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conrad's Blog


Hello, welcome to my portfolio! Please feel free to have a look around and comment on anything you see!
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  • Goldfinger

    Before driving back to the ferry in Harwich, I knew there was going to be time left. So I thought about photo locations to visit along the route. I considered the possibility of ditching the sandwich idea and getting a decent meal en route. And in th...


    22 Aug 2012 4:33PM | Read


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  • Not Aftershave

    I rather like my aftershave, but it does come in a rather masculine-looking bottle, nothing elegant. Now take perfumes - since they're for women, the manufacturers go all out to come up with some good-looking bottles, one being even more elegant a...


    11 Aug 2012 7:21PM | Read


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  • Warrior

    I've shot the H.M.S. Warrior before with a mobile phone (for some reason I never seem to have my camera with me when I see it), but have to say that the iPhone image beats the Nokia image hands down - both before and after processing. This is the ...


    7 Aug 2012 2:15PM | Read


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  • Deck Chairs

    Beautiful weather, crowds of people enjoying the sunshine, yet these deck chairs didn't seem to be very popular. Maybe people thought it was too windy to sit here? Who knows. Anyway, I quite liked them without anybody in them...


    30 Jul 2012 12:20PM | Read


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  • Sculptures

    Sculptures don't always blend in well with their environment, but these sculptures seem to be in exactly the right place, are appropriate for their surroundings, and are even in the right colour. A perfect match, I'd say.


    27 Jul 2012 9:13AM | Read


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  • Slow Shutter App

    I've had the Slow Shutter app for iPhone for a while now, and tried it out in different situations. I was never very happy with the results. But last Saturday I decided to give it a try under completely different circumstances: at a dance, to blu...


    11 Jul 2012 9:27AM | Read


    Views : 651

  • Unfortunate Choice

    Some people are so keen to avoid parking fees that they forget to read signs warning them for the incoming tide. This was certainly an ill-chosen parking spot, don't you think?


    10 Jul 2012 8:22AM | Read


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  • So Simple

    Some simple things can be so nice. As the light was fading the other day, the thing in the room that really stood out, was my computer mouse. I only paid a couple of euros for it, but I rather like this mouse. And when I saw it lighting up in a da...


    6 Jul 2012 11:52AM | Read


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  • Reduced To This

    I'll let the picture speak for itself...


    21 Jun 2012 4:13PM | Read


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  • There'll Be Bluebirds Over...

    ... the White Cliffs of Dover, according to Very Lynne - but I suspect that seagulls are a more likely sighting there. Oh well. I've always liked those cliffs. Not only are they such a nice welcome when you arrive in Dover, but they really are a s...


    19 Jun 2012 4:57PM | Read


    Views : 351

  • Unusual

    I've done something very, very unusual today. Well, that is to say, it's highly unusual for me. I know other people do it. But I normally don't. I think that in five years or so I've only done it twice. Or possibly three times. Which isn't very often...

    15 Jun 2012 4:46PM | Read


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  • Goodbye, Ashley

    Today I've done what has been unthinkable for so long, but became inevitable in the end: I've said goodby to my best canine friend ever, my dear Ashley. Read my previous two blog posts if you want to know why this was necessary, because I don't re...


    11 Jun 2012 7:42PM | Read


    Views : 7117

  • Ashley's Holiday

    The health of my best canine friend Ashley is going downhill so fast now that I've reluctantly concluded that it's time to say goodbye. But before that actually happens, I want to remember the good times. And those good times are so recent - even...


    11 Jun 2012 10:50AM | Read


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  • Ashley's Meds

    My poor doggy is like a pharmacy on four legs by now. Apart from the cancer that she beat but which seems to be returning now, the arthrosis, the allergies and skin condition, she has a number of new, additional problems now as well. And after announ...


    6 Jun 2012 7:40PM | Read


    Views : 545

  • The End of an Era

    Today it was a final goodbye to my Canon kit, and a hello to my new small and lightweight Olympus kit: an OM-D E-M5 with a 12-50 lens. Talking to the dealer, I reminisced about my early photographic beginnings. It all started with my father fe...

    22 May 2012 5:31PM | Read


    Views : 642