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  • Anybody know of a waterproof framing service? i need to put a photo in a garden as a permanent plaque ?
  • From experiance big match photography is all about who you know not what you know! if you want to get in on the big matches start small and work up,but trust me sometimes those press pits are no place for the weak of heart.
  • Hi, dont know if this will help but you can buy a pass to work on train station platforms. i have one valid for a month from the London Underground film unit, and im sure which ever line your station come under will have a unit that deals with publicity. Word of warning though if there is a pass do not mention pro photographer because the price goes up tenfold, and the fact you may get a pass it is still the station managers perogative to say no as i found out last year!
    Good luck
  • Thanks very much for your help, so far i wont be shooting during takes so hey it may work out fine.
  • Yer ive done lots of live work before but its alot further away from the action so noise doesnt matter so much.
  • Hi all, ive got a shoot to do on monday which is kool, but ive hit a snagg.
    im working behind the scenes on a film set, and need to be as silent as possable! Does anybody know if you can stop shutter noise without buying a shutter box for 450.00?
    Im using a nikon d300

  • Hi Tim have fun on the site ! get some photos up! Craig
  • Wasper is right you wont go back ! ive been a switcher for 6 years now and trust me theres no place like mac!
  • Theres one thing i never go to a wedding shoot without and thats a roll of black bin bags! No really ! Ok its saturday afternoon the wedding is over youve got the bride looking great but it was raining an hour ago and that amazing old bench you want the bride to lay across is now like drift wood and is going to ruin the 2000.00 dress, not if you have bin bags it wont! theyve saved my bacon loads!
  • i often see peaple at stansted airport carrying huge bags through ppc who knows whats goin on but some get away with it some dont
  • any one need a elvis jump suit or some hotel linen?
  • who tags the bag ready for a handerler to rip it take it to one side and have your stuff away! (i worked in las vegas airport ! )
  • the old guy i used to help on shoots , when he got work abroad he,d parcel his lenses and post them to his hotel! never lost a thing ever! perhaps ill try that!:-]
  • well im glad i aint taking my lights too! thanks everyone for your comments im damned if i know what to do ! hahahah
  • thanks for your answers, i may just take my normal kata bag and if i have to pay ill pay! cant risk losing the gear
  • Oh ok thank you,i think thats the way to go as im going to be flying alot next year.cheers
  • thanks for that, i had been thinking about a peli case is there a charge for oversize? or does it just go as your allowance?
  • Hi anyone been abroad with all your gear ? ive got a chance to go to new york for freebees and want to make the most of it.has any one had any problems with getting their gear in or out the country? im flying with virgin and plan to take a d200 and a couple of lenses,nothing huge but id like to keep them with me. so if theres any sugestions .....?
  • Has anyone out there used a Kata sb-902 shoulder bag? Im in need of a new bag this one look like a winner but will a d200 and a 70-200 f2.8 ( attached ) fit? any one got a clue ?
  • Thanks little jo ill try that and will post the results tomorrow night. Cheers all!!
  • Yep im doin all the same things as i always have but alas no change! When i chose the R2400 in format for in page set up it just picks roll paper and i cant find a way of changing it ?
  • Hi Dan ,yep I've installed everything still no joy! My problem seems to be in page setup as whatever I do it sets the size as paper roll ! It's never done it before with any of the other printers I've used? Thanks for the help.

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  • Hi there, I've had the R2400 for about a month now and I can't get the darn thing to print A4! It will print every other size but not A4! I'm using Photosop CS2 to print my images, but there are no options for A4 except for A4 roll paper?? I've set up my own A4 sizes but it still only recognises A4 rollpaper and acts as if there is no paper attached which of course there isn't!! Arrgghh someone please help!