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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Lily... by Traceyflowerpots

    fantastic colours
    • 16 Apr 2008 6:19PM
  • Misty tree by crestin

    thanks for the advice guys, will see what i can do when i get some editing software
    • 5 Jan 2007 1:09AM
  • Serenity by crestin

    thanks, jeff, and thanks for the advice fran Smile
    • 4 Jan 2008 9:33PM
  • The fog by RobMacd

    love it dude!

    would think of advice... but im just a begginner Smile
    • 4 Jan 2008 6:39PM
  • Repression by Kirra

    don't know what it is... but it works. incredible photo, love it
    • 23 Jan 2007 12:56AM
  • Time by Asilwen

    hey, great photo!!
    • 6 Feb 2007 12:17AM
  • The Sun by mark2uk

    love the cloud formation, well captured
    • 16 Jan 2007 9:29PM
  • Cityscape (Part Deux) by erdinc

    great pic, love the way the lighting works, esp on the water
    • 9 Jan 2007 7:53PM
  • B4 Saddi. . by kombizz

    what is it?
    • 6 Jan 2007 10:07PM
  • All American Girl by CParmeterPhotos

    not a bad photo... im no expert or anything, but looks to me like it'd be better if you got all her head in the top of the shot? and perhaps black and white might make it more effective...
    • 5 Jan 2007 2:55AM
  • ruined by Shaun_F

    well suited to b&w, love the roof
    • 5 Jan 2007 1:08AM
  • Bamburgh sunrise by wardc

    awesome colours Smile
    • 5 Jan 2007 12:55AM
  • Calf by crestin

    thanks for the comment, and advice chris Smile
    • 5 Jan 2007 1:06AM
  • Tree (summer) by crestin

    thanks for the advice, will try to do somethin about it when i get some decent software!
    • 5 Jan 2007 1:07AM
  • Mount Shannon by faerie

    hey, ur photos are awesome even without editin software!!
    • 5 Jan 2007 2:22AM