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Welcome to my corner of EPZ, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my work?
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A quick view of Coloured_Images's recent activity.

  • x PM Harold Wilson and Huddersfield Railway Station

    Huddersfield; my old stomping ground for twenty odd years
    • 4 May 2021 7:27PM
  • Daybreak Lines

    I may have considered a slight crop from the bottom, simply to put the horizon on the lower third of the frame...hmmm, you would lose some of the sky refections though Sad
    Cheers Janet....Im not one for rules of thirds and felt the image suited the 50/50 split. But thanks anyway😊
    • 10 Apr 2021 8:56PM
  • Soft Water Colours

    Simply stunning
    • 3 Apr 2021 8:25PM
  • Goit Stock Waterfall at Harden Valley, West Yorkshire

    A lovely long shot of one of my fave falls.
    Sadly a youngster died there this week
    • 1 Apr 2021 9:14PM
  • Bolehill Mist

    My kind of shot, lovely
    • 24 Mar 2021 6:55PM
  • The Performance...

    You portrayed a magical sense of movement in this image. Love it
    • 21 Mar 2021 6:40AM
  • The Bittern Scape

    Simply stunning. Those eyes👍🏻
    If I may....have you tried a square crop to eliminate the foliage on the left. I think it would make it an even more powerful image?
    • 26 Feb 2021 6:35AM
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