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Hello, welcome to my portfolio! Please feel free to have a look around and comment on anything you see!
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  • Washing Up Face

    Many people don't like washing the dishes, they hate it when it's time to do the washing-up. I don't mind it so much myself. But from not minding it, it actually becomes fun when you have a funny face like this joining you in the activity. Made m...


    14 Apr 2013 6:53PM | Read


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  • Bleak Day Iphoneography

    It's hard to imagine now, with the blazing sunshine outside, but we did have quite a few bleak days during the winter, didn't we. On one of those days I passed this location and just had to stop and take a quick snap with my ever-ready iPhone. And...


    2 Apr 2013 11:21AM | Read


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  • Wall Painting

    Walking through a city street with a lot of walls with graffiti on them, this wall caught my eye. I do like good graffiti, if itīs done well itīs better than a blank wall, or than just the vandalism kind of graffiti. But this is just so much better, ...


    30 Mar 2013 8:35PM | Read


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  • Grainy Sunset

    From my iPhone film roll. The phone upped the ISO quite a bit in order to be able to take the shot. And despite the use of noise-reducing software, the picture still looks like quite grainy. But I like it. :-)


    18 Mar 2013 8:35AM | Read


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  • Impression: Sunset

    The other day there was a sunset with a totally empty sky (except for the sun, of course), I couldn't find anything exciting to serve as foreground interest, and just didn't think that the intended approach to the subject would be very interesting. S...


    2 Mar 2013 12:00PM | Read


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  • iPhoneography Sunset

    What do you do when you've lost track of time and the sunset arrives quicker than you thought, and there's no time to pick up your camera? Well, besides simply enjoying the colour spectacle enfolding before your eyes, you can't, of course, ignore ...


    27 Feb 2013 10:45AM | Read


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  • Goodbye Canon 3XL

    Some of you may be scratching their heads now, trying to think of a Canon model by the name of 3XL, but let me spare you the trouble and explain that 3XL doesn't refer to a camera, lens or photographic accessory at all - unless you count a T-shirt wi...


    18 Feb 2013 9:57AM | Read


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  • Focus on a Footstep

    I'm much too busy with work today to take the camera out and enjoy the snow... :-( But of course I just had to do something with it anyway. And I came up with the idea of a quick footstep just outside the patio door, and this treatment. Nothing sp...


    15 Jan 2013 4:22PM | Read


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  • Engrossed

    Today this little girl in the supermarket reminded me of what I used to do when my parents were doing boring things, like shopping, in places where there were comics around: read until they were done, and then with much regret tear myself away from t...


    11 Jan 2013 7:27PM | Read


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  • Merry Christmas

    ... and God bless us, everyone! :-)


    24 Dec 2012 5:51PM | Read


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  • Art Deco

    Art Deco buildings are quite rare nowadays, and since I like the style, I'm always happy to see it when people are taking good care of a nice specimen. This is the Tuschinski film theatre in Amsterdam, which was restored to its original Art Deco ...


    22 Dec 2012 10:44AM | Read


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  • Almost Christmas

    Christmas is almost upon us, people! No white Christmas this year, weather forecasters assure us, and lots of rain before Christmas Day, and possibly some on Christmas Day. Oh well. So it's better to be inside a lot, I suppose. Even for shopping. Whi...


    21 Dec 2012 11:30AM | Read


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  • Ice Rink

    I've seen quite a few ice skating rinks in my time, both permanent and temporary, but the one on the old market in Bruges must be one of the more nicely decorated/lit. What do you think of this tree, for instance? Looks wonderful, I thought myself. A...


    18 Dec 2012 10:09AM | Read


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  • Brugge Hat & Towers

    On a trip through Belgium, I decided to make a stop at Brugge and visit the Christmas market in the old market square. I was standing in front of a market stall that sold scarves and hats, looked up, and saw this. I rather liked the unusual combin...


    17 Dec 2012 1:00PM | Read


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  • Santa & Snowman

    Everyone and everything is getting ready for Christmas, and there are Christmas products to be bought everywhere. This mass of Santa's and Snowmen drew my eye.


    16 Dec 2012 9:18AM | Read


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