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A quick view of cosmicnode's recent activity.

  • He made a lot of noise.

    Looks like a load of rubbish, must be a modern art exhibit Tongue Grin
    • 24 Jan 2020 9:24AM
  • Low cloud at Buttermere

    Quote:When I opened the image it presented from the top and opened downwards. Until the trees appeared, I thought I was seeing a giant wave...

    That was exactly my impression.
    • 22 Nov 2019 10:33PM
  • Redcar from the South Gare

    Great shot using the telephoto avoided the wind farm.
    • 5 Oct 2019 8:22AM
  • Ferrari Dino

    Your best shot by far, keep it up
    • 9 Sep 2019 11:22AM
  • Minis Castle Combe

    Quote:Hi, I think f/8 and a monopod or tripod would have served you handsomely. Like yesterday's capture the blur doesn't translate to speed, but to camera shake...

    Don't use tripods at motor sport events, Monopods are great, but the photo has not been panned, camera has been held stationary pointing at the track and the shot taken when the cars have come into the frame,look at the track and grass they are sharp
    • 29 Aug 2019 2:16PM
  • Gilbern Invader Est.

    Is that the Haynes "Red room"
    • 19 Aug 2019 6:10PM
  • Narrow Boat on the Rochdale Canal

    I like it.
    • 17 Aug 2019 7:18AM

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