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Hi everyone
hope you enjoy the photos i upload and get as much pleasure looking at them as i do taking them...........
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  • Have any of you using an Apple mac got MacKeeper installed.
    If so is it worth having or not..

  • Still the same Sunday evening , even showing some of the gallery pics with just a question mark.

  • Mine also doing the same,
    Same as Mike and very frustrating.SadSadSadSad

    Using Apple mac pro.
    Raised a ticket.
  • _1489011955.jpg[/epzimg]
  • Sad news
    My Sympathies to his family..

  • Willpower has answered your question....
  • 771 AT Panamoz. 3 year warranty

    FREE shipping
  • Have a good day..

  • Quote:
    Quote:What I've learned myself is that you should just quit and get another job if the one you got actually make you feel like ****. Nobody owns you but you. Just quit and move forward.

    Yes but its not quite as easy as that.

    50 years ago yes.

    It actually is - you only make yourself believe it isn't. You make a ton of excuses for why you should stay, but why stay if the job make you feel miserable for legit reasons? My last job I had for 7 years, and I should have left long time before that. I just kept telling myself I cannot leave because I love motorcycles, and there really isn't any better shops around. Well, I ain't doing that mistake ever again.
    If you cannot find a way out, you're simply not looking hard enough and you simply don't want out.

    Personally think this is a stupid answer , People with children, mortgages overheads etc cannot just up and leave the job they are in..Unless your lucky and got a nest egg put away..

    ''PERHAPS YOU SHOULD COME TO THE UK AND LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD''. and then you'd find out the jobs are not there ..and once they do come up probably 30 or so or even more after one job..

  • Definitely worth thinking about
    Ive had one for about 12 years now and although not used every week i wouldn't like to be without it
    If you use photoshop etc. its just so easy to use especially working on fiddly bits with the mouse the wacom makes it so easy..

    Go treat yourself GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin it is CHRISTMAS..GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin

  • Interesting blog.
  • I would request a replacement or a refund..
    Personally think your being flanneled ,and it shouldn't have been sold as new..Especially as the seal was broken as well..
    Perhaps its been an instore ex-demo model..
  • Try Harrison cameras Sheffied

    I have found them very good to deal with.
  • Good luck in your new job.
    I am sure you will be missed .


  • Only just found out the sad news about Barbara your friend as we have been away.

    My deepest sympathy to her husband and family at this sad time,I didnt realise she was so poorly.

    She will be missed here on EPZ.
    ( craggwildlife photography )
  • If it's not broken, why fix it?..
    you are still uploading excellent captures not much wrong with your camera and editing software...

  • interesting article.
  • A joy to view

    well done.
  • There are various software about for this but i find the best one is creative cloud photoshop.

    Takes a bit of understand but you can have a lot of fun learning, always make sure tho that you save the picture under a new name once edited ,then you always have your original to go back to.
  • Just letting people know that i have just had two prints done by Lumejet (after seeing advert on EPZ about two weeks ago).
    They might not be the cheapest in town ,but the printing is top class also the packaging for delivery is excellent , both came flat, not rolled in a tube plus had a clear protective sheet for extra protection over the print.
    Ordered the first one Sunday night on line ,it arrived back Thursday.Another point its very easy to upload and place the order.

  • Quote:Nope, just buy any reasonable external and format for your mac (journaled)....


    Yep.I use seagate got three of them no issues at all. Used with apple mac pro.

  • I have Created cloud on my Apple Mac pro and have no issues at all.
    I open the raw files in Adobe Bridge select the required thumbnail and it opens in Photoshop.

    Does it need updating.

    Have you tried deleting the software then re installing it.

    Hope you manage to sort the problem out.
  • All sorted thanks..

    Simple when you know how.....GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin

  • I have a apple macbook pro and want to show a slideshow saved on a file (on the computer ) on to the tv screen

    but do not know what cables i need
    Ive tried connecting the external hard drive (i copied and pasted it to this ) via usb on the tv but it doesn't open the hard drive yet it works when I've downloaded on to a memory stick.

    any help would be appreciated.


  • Sent Nathan a pm a couple of weeks ago his reply was he is still struggling with a bad chest infection .

    He hasn't replied to my last email last week.

    Hope he is ok
  • Same here.

  • Quote:Sometimes when viewing the scroll down version of the gallery it ends after what seems to be the first page, then if I leave the gallery and return, it gives the continuous gallery. Not a big deal for me, but someone visiting might think that's all the photos in the gallery.