sh1t all the better.