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Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio.
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  • Quote:Not too sure what to make of it to be honest. One thing I miss is the easy way to scroll through the gallery. You could click on a thumbnail, see the photo, and then click on the next one. Now you have to click on it, then press back, and then select another one, then press back etc. It's making it a lot more hassle to scroll through the daily gallery, and I barely had time to do that in the old format - this way is going to take twice as long, and I really can't be bothered. Sorry all, but I do not like this.

    I can only agree.

    And I miss the film strip!
    Not going to look at half as many images now than I used to. Shame.
  • I have searched on this topic but only found x year old threads and since things change sometimes I decided to bring this up again.

    I have created a slideshow with Windows Movie Maker to present images to my camera club at our annual dinner. I'm sure I'll end up showing it to some friends as well. The slideshow is 7m30s long and uses 4 songs from my MP3 collection, none in its entirety. I run credits in the end, mentioning all writers and performers.

    Where am I on copyright infringement?
    I've heard so many different views on this. Then there is the 'fair use' clause.
    In a thread called "Legality of using music in a dvd slideshow" a LM license is mentioned.
    Would that cover it?

    If somebody here knows the facts it would greatly appreciated.

  • Quote:I don't know if its ok for me to comment because I did not start the thread. I like the comment from ade_mcfade. I too have been struggling for the past week now trying to set up a website with "Foliopic" via EPZ. My photography is certainly not anywhere near the quality of the work of photographers on this site. I wondered too about texts etc. when uploading because although British I live in Germany and I have been trying to take some shots and putting descriptions in, in both English and German. It is time consuming and not always correct translations. I have been receiving top guidance from Rick Hanson of EPZ on many queries. However some things are not covered, consequently ade_mcfade your last line is superb. Thanks.

    What an interesting point you raise, Patrick.
    I am German and after living in UK and US for the past 17 years I am now returning to Germany.
    I took the view that English text will suffice as most Germans do speak English and I was hoping by keeping it more about the photography less text is more.
    So I have now decided that I will add locations on my 'specialised' catagories, like Lighthouses and Bridges (including some interesting info too), but have no text on the other images.

    BUT if you would like help with translating anything let me know. Smile

  • Quote:Tell us about yourself on the about page.

    Would like to see the names of the lighthouses or where they are located...

    I added titles and some info to the lighthouse. (I totally agree there should be more on these images).
    I added titles on the Panoramas too.
    Do you think all images should have titles? Or some other information? I initially thought about it and then scrapped it - I guess just being lazy.... Blush

    What sort of information about me would be interesting or appropriate here.
    Totally new to this so not really sure what people would want to know.
    Really appreciate pointers.

  • Hello ePZers!

    As I am playing with the idea of maybe starting to try and sell my images I have started a Zenfolio and a Facebook page.

    I would really appreciate some feedback on both or either.
    (If you like my images I would of course be thrilled to get a 'Like' too!)


    Thank you!
  • Even though I do not believe you can ever prevent theft when you post images on the internet I am intrigued by the idea of disabling the right-click, which is probably the most used 'casual' theft, ie people saving your image because they like it, not because they mean you harm.
    I have been searching for this but only get sites that offer code, which I have no idea what to do with.

    Could somebody explain how to disable the right-click for uploaded images?
  • I keep looking around and can't really find anywhere in the manual a mention of the devise. I did however find a EIZO video on youtube that talks of integrated calibration devise. So will have to set it all up and see what happens.
    I paid $600 for it, so I guess even if I have to pay for the devise it is still a good deal.

    I will post update.
  • Confirming my worst fear .......
    Meaning the monitor useless without it?
    Could I buy that from somewhere?
  • Maybe a silly question but ......
    Looked for a monitor specifically for image processing and was able by a used Eizo ColorEdge CG241W.
    It arrived and looks complete. However, when looking at the images on Eizo one of them shows the monitor with a 'thing' hanging in front of the monitor (looks a bit like a mouse). What is that? I looked at all the parts Eizo lists and none of them seemed to be it.
    Any help is appreciated here.

  • Quote:
    However, when viewing panoramic images on an iPad, the blue scrolling button underneath the image still doesn't allow the user to drag it across to scroll across the image. As part of the redesign was for better mobile/tablet viewing is this an omission that will be rectified? I've raised a query with the team, but thought I'd mention it publicly too.

    Not only on tablets. Problem is the same on a laptop.
  • Where can I find the report system for problems?
    I am having serious issues with the width of the display.
    Besides not being able to view landscape images in large, I do not have my scroll bar at the side and the bottom of the screen.

  • Quote:and it renders better on mobile devices

    That is the driving force nowadays, unfortunately.

    The new site is 'cleaner' certainly but visually I find it harder to 'read' - the similarity in appearance of headers, adverts and post fields make everything seem a homogenous soup, whereas the old site had clear visual separation between them.
    I guess my feeling is: old website was 'cosy' the new one is 'business like'. I will get used to it but hey, ho.

    Ah, homogenous soup is an excellent choice of words. Much better than my 'no DOF'.

  • Quote:By making everything just flat you remove any sense of tabs or fields for entries, etc.
    It is just flat.

