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Hello all.

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  • The Power Station by AndreG

    can't believe that this has only 2 votes....well worked to get the angle of the bridge also acting as the horizon. Have a vote on me
    • 12 Apr 2009 1:18PM
  • Niamh by sam10538

    Hes Back......Lovely shot
    • 16 Mar 2009 11:07AM
  • Home Sweet Home by Conker

    Thank you everyone for your kind words.....I have been a bit slow getting images up lately with moving over to Australia. Thankfully now we have a routine with the children that should allow me some photo time. Happy Shooting everyone.
    • 7 Dec 2008 7:21AM
  • Orange Gerbera by Conker

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Happy Shooting
    • 5 Oct 2008 9:49AM
  • Melbourne at Night by Conker

    Quote:Thanks for putting that picture in
    I lived in Melbourne till the 70's and can only say What a change
    Used to go to the williamstown Yatch Club
    Guess it is still there
    Loads more yatchs tho'

    I must ask the question......Why did you leave such a fantastic city?
    Thank you fo the vote!!!!
    • 26 Sep 2008 2:06PM
  • Mont St. Michel by sam10538

    c'est bon mon ami!!!!

    Its Bonza ya dag!!
    • 25 Sep 2008 12:47PM
  • Katie by Conker

    Quote:Mono for me I think..what a beautiful little girl and so natural, having a giggle lying on the grass. Great shot.

    Thank you Diana, Spotted her out of the corner of my eye messing in the grass!!!
    • 24 Sep 2008 8:40AM

    Nice one, isn't the city lovely when you get up early!
    • 12 Sep 2008 11:59PM
  • **Raindrops** by dianah

    Diana, do you work for Cadburys? Photographing their Choclate box lids?????

    Another Excellent frame filler.

    Hello from Australia by the way...

    Have a vote.
    • 9 Sep 2008 9:21AM
  • View From The Beach by sam10538

    G,day possum,

    I think this image is lovely, smashing and Great.

    Hello from OZ everyone...........

    • 9 Sep 2008 9:16AM
  • Omaha Beach by sam10538

    such a simple photo, hard to imagine what it felt like to see it from a landing craft.

    Well Done
    • 4 Sep 2008 1:19PM
  • Eilean Donan Castle by newy17

    Different side to shoot from as others tend to use the tother side. Looks good, will upload some pics from oz once i am sorted.
    • 1 Sep 2008 12:42AM
  • Lemur by sam10538

    Wot no HDR!!!!!!

    Like it, it reminds me of one of your Ex girlfriends....

    G'day from oz Mate
    • 31 Aug 2008 1:19AM
  • **Sunlit 3** by dianah

    YOu have managed to surpass yourself yet again. Well Done
    • 18 Aug 2008 8:38AM
  • **Sunlit 2 ** by dianah

    Diana, This is quite possibly the best image you have produced yet. More than worthy of a Highly Commended in my view.

    Will out of touch with Ephoto for a couple of weeks as emmigrating to OZ next week!!!!

    Keep up the good work.
    • 12 Aug 2008 1:13PM
  • Betws-y-Coed by newy17

    Like it Ian!!!
    • 10 Aug 2008 11:40AM
  • Ness Gardens by Conker

    Quote:It might be simple but it is very effective. What an attractive place.

    Thank you Diana. I'm emmigrating to Melbourne in 2 weeks, so i should have some nice images from the Royal Botanical Gardens down under soon!!!!
    • 6 Aug 2008 12:12PM
  • Phonebox by sam10538

    Love it
    • 3 Aug 2008 7:23PM
  • Phonebox 2 by sam10538

    nice one
    • 3 Aug 2008 7:22PM
  • Home Sweet Home 2 by Anthony

    Wot an original subject!!!! lol

    Gets a vote for sheer cheek!!!
    • 1 Aug 2008 6:47AM
  • St.Marys Church by sam10538

    • 30 Jul 2008 10:18AM
  • Overcast by sam10538

    Simon, are you not going to bother straightening the horizon!!!

    Well Done
    • 29 Jul 2008 10:31PM
  • ** Floral Satin ** by dianah

    Well done, Diana
    • 29 Jul 2008 10:52AM
  • The Train by sam10538

    Very good Simon,
    • 28 Jul 2008 9:35AM
  • Tall ships Liverpool by newy17

    I like it, well done
    • 24 Jul 2008 9:41AM
  • Albert Dock by Conker

    Quote:Love the composition Smile


    Thank you Ian, Pinched your idea for tmy previous post, hope you do not mind.
    • 24 Jul 2008 9:40AM
  • Alex by sam10538

    Great image,super sharpness.
    Did you hand hold or use tripod
    • 24 Jul 2008 9:20AM
  • Ironwork by Simon_Bull

    Well Spotted
    • 24 Jul 2008 9:19AM
  • Stake Out by Nick_w


    Love the Mono version epecially the tighter crop.

    Excellent image.

    Thought the Colour was a little bit flat otherwise good.
    • 24 Jul 2008 9:17AM
  • Liverpool Docks by Rylands

    Fantastic Interpretation
    • 24 Jul 2008 8:21AM