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colmar's Blog


Thanks for looking and commenting on all and any photographs. We take all constructive critiscism seriously and endeavour to learn from it.
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  • 11th November

    Hi Decided to head over to Saltwood and Sandling, had a wander round the woods and fair enjoyed it but the weather.... sheesh it poured for a while and then dried up just in time for another shower. Eventually though it did stop. Got a few good...

    11 Nov 2009 8:54PM | Read


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  • 10th November

    Hi Arrived home from night shift at 6am, stayed up eagerly awaiting the pre 9am post for the software.... Huh so much for 9am or before from the seller was a 13:00 or before ... I had to give up come 09:00 and went to bed for a couple of hours al...

    10 Nov 2009 11:03PM | Read


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  • 9th November

    Hi The final shift over at 6am can hardly wait but am going to have to eh ! A busy night as computer updates mean we have to actually work and provide tickets by handwriting them. This day and age huh hand writing a ticket ! The problem with ...

    10 Nov 2009 6:27AM | Read


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  • 8th November

    Hi Well a relatively quite day after a nightshift got up just before the Celtic game kicked off and watched that.... least said soonest mended methinks. Spent a wee while on epz and looked at a fair few of the uploads specially so many dedicat...

    8 Nov 2009 11:55PM | Read


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  • 7th November

    Hi Today is a day I usually spend in the company of friends and we watch the Sky Sports results show, we all have bets on with various bookies and we have a bit of fun along with the chances of winning a few pounds. No different today ... watc...

    8 Nov 2009 12:52AM | Read


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  • 6th November

    Hi Well the Sky + saga is now at end, I was right all along the water had seeped into the cables and caused the terminal to corrode and therefore the signal "shorted" resulting in a loss of image for four days ah well at least I get a rebate ! ...

    6 Nov 2009 5:48PM | Read


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  • 5th November

    Hi Happy Guy Fawkes day ! Worked at the day job, very quiet but was asked countless times by the customers why all the fireworks they had heard and seen whilst visiting this country, seems we have not advertised our history too well ! Too...

    6 Nov 2009 7:27AM | Read


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  • 4th November

    Hi Had to get up early and go to the day job :( How does mother nature know when I am at ET ( Eurotunnel ) and not able to go out and about to my usual haunts for images.... A beautiful bright sunny day , my days off ? Wet and yucky ! Luckily...

    4 Nov 2009 10:41PM | Read


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  • 3rd November

    Hi Spent the day messing with the sky+ system, any time there is extremely heavy rain then it loses the satellite signal. It normally passes once the rain has stopped, but a couple of times when it is realy excessively heavy rain then it soaks in...

    3 Nov 2009 9:00PM | Read


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  • 2nd of Nov

    Hello I loaded an image in both colour and mono version to epz gallery this morning, I was not entirely convinced before I uploaded but went ahead anyways, after a short time and with a few votes and comments I did what I vowed not to do ... I de...

    2 Nov 2009 10:04PM | Read


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  • 1st Nov

    Hi Well that nighshift passed eventually and home for 6 am, quick upload to epz, I had the image ready the night before and then off to bed..... The idea was to grab a few zzz's and then up and out to capture some storm images of the local Ken...

    2 Nov 2009 7:01AM | Read


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  • 31st October All Hallows Eve

    Boo ! Had a busy day trying to upload a single image via my btinternet account to Nicky for printing, now you may think that uploading one image cannot possibly keep you busy but how wrong you would be. You see any file of larger than around 2...

    1 Nov 2009 12:42AM | Read


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  • 29th and 30th October

    Hi Sorry we did not get around to the blog yesterday, far too busy... doing ... Printing, I never realised how much time it would take to choose images for print, then to make sure the crop fits the frame and does not detract from the image an...

    30 Oct 2009 10:25PM | Read


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  • 28th October

    Hello Yawnnnnn ! That was at 4am as the alarm went off, final early shift off the week, got two lates and a night to go then three whole days off, am praying for good weather ! As I go out the door to work, I check things in my head ... cigars ch...

    28 Oct 2009 10:28PM | Read


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  • 27th October

    Hi Struggling to stay alert at work this morning when I get a call to take some images for a scrapbook for a retiring colleague... Woohoo .... Camera in hand I wandered the Eurotunnel site and grabbed a few ... Processed them all in nikon nx2...

    27 Oct 2009 10:13PM | Read


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