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My name is Crystal and I'm 27 years old. I live with my husband of four years, our dog Lucy, and our two cats Marvin and Rex in Topsham, Maine. Within the past year, I have come to believe in my strong passion for photography. I have always been the one with the camera at family functions and social gatherings, but it took a time of self realization to recognize that photography was what truly excited me and made me happy. Just recently, I made the decision to focus on this endeavor.

As an aspiring photographer, I think in terms of possibilities and believe that every object and being manifests the potential of perceived beauty. I believe I have a simple eye, and find much joy in photographing "every day" moments and people. I feel as though a photograph talks the loudest and passes along the strongest message when it captures a person or being un-posed in simplicity. I have had no training and taken no classes in photography. It is my strong desire to pass along the beauty I see, with or without a lens, that keeps me determined.


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