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Thanks for looking and commenting on all and any photographs. We take all constructive critiscism seriously and endeavour to learn from it.
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  • Alive and kicking

    Hi I have not been uploading for a wee while and am amazed at the amount of messages both PM and email from fellow epz'ers. Two reasons in the main .... both Mari and I have had a horrible flu like virus and that took it's toll. However we are...0

    29 Mar 2010 4:45AM  |  Read


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  • Days Out

    Hi all We arranged to go to Arundel and meet with fellow epz'er Lillian and we did this on Tuesday just gone. What a beautiful place it is .... previously I had only ever skirted it and headed down or up the A27, we parked up had a wander and ...0

    11 Mar 2010 9:09PM  |  Read


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  • Updates

    Hi Not had a lot of time or if I am honest inclination to blog daily ... so apologies to the one or two that pm'ed and/emailed me ... I have managed to stabilise my levels or so it seems, not just so tired and fatigued and have one more visit ...0

    7 Mar 2010 10:40PM  |  Read


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  • Latest

    Hi Well thanks very much all those that have enquired how I am doing and messaged emailed and pm'ed me. Relatively good news a slight change to diet and up one drug and get out and about more ! Apparently those endorphins we get from exercise...0

    2 Mar 2010 8:23AM  |  Read


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  • Latest news

    Hi Been off work now for a few days ill, the levels shuttling about inside me making me feel yeuch.... Thankfully I have an appointment at 07:30 in the morning for some blood tests et al at the Hospital .... then a pm visit to the doc .... H...0

    21 Feb 2010 7:17PM  |  Read


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  • Up to Date

    Hi I as regular readers know do not keep to well at the moment, am genuinely touched by all the kind wishes of you wonderful people here in EPZ land. Results tomorrow , however I have a feeling that I will be sent back for further tests as th...0

    18 Feb 2010 11:07PM  |  Read


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  • Past few days

    Hi I am now finally off for the next few days and so looking forward to relaxing and sleeping and hopefully getting well, results due Weds re bloods and then maybe changes to be made. Was also hoping to get out and about at least a couple of t...0

    16 Feb 2010 1:19AM  |  Read


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  • 12th February

    Hi As per the comments from tonights uploads firstly thanks to all who have mentioned for me to rest and stay safe and warm etc thats truly heartwarming and I thank you for it. We have had a horrendous day at work, I thought yesterday bad but t...0

    13 Feb 2010 12:54AM  |  Read


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  • 11th February

    Hi I looked out the door numerous times last night and snow and lots of it... Mari up at 3 am for work and she braved the conditions and made it eventually to work. She took her camera with her and as per the upload for the 12th one of the many i...0

    12 Feb 2010 12:23AM  |  Read


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  • 4th - 9th February

    Hi Been very busy and very yeeuchh ! Have a slightly changed website, have a lot more to go on it too. Have been up and down with my levels ( diabetes ) and if only I could Photoshop them, make life a lot easier. No changes to lifestyle that I...0

    10 Feb 2010 3:58AM  |  Read


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  • 3rd February

    Hi I went into work last night to surprise a colleague as it was her birthday, we had the proverbial collection and managed to raise enough for a new printer. Her face was a picture when she opened the gift, badly needing a new printer she app...0

    4 Feb 2010 2:50PM  |  Read


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  • 2nd February

    Hi Had a quiet day and was looking forward greatly to watching my football team live on the box, specially with the excitment of the last 24 hours and all the new faces at Celtic. The game almost ready to kick off and the telephone goes .... oh...0

    3 Feb 2010 9:17AM  |  Read


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  • 1st February

    Hi Well off work on holiday, and yet had to go in for a short time, it gave me the excuse to get out after that and have a wander along Hythe seafront and back via the Royal Military Canal. So many opportunities to capture some fine shots. The sun...0

    1 Feb 2010 10:23PM  |  Read


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  • 30th and 31st January

    Hi An eventful couple of days. Busy with editing the footy images am grateful to a few folks for help and advice of shooting such a thing. Will return again to hopefully catch even more and better images. The next job was to clean the gear and...0

    1 Feb 2010 11:52AM  |  Read


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  • 29th January

    Hi Not a lot of time today to sit about, got the gear cleaned down and made sure batterries were fully charge. Off to Dover and what turned out to be a massive learning curve for us both. Indoor harsh overheard lights and speed of play, I ...0

    29 Jan 2010 10:23PM  |  Read


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