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Being Self-critical Or Just Plain Rubbish


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Being Self-critical Or Just Plain Rubbish

21 Jun 2008 9:40PM   Views : 408 Unique : 343

Today I experienced what seems to have become a pattern:

I go to a wonderful location or event. I shoot several Gigabytes worth of images. I copy them to the computer. I look at the photos. I delete most of them.

Sound familiar?

If it doesn't, go and find someone else's blog to read. You're too good for this one. Wink

If it does, feel free to read on...

In and old forum thread I asked 'How much do you discard'? The replies varied quite a bit - from 10-15% to 99%!

But how much do I discard? Well, it varies.

Take today. I came home with almost 4Gb worth of images, taken at a parrot shelter. After I've looked at them once so far, and already I've gone from 4Gig to 3 Gig. By the time I've viewed them three times or so, I expect there to be less than one Gig left, of which only a handful of images gets printed and even fewer make it to my EPZ portfolio.

And I think the ratio is getting worse. Or would that be better?

Hmmm. I suppose it depends on how you look at it.

I've come up with a few possible reasons why I'm deleting more than in the past:

- I'm getting more critical of myself and my images.
- Instead of progressing, I'm getting worse.
- I'm machine gunning more.
- With more CF cards, I allow myself to shoot more, and therefore discard more.

Difficult. I don't know.

Maybe any of the above, none of the above, or all of the above.

Could it be that I'm just rubbish - and getting worse? Wink

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User_Removed 18 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2008 10:30PM
I'm the same Conrad.
We went to Wallington Hall in Northumberland yesterday took loads of images came home deleted 50% of them - decided I can't cope with middle of the day conditions.
Looked through the remaining 50% today and culled them down to just 3 images and two of those are hanging on by a thread.
It seems to me the more proficient we get the more critical we become.
Of for those heady days of yesteryear when just something recogniseable on the LCD was a cause for celebration.
KarenFB Plus
16 5.9k 184 England
22 Jun 2008 6:37AM
It depends! If they are for the family album I'll keep 90%, but if they are for sharing with EPZ I'll probably delete 99%!!!! This is why I love digital so much - it used to cost a fortune!! Smile
fentiger 21 920 24 England
22 Jun 2008 7:58AM
Perhaps we do not take so much time in getting it right as when we had a 36 exposure film in the camera. Digital has to some extent made us lazy and also careless. I try to get into the mind set (as in the days of film) that I have only a few frames left and I have to make the most of them. I still delete a lot. The obvious rubbish is deleted in camera and at best about a third will survive inspection on the computer. Of these maybe around 10% will be uploaded on ePz and much less will get printed for Camera Club competitions.

conrad 18 10.9k 116
22 Jun 2008 4:47PM
That's still a pretty good percentage, Albert!

Karen - Good point. Digital makes this kind of thing affordable. And I do indeed print things for my own album of the family album that don't make it to my EPZ portfolio.

Quote:culled them down to just 3 images and two of those are hanging on by a thread.

LOL, that's happened here as well!

Oh well ... maybe it means we're learning to distinguish the good from the bad?
helenlinda Plus
15 374 22 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2008 10:13PM
Its really hard and I'm obviously not as thorough as you, as I more often crop a bit that looks right "just incase" I might use it later........that way I end up with even more to sort through!!
conrad 18 10.9k 116
24 Jun 2008 8:22AM
I did that until quite recently, but with my hard disk and external drive bulging with photos that I will probably never use, I decided to become more critical. With the result as described above...

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