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Welcome to my Portfolio. You are welcome to come in and browse my work. Despite being a photographer for many years I see that I have a lot to learn.
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  • Suggest you get in touch with Lewis Hamilton and ask him how he gets away with £3.3m........Grin

  • Quote: I could cut through them with a knife quite easily

    That's because they are old.
  • A brilliant series, I learnt a great deal from it. It has changed my image of the Vietcong from being a third world ragamuffin group of gorillas to a well organised determined band of fighters. Fortunately I have been able to record the series.

    I feel so sorry for all the American Troops killed and injured - for what -- nothing at all !........
  • Yes, I grew up listening and jiving to Fats and many others of his ilk. Gene Vincent, Bobby Darin, Little Richard, The Platters ............. they are all disappearing slowly so different from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin ....... This was the first generation of youngsters that walked away from what their parents were listening to. Our clothes were different with our drainpipe trousers and I remember my father going mad when I turned up with 16" bottoms, drape jackets with velvet collar, (standard Teddy Boy Uniform)....thanks for the memories.
  • ...... do you shop at Lidls or Aldis....?

    I have tried shopping at these stores just to give them a chance but have not found one single item which is better than a branded product. Go look at their fruit and veg it would be in the dustbin at M&S or Waitrose.

    Own brands are cheaper for a reason......
  • Most adverts are plain junk and I am always amazed how a company accountant signs of the cheque...........

  • Quote:As with Blair, this man should hang his arrogant head down in shame.
    IDS was responsible for the cruel sanctions and cuts in benefit that caused the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of disabled people.

    ........... bit over the top isn't it Garth !
  • Its not the Guns, its the people who own them. After all, we wont ban Trucks and Cars just because some nutcase uses them to maim and kill.
  • People who don't wash their hands after a visit to the Loo.....Yuk.....
  • Carl Zeiss Werra Mat 35mm Camera this was my first serious camera after a Brownie in about 1957

  • Excellent images.
  • The problem with Country is that it deserves its bad image due the C.R.A.P.M.U.S.I.C.(got a clue now) that has been published over the years. There are some incredible musicians and singers in the Country Scene such as Dwight Yoakam but because of the past most people don't give Country a chance.
  • Dogs, and only working Dogs like Sheep Dogs, Gun Dogs, Security, Disability Dogs. Cant stand those fashion pooches or miniature rat types.
  • Whilst on the subject of changing, can someone please tell me how to change my User Award logo.. Fanks..
  • I agree with Ross. If you arrive early enough it is well worth it just to get away to a very relaxed and comfortable area away from the jostling crowds. Also if you are the kind of person that has a few beers and something to eat at an airport it is worth it as food and beer is free. I do it just to get away from the crowds...........not the free beer.... Smile

  • Quote:A Union boss was in a group of VIPs shown round the first fully automated car engine plant.

    The company CEO asked the Union boss how he would go about organising the workers in the plant which, of course, was devoid of humans. The answer was that it would be done in much the same way that the company would sell cars to the workforce!

    We peasants need to be able to buy whatever big business creates.

    I think this actually is an original quote by Henry Ford. Following his statement he promptly doubled his employees wages so they could afford a car........... what happened next is history.
  • I also have been a long time considering fitting one and this Forum is certainly helping to make my mind up.
  • Chris, this is the last time I address you on this but I never insulted anyone, I just pointed out that this person who chooses to take on a female roll is really a Man. That is a fact. I personally have no issue as what life anyone's chooses to take on, but maybe the truth is getting a little to near home for you.
  • Thank You Chris for pointing that out BUT he carries an X and a Y Chromosome and medically this makes him a man. Now, if he wants to live a different lifestyle that's his choice but the fact still remains.

  • Quote: lives through her disclosure of confidential information


  • Quote:There you go Collywobbles, all you have to do now is figure out how to use that spyware.

  • .............................. and here's another, watching Breakfast (TV Morning News Show) this morning it seems that animal lovers are complaining about the name used for the 'cats eyes' in the road and are to renamed Road Studs............ Bonkers....!

  • Quote:I don't think this is PC or mad. I think that as the girls shoes were labelled 'Dolly Babe' and the boys shoes were labelled 'Leader' I think it gives the boys ideas above ttheir probable abilities and encourages the girls to think of themselves as toys (for men!). Society needs ALL children to be encouraged into senior positions. An outcry that women at the BBC are not paid as much as men, and that women are much less likely to become CEO's than men. And yet at the adolescent stage girls do better acadmically than boys. Early channelling of children aspirations is not a good thing but deprives all of us from possible insights which would benefit human kind. having said that I will go back to the kitchen which is my natural home! Not!

    THis is exactly the attitude I refer too, frickin ridiculous.....
  • Just sitting here having breakfast and watching news I was gobsmacked to view an article where a Mother has complained about a shoe Company named Clarkes for naming two pair of children's school shoes 'Dolly Babe' for the girls and 'Leader' for the boys............ it seems that in her complaint she believes the names should be gender neutral..........! Am I or the rest of the UK going BARMY ...............
  • I have just bought another mobile phone. I have been using a Nokia Lumia 925 Windows phone for the last couple of years but have been disappointed at the limited range of apps available. I refuse to pay the premium prices for iPhones or Galaxy so I finished up buying an Honor 9 (Android) which is made by Hauwei. I was little cautious at first but as I get used to it I am finding it an outstanding purchase. One issue I find is the camera is not that good in low light situations but I can work around that, but for half the cost of a Galaxy or iPhone is a steal.

  • Quote:Well, that may well be the case which is why I keep banging on about a likely increase in violence and general conflict across the world if the super-rich try to maintain the present status quo without any concessions.
    I think we both agree on the likely miserable outcome but at least I think we should go down fighting the super-rich controlling elite. I don't see why we should make it easy for them.

    Garth I still wonder at your outlook on life of Neo-Cons and Conspiracy Theories.................
  • The problem is finding a balance to retain and/or monitor important information. After all we wouldn't like it if our car serving records were not recorded, or our medical records or our children's school reports.................
  • Winsford one of the most beautiful villages in the UK also just up the road Tarr Steps an ancient monument of steeping stones that cross the River Barle. I think last year part of it was washed away in very heavy rains.
  • Talk to KDC his work is absolutely outstanding...