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Welcome to my Portfolio. You are welcome to come in and browse my work. Despite being a photographer for many years I see that I have a lot to learn.
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  • From my perspective I would allow them to be themselves, I would stand back with a long lens and capture a few candid shots of them in their private moment. I don't think this is a shot that can be posed to get the best from it. Keep the rest of the wedding party well away....
  • You may not like it, but looking at the stains on the inside you clearly have enjoyed lots of tea from it........Tongue When I wash up the cups get cleaned....

  • Quote: Our economy like probably all others, is largely at the mercy of the city markets, the money men and their reckless gambling and greed. Over the years the UK has also discarded/closed down much of our manufacturing base.

    The Market Men are the same people who invest in our country and provide jobs for millions of people - no Money Men NO employment.
    As for UK's Industries. Two things happened here, labour rates got too high in the UK so investors went to China and India to produce cheaper products...... also the Trade Unions made the UK uninvestable in manual industries such as car production,,,,,
  • Don't forget Garth he did invade Kuwait and gas over 3000 Kurds so he was no Angel. (and that's what we know about......... we should have got rid of him when he went into Kuwait.

    Personally I would have nothing to with anything in the Middle East, they cannot live with each other, they don't even go to each others aid. Just let them squabble amongst them selves and kill each other until there is no more problems in the |Middle East. In the mean time of course we might have to get out of our cars .....................

  • Quote: How can we be sure that our own perception is "correct"?

    Well I don't want to blow people up, decapitate any one, beat my wife, not allow women to go to school, marry a 12 year old girl,................................................................................. kill my sister for shaming the family........ do I need to add more...................................................................!

  • Quote:Being educated and living in Democratic society we project our views and beliefs on other people of the world

    ..... and there is the difference, we in the west can live with others agreeing or disagreeing with us and let it stop there. WE don't jump into trucks or strap bombs to our body and blow innocent people apart.......

  • Quote: lets try and keep photography sites for photography

    Chip 64, this is listed as Healthy Debate, so is within the rules of the site. If you do not like non-photographic forums --- don't read them! If all we discussed here was photography it could become rather dull.

  • Quote:you killed saddam and got IS instead. anybody wants some more change for better, now?

    As one who should know Fabio "We killed Hitler and got 75 years of peace" so it does work............. if the Allies had not done this we would be overrun by the SS..and you and I might never have been born!

  • Quote:But Illiterate people don't write these things. Literate people do, however and yes, for the most part literate people with an agenda.

    Sorry Keith, but people who believe the Red Sea parted so Moses could get through and women were born from the spare rib of men... cant be that literate..........

  • Quote:. I don't think even an egotistical, dishonest leader like Bliar, who lied to drag a nation into conflict, can call those deaths, reasonable and justifiable, collateral damage in the fight against Saddam.

    What ever happened some will still blame Tony for everything. He took out a violent dictator and that in my mind was well justified, but as I said in my original post its all down to the Arabs in the Middle East who are just unable to get on with each other.

  • Quote:and since then the area has spiralled into chaos and spawned numerous terrorist grouos that have brutally murdered across the world ....

    Agree that it is worse, but the Arabs in the Middle East are just unable to live with each other even before intervention from the West. They have been cutting each others throats for hundreds of years, whether its Sunni against Shia, Iran against Iraq, and even this morning North Sudan against South Sudan or even Israel against the Palestinians. It seems to me that the people of the Middle East just cannot live with each other for whatever reason. So for you Tony Haters......... , its easy to blame The West, Tony and even George Bush but it would help if those in the Middle East look inwards at their relationships with each other.
  • Don't forget that Sadam was a real brute. He poisoned 3000 Kurds with Sarin Gas, put his critics in prison, tortured them and brutally murdered them in the most obscene ways.... Tony did what he had to I put NO blame on him at all.
  • I am waiting for the Brexiteers to now defend the catastrophic drop in the pound exch rate, the drop in stocks & shares, the deferment of some investment in the UK, massive withdrawing of investment in the property market and the high risk of lost jobs, the list goes on.....

