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"Nice" - A Word as an Outcast


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"Nice" - A Word as an Outcast

17 Jul 2008 6:46PM   Views : 491 Unique : 366

After the word "nice" has had a lot of use in the Gallery already, you can see it turning up on the Forum quite a lot nowadays too.

Unfortunately, this word is not intended to be seen as positive there. On the contrary. It's being treated more and more like an outcast, like something that we should avoid. It's suggested (well, more than just suggested, actually) that it may not be okay to say "Nice picture", "Nice light", etc.

Why not?

Mainly, I think, because it's not very specific.

Now this happens to be true. Let's look at the official definition. From Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary:

"nice (PLEASANT) adjective;
pleasant, enjoyable or satisfactory"

So it's a rather general way of saying you like something, without going into detail. And that's exactly why some of our members object to the word. They want detailed critiques, they want to hear the for and the against, the upsides and the downsides of an image, and preferably some suggestions for improvement as well.

And I have to say, I do too. But, having said that, I have to add that I also realise that we can't expect everyone to give us exactly what we want.

Too many people are afraid to make any comment at all when they view our photos. They simply don't feel qualified to critique our images. (Although I'm still hoping that reading this might help them change that opinion...)

So if they get up the courage to comment on my photos at all, but then only manage something like "Nice picture" or "Nice light in this shot", I appreciate that for what it is - a sincere attempt to say something about a photo that they like. They may not know how to express in fine detail what it is exactly that makes them like it, but at least they're saying something, and that's already asking a lot from some.

Now, obviously we all want to them to progress and at some point take part in a process of writing real critiques of photos. I myself also appreciate detailed critiques, suggestions for improvement and modified photos more than just "Nice pic" comments. But until people are ready to progress to that more advanced stage, I'll be happy to accept their "Nice pic" comments. To me, it's better than a "click and run" action - although even that is better than nothing at all.

So for me the word "nice" doesn't have to become such an outcast on ephotozine as some would make it.

Have a nice day! Wink

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csurry 19 9.2k 92
17 Jul 2008 7:34PM
Nice blog - click!
conrad 16 10.9k 116
17 Jul 2008 7:37PM
dianah 14 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2008 6:38PM
What a refreshing change Conrad and I don't mean you personally Smile.
I am staying well clear of the forums but it is good to see a more level headed view of a word that I have to say I do try to encourage my infant class not to use in their writing.
There are many here on this site though, that I feel have become rather nervous of making any statement about an upload for fear of being torn apart in the forums. A great shame, maybe we all need thicker skins , me included !
You have a nice weekend.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
18 Jul 2008 6:50PM
Glad to see you're taking it that way, Dianah - thanks for your comment! And same to you... Wink
helenlinda Plus
13 374 22 United Kingdom
19 Jul 2008 12:07AM
The more I read the forums the more I feel at a total loss as to what to say about some members pictures. So the way out is not to comment on them. Thats rather sad really especially as sometimes I really like what I see and it gives me inspiration for trying something different.
On the whole I also appreciate a comment that gives me something to work on too. It can get a bit bland with just pleasant comments, but I'm never getting involved in heavy discussion again.................and that will be nice!!
conrad 16 10.9k 116
19 Jul 2008 4:40PM
Nice for you, but not for the other photographers, Helen. It's sad indeed that the goings-on have this effect on you and other people. I'd prefer it if people ignored all the criticism on the forum and just said how they felt about other people's photos. Anyway, it was good to hear how you feel about this situation - thanks for commenting!

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