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Activity : Photo Comments


Thanks for looking and commenting on all and any photographs. We take all constructive critiscism seriously and endeavour to learn from it.
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  • Nest Building ?

    Grand capture matey, a different pov from the norm, well captured ...... indeed been a while Smile
    • 25 Aug 2013 6:36PM
  • Eagle Owl taking a rest

    A cracking shot here Lillian your getting better and better, so sorry to hear about your beloved cat, you made the right decision though am sure
    • 25 Aug 2013 11:06AM
  • ELLE 2

    I stop EPA for a year and come back to find your work and wow ..... Great light creating the mood so well an excellent shot indeed colin
    • 24 Aug 2013 7:19PM
  • for Mavis

    Two wonderful detailed images but for me version one is leading the way the angle of the shot does it for me, beautiful detail many thanks for sharing it. Colin
    • 24 Aug 2013 7:16PM
  • One of our neighbours taken in April !

    Many thanks for the kind comments much appreciated.
    • 23 Aug 2013 4:10PM
  • Ullapool Dawn

    Hello to anyone who catches this brief update. Now in Highlands and busier than ever. Loving life and photography ....... Thanks for all the nice comments they are appreciated as ever Colin and Mari
    • 25 Mar 2013 8:40PM
  • Windswept Long Grass

    nice pov on the grasses and the lovely cloudy skies nice !

    • 23 Mar 2012 11:54AM
  • Caught you .....

    Wonderful capture here Nicky such good strong detail . hope all is well Colin
    • 6 Oct 2011 2:19AM
  • Zorro

    Striking self portrait , like the "gritty" feel to the mono conversion just a little more than colour, Colin
    • 6 Oct 2011 1:48AM
  • Pumpkins

    Wonderful detail captured so crisply Colin
    • 6 Oct 2011 1:34AM
  • Dinner is served m'Lord

    Cracking image well captured the light is superb and detail strong Colin
    • 6 Oct 2011 1:33AM
  • *****

    Beautifully captured with such grabnd detail and a good dof to it all nice one Hugh Colin
    • 6 Oct 2011 1:32AM
  • "F81"

    Grand information as always and a grand shopt of this beaut too , nicely framed Colin
    • 6 Oct 2011 1:31AM
  • End Of Day 2

    A beautiful serene image here Jim, sorry to hear of your loss and sympathise greatly .... Colin
    • 6 Oct 2011 1:27AM
  • Coniston Fells

    Nicely composed and captured , well worth the effort to view such beauty , thanks for the recent message , we are both well and busy !!

    • 6 Mar 2011 7:29PM
  • Rust and shadows.

    A cracking pov indeed , am pleased to see you also have not lost your touch , kind regards Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 6:49PM
  • small falls

    Like the persepctive on this one, nicely captured with good strong detail Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 3:14PM
  • Frozen Rose

    The original is superb for me capturesd all the beauty that mother nature can provide all the best for xmas and ne'erday Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 3:59AM

    Two stunners here Lillian I take it from abiove writing that you have been under the weather too, please get well soonest Surrey is too quiet without your dulcet tones Smile

    • 18 Dec 2010 3:58AM
  • Not again.......

    long time no comment sorry been busy , yes it is that time of year again snow snow and snow minus 5 as I type this brrrr hope all is well Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 3:56AM

    Hi Chris a beautiful capture showing the full extent of the snow /ice , keep warm Smile

    • 18 Dec 2010 3:54AM
  • I'm invisible, Honest!!!

    Nicely captured and I KNOW where you managed this one lol glad your feeling better Smile

    • 18 Dec 2010 3:53AM
  • Lilly + stamen...............

    Morning Hugh, a wonderful image with such detail and beauty captured so very well Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 3:51AM
  • The amazing raindrop filter

    Two grand images but v2 for me steals the show.... a promise of things to come perchance .... Many thanks for the kind thoughts on my last upload Smile

    • 18 Dec 2010 3:48AM
  • obliging lady

    Cracking set of images so well captured and presented all the best for the xmas season Smile

    • 18 Dec 2010 3:46AM
  • Poppy Squared

    A beautifully captured and equally presented image of this beauty glad to be catching up with your latest all the best for the forthcoming xmas season Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 3:45AM
  • "Season's Greetings"

    A wonderful christmas greeting, merry xmas to you and yours and "orrabest" for the ne'erday Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 3:44AM
  • A Christmas Greeting

    A merry xmas and wonderful new year to you too... V1 is superb giving us a feel of that wonderful snow ! The red/brown timbers standing out so well Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 3:42AM
  • Across the Road

    A wonderful perspective captured here Jim, the beauty of those colours caught well also, you provide a grand insight into the flora and fauna of your area with every upload kind regards Colin
    • 18 Dec 2010 3:41AM
  • "Winter Shadows"

    Superbly composed and captured like this very much indeed well done Ronnie a beauty !

    • 2 Dec 2010 8:56PM