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Welcome to here!
If your'e looking for inspiration, its under 'I' in all the dictionary's. Smile
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A quick view of CSuk's recent activity.

  • Where Did You Last Have Your Coat?

    Time to have a check when you start going banana's Smile
    Fabulously funky image.
    Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 9:03PM
  • walk away

    Beautifully done and presented image.
    Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 8:34PM
  • b o s c h

    Tut Tut Jo. I looked at the typo straight away and noticed the spelling mistake. Go to your room and don't come out till you produce another good fun piece of work like this Smile
    Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 8:33PM
  • Newcastle City Centre

    Raw and as is...what better.
    Its good to see someone else's photo of it rather than my own for a change Smile
    Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 8:28PM
  • Twins

    A great shot. I don't think they look identical though.
    Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 8:24PM
  • Roker Wave

    Handy for you to have a lighthouse as your prop Smile
    Very effective when seen against the lighthouse is it John. Great photograph! I got soaked a few times at this spot as a youngster.
    Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 8:22PM
  • pursuit.

    Don't fancy your's much Chris...HECK...I don't even fancy mine Smile
    Nice image. Well done! If you remove the old crones hand/wrist area you'll get more of a feel (depth look) that she's actaully behind the Aunt Sally character.
    Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 7:58PM
  • Its fun, creative, colourful and gives a lot of people enjoyment. Yep! I'm talking about your portfolio, Richard.
    Thankyou 4 sharing it with all of us.

    Carlos (aka CSuk)
  • There are some fabulous photos in your porto Chris and as a whole porto its an outstandingly stunning piece of work/art. If I was half as good as you I'd be 10 times better than my current status with a camera Smile
    Its been a joy to view!
    Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
  • What a wonderfull and varied porfolio Anna. It would be great fun to work with you by the looks of these photo's.
    • Posted on Fishnet's profile
    • 13 Nov 2009 2:28PM
  • I love the 'Dark Side' underlying theme that is visible in most of your work Vicky. Desolation, decay, isolation and lonliness take skill to portray their essence. You do it quite well indeed. A good porto 2nd to none!
    Thankyou for the opportunity to visit...The dark Side.
  • What a superb and varied porto Bob. By the consistently high votes throughout, your work obviously has given a lot of people joy. It has been a real pleasure to peruse.
    • Posted on Bob_V's profile
    • 25 Oct 2009 12:24PM
  • Your defo a photo journalistic person Francois. Wonderful varied collection of photos here. Thankyou for sharing them with us!
  • Hello Di.
    Thankyou for the vote on my 'Purple Pink Petals' flower manipulation. Now that I have seen your beautifully vibrant portfolio and your manip work, I'm not surprised. Your'e definitely a nature girl and a manipulating one at that. Err...that last part does'nt read right does it Smile but I mean it kindly Di. Keep it coming and thankyou for sharing your work with us all at EPZ.
    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 18 Oct 2009 11:51AM
  • What a thought provoking PF of naturalness. You make everyday things, surroundings, objects etc. look just that little bit extra special.
    Thankyou for bringing this to our attention.
  • You've got STYLE, a very distinctive talent, imagination and a whole world out there that should be appreciating your work...not just us here on EPZ. I'm so glad to have joined or else i'd never have gotten to see your beautiful work.
    Thankyou 4 the share.
    • Posted on Alyssia's profile
    • 17 Oct 2009 3:07PM
  • What a beautiful portfolio you have...and a dark creative mind Smile
    It has been a pleasure to view it.
    Thanks 4 the share!