    Oh I forgot, they didn't consider this did they it was all about immigration for most of them.......
  • .............. and congratulations on your team and hope they win tonight............Smile
  • I think I am correct in stating that the EU has had its annual a/c's signed off.
  • Do not agree, I have dealt with this company for over ten years and have received great service. I had two small problems with them in the past and their Customer Service fixed it by return. Your use of "Scum" is a little over the top isn't it?
  • Brexit Negotiating Team on way to Brussels.....

  • Quote:Of course, whilst they are here, they could sign up and upload some of their work!! Smile

    That would be interesting.
  • A question I have is that the Brexiteers have made a great deal about if/when we leave the EU we will be able to trade with the US, Australia China etc etc........... Then can someone explain to me why it is that everything I buy is Made In China or Japan from tee shirts to computers to washing machines. if we are not already trading with them.........Tongue
  • Yeah and pigs might fly.....
  • ......... and our Credit Rating has crashed, Moodies have down rated the UK to 'minus' status which will increase our interest rates which will be passed on to higher bank interest rates which will pass through to our mortgages and every business here..........

  • Quote:btw: joining USA would have another advantage: getting rid of your parasitic royals, dumping queen&offspring forever sending them back to where they really bdelong: hannover, lower saxony Smile

    This is the attitude that got us towards leave result, European Bureaucracy.........

  • Quote:Not all geriatrics voted OUT. I'd prefer to have seen reform from within.

    Of course not and neither did I, however I do suggest you could walk down the high street and point out all those geriatric who did vote out......
  • I am absolutely gutted at this terrible result. I believe it has been a short sighted view mainly from the "old age pensioners" of this country that read and believe Daily Mail headlines, they have overruled 3 out of 4 young people of this country - and its their future which is at risk, not those pensioners who will be 6 foot under in twenty years.

    Yes the EU Parliament has its problems but I believe better in than out. Even then little mention has been made of some of the benefits that the EU has brought.

    The "In" campaign failed us, Jerry Corbin's half hearted input of support and David Cameron's treatment of the poorer people of our country lost those votes we clearly needed.

    The UK can make it on its own and in the long run (maybe 50 years) it will be back in control. However to get there we have chosen the long way round.

  • Well, the $100 a day if added to $25 an hour for say 5 hours makes the rate $45 an hour which is reasonable rates .I did a small job for an architect to take some photo's of a school he had helped with. I was paid 300 for the job. Travelling was by far the longest period but I thought for 4 hours for the total job worked out at 75 (sterling) an hour which I was happy with.

  • Quote:This evil root is nourished by the long discredited but ever present Neo-con so-called Free Market economics.
    Milton Friedman with his breath-taking misplaced self-confidence helped (with the encouragement of his "Chicago Boys" economists) to impose his mad dogma on Chile after the CIA had helped Pinochet to overthrow Allende and his elected democratic government

    Whoa, slow down Garth, its not as bad as that Smile. Agree the gap between rich and poor is growing and has been since WWII whatever government has been in power, and that is shameful..... I believe its down to the individual and we have all become more and more selfish as we 'get' more.
    I remember as a kid growing up the local businessmen, shops and garage owners used to say "when I retire I'm gonna get myself a Mercedes" -- but now its the first thing people want when creating a business....... but I don't see that as all bad either, its about ambition

    Glad to see you are still around Garth SmileSmileSmileSmile
  • Not sure if this has been published before but.....

    To stop/prevent cold calls on your mobile do the following. Text TPS plus your email address to 78070. You will receive confirmation back immediately.

  • Quote:Thanks for the positive response to switching over to compact. The main issue I have is the limited f stops. Some of these ie the TZ range stops at f 6.4 this doesn't give one much scope.
    What do you think?

    One thing I have come to understand is that NOTHING is perfect. You have to look at the overall benefits and take the good with the bad. I have found in photography if you cant do it one way there is always an alternative or way to get around it. As I say I don't think you will be disappointed.... Smile
  • Hi Hugh

    I did much the same as you, sold all my DSLR EOS stuff and bought the TZ 60, not the same as your planned TZ80 but as near as can be to offer an opinion. I find the TZ60 a fantastic camera, light enough not to be a problem when carrying around but has every function and more than my DSLR and sure has enough for your needs. I think A4 prints will be no problem. Battery usage is very good and I have not had an issue running out of power. I like the WIFI and the GPS ability. The Menu is not logical being used to the DSLR's but after a while you get used to it. Personally I think you will like it.