    Yup that's the point, reducing visual clutter and distractions so that the content doesn't have to compete for attention and it renders better on mobile devices. If your site doesn't work well on mobile devices you might as well shut up shop these days.

    That is your opinion and I have voiced my opinion.

  • Quote:A photo site without any DOF, now that is great.

    Huh?? how does a website have Depth of Field ?

    DOF is visualising depth on a flat image, like a photo.
    By making everything just flat you remove any sense of tabs or fields for entries, etc.
    It is just flat.
  • WTF happened here?????
    A photo site without any DOF, now that is great.
    A photo site that displays the photos in an unflattering way, that is what we have been waiting for, desperately.

  • Quote:I got This of the Empire State, with 16-35 on a full frame. So if your on a crop sensor, something like the Sigma 10-20 would be ideal.

    That said I got similar results with a 24-120 which was a much better lens for the general sight seeing things. The height of the buildings in New York is something else, so you do have some leighway.

    Edit: your 11-16 should be more than adequate.

    What a fantastic image! Thank you for this and your advise.
  • not sure what a semi fish eye is. but would the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 fall in that category (for example?)
  • I guess mostly on a street in Manhattan looking up!
  • Planning a trip to New York city and was wondering what would be the best lens (Canon mount) to bring to take images of skyscrapers.
    Is the Canon 24mm enough or am I better off with the 10-22mm?
    I don't own either but would rent one for the trip - so they choice is there!

    I have a Tamron 18-270mm but thought it might be a good idea to get a 'specialist' lens specifically for the architecture.

    Thoughts please.
  • Love the London sample photos as I've been there many times and that makes a photo of the Gherkin taken from the London Eye so much meaningful! Amazing shot.

    Funnily enough I just traveled to Rome this summer so the second review with the photos was a perfect example as well.

    I think I made up my mind.
    (Luckily I have a supportive and generous husband. Smile)
  • Contemplating which one to get. The aim is to have an allrounder which allows me to take land-city-seascapes as well as close ups/details to avoid carrying all the gear on short trips.
    Any thoughts?
    Is the 'higher' model worth the extra spent?
  • Thank you all for your input.

    I have been looking around and have come up with another question.
    How vital do you think the MRC is?
    From what I have been reading it doesn;t add anything to your photos, correct? Just protects?
    There are several B+W models with this but it makes it roughly double the prize to one without - at least it is the only difference I could make out.
    I am looking at 'B+W 58mm Slim-Line Circular Polarizer' (around $40), 'B+W 58mm Kaesemann Circular Polarizer with Multi-Resistant Coating' (around $90).
    The contra to the 'slim' seems to be the issues with the lens cap falling off. I am not so fuzzed about getting slim but at least on Amazon in the US there seems to be either Slim or MRC on offer.
  • what's the difference between slim and not? just size?
  • Hello everybody,

    I am looking to buy a decent CPL filter (58mm) for my Canon EOS Rebel t3i (600D in Europe).
    I of course first made the rookie mistake of buying a cheapy 3-pack (Vivitar ND8, CPL. UV) and on trying the CPL filter didn't really see much difference. Surprise! Blush

    I know opinions vary on if you should use filters or not so here is my reason:
    I'll be travelling around Europe during the summer. stops include Italy and Sweden.
    Looking through photos from my last Italy visit I noticed that a lot of the colours are washed out (bright sunny days). Even though they were taken with a point and shoot, I did have the same issue when travelling with the SLR to Mexico taking pics at mid-day. On my stop to Sweden there will be numerous pics including water.
    And of course there will be lots of museum visits and pics through glass.
    So I thought a CPL filter would help with these issues.

    I have been looking at several reviews and B+W and Heliopan seem to come out top but Hoya got mentions as well.
    B+W has a Kaeseman filter as well. What's the difference to B+W only?

    Anyway, your input/recommendation is highly appreciated.
  • I was thinking that too, but wasn't sure if there might be reason that a B&W is a better quality when shot in B&W. Smile
  • When taking photos does it make a difference if the shot is taken on a B&W setting or in colour and later changed to B&W?

    I was just wondering ......
  • Thank you all for your concern.
    I have been to Italy several times before and never had a safety issue.
    And even though I appreciate all the safety tips I was really more after photography tips. Tongue
  • Hello everybody,

    I am travelling to Italy this summer (Rome, Florence and Milan) and was wondering if any of you have any tips on insider/hidden locations and spots.
    My level is beginner and I have a Canon PowerShot SX150 - so nothing too fancy, but serves my level well and some 'playing around' options.

    In Rome we'll be mainly visting the Coloseum and 'Ancient Sights', Castello Saint'Angelo and Borghese Gardens.
    In Florence we only have a day and since I've been twice already we won't be doing too much there.
    In Milan I was planning to go to the roof of the Duomo, hoping to get some good shots of the masonry up there. I was thinking for that location lots of black and white.
    Might try that for Florence too, now that I mentioned it. Tongue

    Any tips on making the most of Ancient Rome? Never photographed ruins before but I remember from a trip to Egypt that reliefs and stones are not eay to bring out well.

    So ANT tips are welcome!

    thanks you.