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conrad's Blog


Hello, welcome to my portfolio! Please feel free to have a look around and comment on anything you see!
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  • Frost Is On Its Way!

    I'm so excited! According to the KNMI, our national weather bureau, we should be getting frosty weather soon - "ice skating weather" they call it, that's great! Not that I want to dig out the ice skates - I have extremely weak ankles and have nev...

    23 Dec 2008 8:53PM | Read


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  • Ansel Adams Quote

    Still thinking about my previous blog entry, "Rules Are Made To Be Broken", I came across a quote from Ansel Adams: "There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Food for thought... (Is this s...

    21 Dec 2008 8:00PM | Read


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  • Rules Are Made To Be Broken

    When we learn how to take photographs, we come across a lot of rules. Rules for lighting, exposure, depth of field, etc., etc. And I suppose it makes sense. The technical side of photography is quite an exact science. Doing this or that, results ...

    16 Dec 2008 10:34AM | Read


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  • Some of Life's Unanswered Questions

    1. Why do I see stunning skies and lovely light when I don't have my camera with me? 2. Can I trick fate (life, Murphy, the universe or God) into thinking I don't have my camera with me, when in reality I do? 3. Is there such a thing as a photo...

    8 Dec 2008 12:06PM | Read


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  • Perfect Present

    In the Netherlands people give presents on what's supposed to be the birthday of St. Nicholas, on the 5th of December, instead of giving gifts on Christmas Day. Santa Claus is a foreign derivative of St. Nicholas, so only those who are heavily influe...

    6 Dec 2008 7:20PM | Read


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  • No EC* Material

    I attended an EOS Discovery Day last Saturday. Interesting event. I went to workshops/presentations about white balance, photographing moving subjects, portraiture. And of course there were presentations of the latest camera models, counters where yo...

    1 Dec 2008 4:16PM | Read


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  • Close to Home

    "How do you take a great landscape photo?" I've read and heard many different answers to this question, but there are a few common denominators among the many different suggestions. One that really makes sense, is that it helps to have good l...

    28 Nov 2008 8:52PM | Read


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  • Shoot Before It's Too Late!

    ... Or at least before the landscape changes drastically! What got me thinking about this, was a combination of a thread on the forum and a newsletter article from the makers of Outdoor Photographer (not Outdoor Photography, the UK publication, bu...

    25 Nov 2008 9:17PM | Read


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  • Fleeting Moments

    Moments are fleeting by definition, of course. But when you're trying to capture snow in my country, the word "fleeting" takes on a new meaning - it adds a whole new dimension to the meaning of the word! Last year when there was a bit of snow and ...

    24 Nov 2008 6:56PM | Read


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  • Tilley Hat & Terns

    Ever since I've lived in the UK, I've been a hat person. I was living in Glamorgan, Wales, when I first felt a need to put something on my head. Before that time, wearing coats that incorporated a hood had been sufficient for me to brave the weat...

    21 Nov 2008 4:41PM | Read


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  • "Haste Ye Back"

    When you leave certain parts of Scotland, you see a sign with the text "Haste Ye Back". I like that. Makes me feel welcome to return at any time - in fact, it positively encourages me to do so. I don't know how well it will work for me, though. A...

    11 Nov 2008 8:46PM | Read


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  • Hard to Capture or Convey

    So often when you hear people describe photography in higher-sounding terms than "taking snapshots", you come across almost poetic ideas like "catching time", "recording moments" or "creating memories". Technically speaking, of course, we're only ...

    2 Nov 2008 4:51PM | Read


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  • Armed and Dangerous!

    As of today, my wife is armed with an ultra wide angle lens. She can now capture just as much of the world in one shot as I. Just as well, because on our last holiday she took more Derwentwater shots with my Sigma 10-20 than I did, I think. Add...

    31 Oct 2008 8:26PM | Read


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  • "Time For The Leaving"

    No, not me - I'm not leaving. (Do I detect disappointment? Sorry, no dramatic exits today!) This blog title is actually a song title - a song by Magna Carta, to be precise. Over the past years, I've become good friends with the present members...

    20 Oct 2008 11:43AM | Read


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  • Good, Better, Best

    As I'm typing this, my wife is trying to decide what filter to buy with the lens she'll be purchasing tomorrow. Not an easy choice - there are so many options to choose from. Even after you make it past the choice of uv, skylight or polarising fi...

    17 Oct 2008 7:45PM | Read


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