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02/02/2010 - 8:49 PM


REDNice one and a very poster idea/look this Shane. If you take layered copies of the areas you want to work with, Shane, and then feather the edges you'll get a more natural look around the lip edges (like a natural bleed) and nails etc. I think the red strength is fine, nicely dramatic, but needs to be darker on the apple. You'd never find a Granny Smith etc. this brightly red.
Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
10/01/2010 - 5:31 AM

Birches in snow

Birches in snowThe red on the leaves would look nice popped a little more so as to increase/pinpoint the focus diferentiation. Other than that, I really like this busy Birch.
Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
16/12/2009 - 10:55 PM

Black and White

Black and WhiteWay to overprocessed this one, Paul. Look for a tutorial on Chocolate Box softening if you want to do this soft image/texture magazine look.
Thankyou 4 sharing though...
10/12/2009 - 1:57 AM


Untitled...yetThis is a really nice photo. Very strong in its simple way. Its not however a chiller or haunted -or anything spooky for that matter- type of photograph. There's no dark mood to it or creepy shadows etc. etc. What it is though is a 'Beauty and the Beast' story/theme setting again i.e. the girl being the Beauty, obviously, and the run down, derrelict gritty door's and hall, look being the Beast of the photo. I'd be proud of this to if I'd done it. Heck! I'd be proud if i'd done this half as good Smile
Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
09/12/2009 - 3:04 AM

Double Negative

Double NegativeVery nice use of drop shadows and gradients here. Only thing I don't like is the typo; I think it totlaly spoils it by being to busy. The image itself however is a fab piece of made for walls work.
Thankyou 4 sharing Smile
'i like it when you're mean,' he said.Wondered what you were up to Carmen. Working on another fine piece of art that's what. I like the lattice effect overlay. Its almost like you projected your image onto a pie dish. Good title too as those eye's do look a little annoyed.
Thankyou 4 sharing...Click Smile
09/11/2009 - 1:36 PM

Tattered Glory

Tattered GloryI like this mainly because it perfectly illustrates how I feel Britain is today...Depressed & Tattered. Though Its probably not what you had in mind. A liittle darkening of levels and a crop to the first piece of dark wall (at left of photo) would help the appearance of this nice simplistic image. Possibly a small black outline frame so that we're not hit with so much surrounding white on our monitors.
Thankyou 4 showing/sharing your work...Click Smile
01/11/2009 - 8:22 PM

Sin Seekers

Sin SeekersIts the style you were emulating so does'nt matter that it is'nt precise, it matters that its good...and it is. I love it! Though I don't know why you took the BG texture through the model images?
Thankyou 4 sharing this...Click Smile
27/10/2009 - 7:58 PM


M1Absolutely fabulous. I wish the mouth had been closed though.
Thankyou 4 sharing...Click Smile
27/10/2009 - 1:47 PM

White Rose 1

White Rose 1V1 for me too. Looks a very strong crypt (entrance that is) like image and the colours blend through each other very nicely. Its a Beauty & The Beast image with the Rose as the traditional 'Beauty', and the grunge/concrete/stone as the 'Beast'.
Thankyou 4 sharing...Click! Smile
01/10/2009 - 7:33 PM

All Calm At Chesil

All Calm At ChesilVery nice. It looks like creeping ice making its way up the beach.
I like to see it a little more gutsy colour-wise but I think the rocks work in that they add texture and focal depth, to what would otherwise be a very smooth flat image. I've just held a piece of card over the image and it looks really nice also (to me at least) with about 3/4 of the sky cropped away.
Thanks 4 the share Smile
24/09/2009 - 2:30 PM

Inner beauty

Inner beautyVery good first attempt.
However, the paint flake texture carried through to the dress does'nt really work as it makes the image look overly busy i.e. too much going on. It does look good on the blue section of the dress as it looks like a textile pattern that pulls background and model together. The white halo glow around your model is out of place in that it makes it look too definite that you have overlaid your subject onto the background. A little darkening of the BG too, with levels perhaps, would bring your subject to the fore as she blends a little too much into the BG of this collective image. Judging by this though, I think you'll be getting the hang of things pretty quick. Talking about pretty. This girl is too pretty to come over in the way you wanted with the theme/breif behind your explanation of what you wanted to acheive...which in itself is going to be hard to inject into visual work at the best of times. Look 4ward to seeing more of your work.
Thanks 4 the share Smile
19/09/2009 - 5:52 PM

doddie **

doddie **Very nice indeed. Good eye contact and clarity.
A little more hair (up top and right) viewing would improve this more, as I feel with the crimping/colour being so dominant it would round this out; (IMHO).
Thanks 4 the share Smile
18/09/2009 - 4:37 PM

4th July Bubble Girl

4th July Bubble GirlGood idea/fun.
IMHO...The bubbles should have been more see through and the lens blur/gaussian blur you used, closer to the girl so you would'nt have that definite halo, and the gap under her arm, around her.
Here's a vote though Smile
Thanks 4 the share Smile
12/09/2009 - 9:02 PM

Angel of the Abbey

Angel of the AbbeyLike this very much. V1 is the stronger as it has the right tones to give it that heavenly/angely/saintly style.
A bit of Outer Glow in white around your angel, with an opacity of about 15-20, would give it more of that angel glow (you know...the one you see in the movies etc.)
Thanks 4 the share Smile
12/09/2009 - 8:39 PM

tempting sunset

tempting sunsetThis is a lovely shot. I agree that the presentation would be better if you rotated the image to straighten the horizon.
Thanks 4 the share Smile
12/09/2009 - 4:32 AM

Head & Shoulders

Head & ShouldersPoV etc. is nice in this one. At least I can read the text easy this time Smile Dina always has some great expressive looks in her images George and here's another one with brill eye contact. The lighting appears to have given this a very strong visual look - to the facial area - but it appears to be somewhat bronze toned. Was that the intention? Whatever you did in the PP has also given her extreme grey spots on 3 sections of her lips. Not keen on the under garment being in the shot either George/Dina as it seems so out of blend. The backlighting for me is too strong in this one because the hair looks too overlit.
Thanks 4 the share Smile
07/09/2009 - 8:22 PM

Bandstand View

Bandstand ViewThis is a nice shot indeed. Soft edges don't work with the strong geometric straight lines of the rest of the photo so, I also would prefer to see it without.
Thanks 4 the share Smile
03/09/2009 - 10:28 PM

A Beautiful Disaster

A Beautiful DisasterThe first thing that hit me was the legs and the sky. The rest is too dark to immediately notice the dress...you actually have to look for it (IMHO). I like the colour of the car and the overall moodiness of the whole image though. The crop in the mod does do more to acheive what you wanted but not a great deal.
Thanks 4 the share
31/08/2009 - 1:17 AM


KinkyI agree with Cathal plus the boots are not very clear in detail and, as they are the mainstay of the tilte...why have you cropped one out of view?
I give it a vote for the use of mono to give it that gutsy look.
Thanks 4 the share Sad