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Welcome to my Portfolio. You are welcome to come in and browse my work. Despite being a photographer for many years I see that I have a lot to learn.
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  • Got a bloody badger breaking the fences and turning all the flower pots over. How the hell can I get rid of it...short of shooting that is......

  • Quote:I've sold many items via MPB photographic and the prices are usually very good.

    Fully agree, sold all my Canon Kit got a great deal and it was a very quick process with money being in my bank account in 4 days. Highly recommended.
  • Whatever!!!
  • Me neither, nothing wrong with you..WinkWinkWink
  • Does anyone else think the women's Boxing was wrong? I don't like Boxing generally but to see 2 ladies knocking **** out of each other just seems wrong.

  • Quote: as I'm sure the Soviets did when they were successful in the soft power games

    Russia has always cheated at the Olympics. Remember the women javelin, shot and discus throwers who had male genes in the field events, then there was the Fencing where they had tricks foils with a method of switching on the hit light and of course now the urine substitution debacle............

  • Quote:I think we need to think about our families and find some younger ones who we can get interested in the family photos, so that it will be carried on

    Agree with you there. My wife and I have been working on our Family Tree's, hers goes back to 1300 and mine back to the early 1600's but do you think I can get my children interested in keeping it........Tongue I fear that when we are gone all will be lost......Tongue

  • My printing tends to be more of Montages or Albums nowadays rather than individual prints. Also having a Digital Photo Frame tends to override hard prints..... However you are right, if I popped off tomorrow my family would lose thousands of images taken over 20 years.......... some good, some bad and more importantly, some irreplaceable........
  • Know what I mean.............

  • Quote:Why is it that the Dressage events are allowed when a circus is not allowed to have performing animals?

    Because Dressage Staff don't beat their animals with iron bars and whips like the circuses used to do.

  • Quote:I like the use of drones this year. They're getting some great shots.

    A lot of it is being done by cameras on overhead wire tracks, even the Cycling in the Velodrome and the Rowing.
  • No mention of any salary. Would need to be 60K for me to even think about it. Smile
  • Rafael

    You have been given good advice which you clearly reject. I think you are trying to run before you can walk. Your attitude tells me that you are not yet ready for weddings, they are not easy if you are to please the B&G. If you think weddings are easy just wait until you get difficult guests........ Listen!

  • Quote:Please explian.
  • ?????

    yours puzzled of London.........!
  • Unique means individual viewers, total means that some members may have viewed the image more than once.

  • I was amazed at the cross country event to see air Air Bag safety vest used. following an accident at the Horse Trial Event......picture 2 shows it deploying, picture 3 shows it fully deployed. Remarkable.........

  • Quote:Hi Brian, I have to admit that on reflection, Cameron is probably at least as irresponsible as the Brexit leading lights - and after all, Cameron did call for the Referendum, didn't he.

    I think the Remain Brigade lost the vote rather than the Brexiteers wining it........ If Cameron and his cohorts had made a real effort we would not be in this awful situation now.
  • Working Dogs only, cant stand peoples pets...........
  • From my perspective I would allow them to be themselves, I would stand back with a long lens and capture a few candid shots of them in their private moment. I don't think this is a shot that can be posed to get the best from it. Keep the rest of the wedding party well away....
  • You may not like it, but looking at the stains on the inside you clearly have enjoyed lots of tea from it........Tongue When I wash up the cups get cleaned....

  • Quote: Our economy like probably all others, is largely at the mercy of the city markets, the money men and their reckless gambling and greed. Over the years the UK has also discarded/closed down much of our manufacturing base.

    The Market Men are the same people who invest in our country and provide jobs for millions of people - no Money Men NO employment.
    As for UK's Industries. Two things happened here, labour rates got too high in the UK so investors went to China and India to produce cheaper products...... also the Trade Unions made the UK uninvestable in manual industries such as car production,,,,,
  • Don't forget Garth he did invade Kuwait and gas over 3000 Kurds so he was no Angel. (and that's what we know about......... we should have got rid of him when he went into Kuwait.

    Personally I would have nothing to with anything in the Middle East, they cannot live with each other, they don't even go to each others aid. Just let them squabble amongst them selves and kill each other until there is no more problems in the |Middle East. In the mean time of course we might have to get out of our cars .....................

  • Quote: How can we be sure that our own perception is "correct"?

    Well I don't want to blow people up, decapitate any one, beat my wife, not allow women to go to school, marry a 12 year old girl,................................................................................. kill my sister for shaming the family........ do I need to add more...................................................................!

  • Quote:Being educated and living in Democratic society we project our views and beliefs on other people of the world

    ..... and there is the difference, we in the west can live with others agreeing or disagreeing with us and let it stop there. WE don't jump into trucks or strap bombs to our body and blow innocent people apart.......

  • Quote: lets try and keep photography sites for photography

    Chip 64, this is listed as Healthy Debate, so is within the rules of the site. If you do not like non-photographic forums --- don't read them! If all we discussed here was photography it could become rather dull.

  • Quote:you killed saddam and got IS instead. anybody wants some more change for better, now?

    As one who should know Fabio "We killed Hitler and got 75 years of peace" so it does work............. if the Allies had not done this we would be overrun by the SS..and you and I might never have been born!

  • Quote:But Illiterate people don't write these things. Literate people do, however and yes, for the most part literate people with an agenda.

    Sorry Keith, but people who believe the Red Sea parted so Moses could get through and women were born from the spare rib of men... cant be that literate..........

  • Quote:. I don't think even an egotistical, dishonest leader like Bliar, who lied to drag a nation into conflict, can call those deaths, reasonable and justifiable, collateral damage in the fight against Saddam.

    What ever happened some will still blame Tony for everything. He took out a violent dictator and that in my mind was well justified, but as I said in my original post its all down to the Arabs in the Middle East who are just unable to get on with each other.

  • Quote:and since then the area has spiralled into chaos and spawned numerous terrorist grouos that have brutally murdered across the world ....

    Agree that it is worse, but the Arabs in the Middle East are just unable to live with each other even before intervention from the West. They have been cutting each others throats for hundreds of years, whether its Sunni against Shia, Iran against Iraq, and even this morning North Sudan against South Sudan or even Israel against the Palestinians. It seems to me that the people of the Middle East just cannot live with each other for whatever reason. So for you Tony Haters......... , its easy to blame The West, Tony and even George Bush but it would help if those in the Middle East look inwards at their relationships with each other.