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Welcome to my portfolio.

Not sure how you will have discovered my work, searching for specific subjects, just browsing or another way, but whatever it is I hope you find something within my portfolio that you like or inspires you.
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I never know what to say about myself. I love many aspects of photography, both on the creative and technical side, hopefully elements of which appear in all my work.

Currently living in Swadlincote, which is in Derbyshire or Leicestershire depending on whether it is a postcode or council tax bill. Actually the border between the two counties runs along the fence line at the back of my garden.


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26 Aug 2014 6:24PM
Quite simply an inspiring portfolio.....always a joy to view! Smile John

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csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
12 Oct 2013 11:18AM
Thanks Colleen
ColleenA Plus
5 350 5 Australia
3 Oct 2013 1:28PM
Your pf is a delight to view...beautiful photography
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
28 Sep 2013 11:28AM
Thanks Mark
14 Sep 2013 4:39PM
What an absolutely amazing collection of nature images. Fantastic work...
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
4 Aug 2013 1:31PM
Thanks Ian
Ian-Jones Plus
14 129 2 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2013 10:09PM
There's some really great and original stuff here Cheryl.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
6 May 2013 1:37PM
Thanks Andy
29 Apr 2013 11:54AM
Wonderful portfolio Cheryl, you have a real gift to capture nature so well.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
1 Apr 2013 2:50PM
Thanks Paul
What an amazing portfolio, you have some incredible photos there that i'd be so proud to have taken myself!!
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
25 Jun 2012 6:53PM
Thanks Martin and Jamie. Did not mean to ignore your comments, but had not visited my portfolio page for a bit.
MartPics 11 7 United Kingdom
13 May 2012 12:22PM
Wonderful portfolio. I love your wildlife images, they always bring a smile.

so many fantastic pictures, well done for everything you have achieved.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
4 Apr 2012 8:14AM
Thanks Ronnie
RonnieAG Plus
8 154 118 Scotland
28 Mar 2012 8:48PM
What a delight to have spent a short time looking at your recent images, the nature 'action' shots truly exceptional.
Must keep an eye out for more of your marvellous images in future.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
17 Mar 2012 1:39PM
Thanks Phil
15 Mar 2012 11:09PM
Love your PF some beatiful images here, Smile
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
25 Oct 2011 3:58PM
Thanks Del

Most appreciated
25 Oct 2011 2:31PM
I have just spent nearly 30min looking at your Portfolio and it is fantastic I have been a member of Ephotozine for over 3 years and this is one of the best portfolios I have seen - I do not get a lot of time to spend on site but looking at quality like yours makes it all worth while - I don't know how you do it but even at my age it does give me something to aspire too - well done Cheryl outstanding.

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
27 Aug 2011 11:14AM
Thanks Jayatu

Mike been a bit busy at work this year - hence not many postings on here at the moment. Hoping things will slow down a bit in a couple of weeks time and I may actually get out with the camera.

Hoping to visit the nature reserve tomorrow, but I get the feeling work will get in the way yet again!
21 Aug 2011 2:57PM
Hi Cheryl I thought you where coming up to southport for the avocets you would have done well see you been back to scotland
your images always look great your treatment to them is spot on mybe we will meet up again

Cheers mike
where do u find so many king fisher? are they pet!
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
25 Jun 2011 7:29PM
Thanks Phil. Much appreciated.
philhomer Plus
7 77 32 England
12 Jun 2011 6:05PM
just a quick 'well done' regards a great pf - personally well over-due to add some Red Squirrels to my own pf and this is th einspiration i need!!
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
31 May 2011 8:27PM
Hi Bernie, thanks for the comment.

I use Nikon cameras and lenses. Mainly a D3s these days, but sometime a D300s. Lens choice is either 300mm or 500mm. HTH. Cheryl
An exceptional portfolio Cheryl. Just wondered what camera and lenses you use
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
4 Apr 2011 5:43PM
Thanks Jay
Jay44 Plus
12 1.4k Wales
4 Apr 2011 12:39PM
I have just come across your portfolio which quite honestly took my breath away. What magnificent photographs. Thank you for sharing.

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
27 Mar 2011 9:15AM
Thanks Martin.

