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  • Tornado GR4

    excellent shot, love the Tornado, hope to see some down the loop soon, well taken.
    • 29 Mar 2016 8:03PM
  • North Yorkshire railway

    Hi, thank you for taking time to look and click, and leave nice comments, the picture was taken on the bridge above the line just before Goathland station, its on the stretch between Pickering and Goathland, so im not sure if its part of the Esk Valley line as i believe that part runs from Whitby to Middlesbrough linking Grosmont ., thanks again....Alan
    • 15 Nov 2014 8:09AM
  • Facing into Wind

    nice photo, well captured
    • 29 Jul 2013 9:12AM
  • Puffin - Little angel

    great shot, well captured
    • 29 Jul 2013 9:06AM
  • Home delivery

    excellent shot, well captured
    • 29 Jul 2013 9:01AM
  • BBMF Dakota

    THANKYOU natures haven and norfolkboy for you comments, its not very often the sunshines with blue sky at coningsby, but tuesday was a lovely day and i even got a tan, hope you have more luck with the weather natureshaven , and Norfolkboy i would love to have seen mosquitos flying from there, i love 2nd world war aircraft....Alan
    • 26 Apr 2013 9:15PM
  • Taking A Fence

    excellent photo,
    • 26 Apr 2013 8:24PM
  • Great spotted

    very nice capture,
    • 26 Apr 2013 8:23PM
  • BBMF Huricane

    thankyou all for your votes and comments, much appreciated and thanks for looking.....Alan
    • 26 Apr 2013 8:15PM
  • Barn Owl

    nice sharp capture, well taken............Alan
    • 11 Dec 2012 12:52PM
  • In for repair

    nice photo, well captured..........Alan
    • 4 Dec 2012 10:18AM
  • Autumn Light

    very nice capture, lovely light and colour....................Alan
    • 4 Dec 2012 10:16AM
  • Magic Light

    excellent winter scene, would love some snow here at the moment, instead of rain rain rain................Alan
    • 4 Dec 2012 10:12AM
  • Early Morning, Snowdonia

    nice reflections, love this photo.............Alan
    • 4 Dec 2012 10:05AM
  • In the Woods

    great shot, well done.......Alan
    • 4 Dec 2012 9:36AM
  • Eagle Owl

    hi all , thanks for voting and leaving message, jude , hand on heart this is how the photo was taken, not even modified in photoshop other than adding
    • 8 Aug 2012 12:42PM
  • RED ARROW close flyby RAF Scampton

    Thankyou all for your very helpful comments and votes, really appreciate you taking time to look and comment and leave a vote.......Alan
    • 1 Aug 2012 11:03PM
  • RED ARROWS, Olympic flame flypast lincoln

    Thankyou for your nice comments and votes, much appreciated, ............Alan
    • 1 Aug 2012 1:14AM
  • F16

    nice sharp image.............Alan
    • 31 Jul 2012 11:50AM
  • Two Browns

    excellent photo, nice detail, well taken.............Alan
    • 31 Jul 2012 11:08AM
  • Damsel

    terrific shot, nice detail....................Alan
    • 31 Jul 2012 11:06AM
  • The Last Supper

    nice crisp image, well spotted and well taken...Alan
    • 29 Jul 2012 6:09PM

    HI DUDLER, yes this picture was cropped, not by much, but wanted to show crew inside, it hasnt been sharpened or anything else done to it, the lancaster flew on three occasions that afternoon, this time coming close. thankyou for the comments much appreciated.....Alan
    • 8 May 2012 11:34AM

    thankyou for your votes and comments, really appreciated, .......Alan
    • 7 May 2012 11:05PM
  • BBMF Lancaster, coningsby

    thankyou for your comments and stories from the past, its nice to read them, i am quite lucky as i only live 20 miles from the base where the lancaster, 3 spitfires and hurricane are based and will be displaying every week during summer so i will be able to watch them regularly. nice to see these aircraft preserved, long may it last.....................Alan
    • 26 Apr 2012 10:23PM
  • Lincoln Cathedral late afternoon sun

    thanks for looking and voting, i very much appreciate you taking time to vote,....Alan
    • 23 Feb 2012 10:03PM
  • Typhoon

    thankyou to those that took time to vote and leave comments, much appreciated.......Alan
    • 22 Feb 2012 6:32PM
  • Horsey windpump

    very nice scene, well taken.....Alan
    • 22 Feb 2012 10:14AM
  • Red Arrow 3D

    thankyou all for voting and good comments, much appreciated.......Alan
    • 21 Feb 2012 10:35PM
  • Salute

    great photo, and what more can i say that has'nt been posted already, truly a sad day....
    • 21 Aug 2011 9:29PM