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Thanks for stopping by. I'm hoping to eventually grasp the technical doo-dahs and improve with time. Can't afford to re-join EP yet but will as soon as Smile
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I ahem - have a few! Mad old cat lady with 6 waifs and strays. 1. Jess (tabby) - left in a bin bag on Wimbledon Common. 2. Fred (tabby) - owner posted with RAF to Cyprus. 3 & 4. Pixie & Tasha (black and white) found in someone's shed in the village on bonfire night. 5. Harry (tabby) a scruffy ferral cat who took 6 months to tame. Now has his own spot on the upstairs landing over the warm pipes. 6. Misty (grey fluffy) run over & abandoned; repaired at some cost. all adoreable.