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Not EPZable

4 Jul 2008 7:50PM   Views : 594 Unique : 466

A distinguished (but of late sadly absent) member of this site once told me that of the photos he takes which he feels have plenty of merit, not all make it to the ePHOTOzine Gallery - in fact, most don't get uploaded. When I asked him why, his reply was: "They're not EPZable." I was curious, of course, what kind of photos they were, but he wouldn't tell.

Another EPZ member (of the tall and very impressive variety - no, I'm not giving any names) Wink said he takes bird shots that he doesn't upload to EPZ. We mainly get to see his landscapes and portraits, and he keeps the rest to himself. He didn't say it in so many words, but I got the distinct impression that he also felt some of his personal choices weren't "EPZable", and therefore not uploadable.

I thought of the shots I take that do make it to my "To be Printed" folder, but not to my EPZ Uploads. Besides the obvious family and holiday snaps, there are all kinds of images that I like enough to print, but that I know won't get a lot of appreciation on here - they're simply "not EPZable".

Once in a while, when I'm in a rebellious mood (and such a mood seems to have beset me this week, judging by the out of focus upload and the imperfect bloom upload), I'll upload them anyway, only to have my feeling that they wouldn't be to the EPZ members' taste validated by a clear absence of comments and clicks.

So that makes me wonder:

What pictures of yours do you like, but don't you upload to the Gallery?

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fotodayz 15 179 1 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2008 9:06PM
do you know I never even thought like this - I upload whatever I have taken that day, week, month..... wondering if it suits this site never comes into it - what you see is what you get! Smile cos I like them
conrad 18 10.9k 116
4 Jul 2008 9:07PM
Isn't that wonderfully uncomplicated... Smile
helenlinda Plus
15 374 22 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2008 10:34PM
I do notice that a number of people remove an image once they have uploaded it.
Often they say its because it needed to be worked on in some way. I'm not so sure every time. I think there's a certain length of time in which if the response is very poor, its natural to feel " this is not EPZable." At that point I think the term is "its blown" and folks take it off.
Yesterday I went throught the same feeling and wondered several times about doing the same. However I still came back to the same place. I felt I had captured something of what I set out to capture, and so althought the clicks and comments are low I will jolly well keep it up.
5 Jul 2008 7:29AM
ah, I do recognize that 'it's blown' sensation lol. Have sometimes taken off pictures for that exact reason in the past. Allthough I tend to post them again afterwards. better prepared this time... as I already know it will sink lol. So there's no real disappointment anymore. I guess the first time I post them I hope it will really catch on... complete silence follows... disappointment... delete button.
I tend to post whatever I like though... don't think too much in not-epz-material terms. I consider that 'their' problem rather than my photo's problem. Too bad though to read that people don't post what isn't epz material in their opinion. It only makes the site look (even) more like 'eenheidsworst' Sad
Pete 22 18.8k 97 England
5 Jul 2008 9:44AM
I think generally if you take a photo off ePHOTOzine it's because it's not worked, as in "they don't like it". If so you are uploading to the crowds. I always upload because I like the shot and if it flops I don't remove it because I like it. But I do now have in the back of my mind 1000s of shots that have been uploaded earlier and that, in lots of cases, these were better, so it becomes harder to upload confidently.

And I think that's a good thing because although more shots that you would have uploaded a year or so ago are now sat in folders probably never to be seen again. I believe it'ss pushing your quality threshold, and hopefully making you a better, more selective photographer.

The trick is not to get drawn into the popularity issue where you don't upload black & white because colour is more favoured on ePHOTOzine.
conrad 18 10.9k 116
5 Jul 2008 2:14PM
Interesting comments, thanks everyone!

So it looks like there are several issues here. Fotodayz just uses his portfolio like a kind of photographic blog, he just posts whatever it is that he has shot. Good for him - not caring what other people think. I admire that.

Others either want their shots to be popular, or they want feedback. If neither happens, the shots get deleted. I could agree with the not getting feedback, it's the only reason I have deleted a few in the past. If my image reaches the third or fourth page in the gallery without even one click or comment, it gets deleted. I have then lost all hope that I will get any kind of feedback. But just one click or one comment means it stays. That's my personal rule.

It's a shame there are also people who use popularity as a standard. I'd prefer them to let the images stay, even if they don't prove to be popular. You can still enjoy unpopular images, and even learn from them. I think the Underrated photo thread proved that quite well.

Pete raises an interesting point about getting better. True, a lot of images that I don't upload now, would probably have been uploaded anyway if I had taken them years ago. When I look at my earliest uploads, I shudder to think that there was a time when I thought they were good. So yes, there is an element of pushing your quality threshold. Although some days I just can't be bothered looking at my images with an eye that critical, and I just upload what I like.
fotodayz 15 179 1 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2008 8:25AM
she Grin not quite a photographic blog as I do plan what I shoot. I upload what I think in my eyes are the best of the trip and the site preferences don't come into it. I've never had much in the way of critical comments so I now just upload when I have time just to share.

User_Removed 18 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2008 9:49PM
I know exactly what you mean and I have folders for website, selling, printing and epz.
Epz are usually a more saturated and moody version on the landscapes.
I'm fortunate that I don't give a fig for how many votes I get so the rubbish gets to stay there with the popular stuff?
I do ache for those people who strive for votes and get upset when they don't get many.
The pitfall is when you start taking photographs in a certain way becasue you know they will do well on EPZ - this is not a good yardstick for votes on here does not always equate to what will do well in the real world.
fauxtography 18 6.6k 36
9 Jul 2008 7:47PM
A lot of what i post is far from EPZable and i am fine about that. It's waht I take and what I am interested in, and it's always useful to hear the voices that don't like your stuff for what ever reason.

Post and be damned. Wink

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