Always appreciated when people take time to comment on the portfolio as well as individual images.
MartPics 11 7 United Kingdom
26 Mar 2011 7:43PM
Fantastic portfolio.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
12 Mar 2011 2:23PM
Thanks Aled Grin
12 Mar 2011 11:05AM
Hi.You have indeed have an impressive body of work.a treat for the eyes....regard,s Aled.......
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
25 Feb 2011 7:47AM
Thanks Bryan
24 Feb 2011 8:44PM
Hi love your portfolio. As has already been said, your drop shots are great; but I think that your wildlife shots are fantastic! Bryan ;O)
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
22 Feb 2011 7:03PM
Thanks Rob.
bobsblues 8 10 2 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2011 8:37PM
fantastic portfolio love the water shots .rob
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
19 Feb 2011 7:00PM
Hi Cathy, I am fine and next week will be heading - well I am sure you can guess Wink

I've even started learning German, so if I need any help I know where to go Grin
CathyI Plus
13 344 3 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2011 12:06PM
Hi Cheryl!

Hope you're doing ok! Just been having a bit of a catch-up with your shots... Your "obsession" with the water drops is producing some amazing results - I particularly like the two-tone ones! Looking forward to more... Smile
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
12 Jan 2011 8:48AM
Thanks Jack.
11 Jan 2011 7:56PM
Fabulous portfolio,

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
3 Jan 2011 11:04AM
Thanks Belinda, they have been a long time in the making, gradually improving year by year. Think I pretty much have the lighting licked now, but always room for improvement.
stunning droplet shots... well done
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
14 Dec 2010 7:58PM
Thanks Chris Grin
14 Dec 2010 8:12AM
Wow! just wow!

The above pictures are exactly what I aspire too.
One day, one day...
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
8 Dec 2010 6:37PM
Thanks Dorian.
4 Dec 2010 10:42AM
Just love all the bird shots. Well done.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
6 Nov 2010 5:23PM
Thanks Joan.
8 10 10 England
2 Nov 2010 9:19PM
You have some great bird/animal images in your PF - a real pleasure.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
29 Oct 2010 4:58PM
Thanks Pete.
A very inspirational portfolio some excellent captures and very well presented great work.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
22 Aug 2010 4:31PM
Thanks Cor
22 Aug 2010 3:57PM
Superb PF.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
30 Jul 2010 6:20PM
Thanks Ron
30 Jul 2010 12:58PM
You have some really magical images in your pf. A pleasure to view.

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
26 Jul 2010 6:07PM
Thanks Tracy, Melanie and Jonah. Once again had not seen the comments for a couple of days, must make sure that the notification is on.

No patience really Melanie, just the ability to enjoy time by myself, even though others were around at the centre you are generally alone in the hide.

Thanks Jonah I'm blushing now Grin Would love to go shooting with you again some time.
jonah794 Plus
8 1.7k 11 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2010 9:12PM
Cheryl, you know how much I love your work - and I just thought I'd let everyone else know too. Smile

Your osprey pictures are incredible - and now I appreciate how much work goes into your photos. The presentation is immaculate too. Thank you so much for 'accompanying' me on our recent trip to Scotland for the Ospreys.

It was great fun, and you were so encouraging and inspiring, and it was great to spend the few days with you and I hope we can do it again soon Smile

I look forward to seeing more.
Melanie_M Plus
12 168 9 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2010 7:20PM
Hey Lady, You have the patience of a saint!
The images of the ospreys are magnificent.
Amazing pf, so very skilled
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
11 Jun 2010 9:54AM
Thanks Tony, Mike and Bogdan.

Most appreciated.
Wonderful portfolio, congrats!
hi, such a perfect photographer ,brilliant,mike
Tonyto 9 United Kingdom
30 May 2010 9:19PM
BEAUTIFUL photography! breathtaking! You have an amazing portfolio.
Check your website too! Superb.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
6 Apr 2010 9:57PM
Thanks Lillian.
Lillian Plus
8 22 17 United Kingdom
6 Apr 2010 8:35PM
Whew! such a varied assortment of 'first class' images.. all so profesionally taken, an outstanding port folio
you must be so very proud.
no wonder you have so many Editors choice there....all top shots
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
3 Apr 2010 2:26PM
Thanks John and Nishad, I don't seem to be getting portfolio comment notifications at the moment, so these slip by until I remember to scroll down.
31 Mar 2010 8:53AM
Amazing PF !! Smile Great work ...... Smile

what a great pf just read your tips on shoting birds and good advice and it will help me one one day thay could be has good has yours i hope .
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
12 Mar 2010 5:06PM
Thanks Ann and Oli, apologies not sure how I missed these comments being added to the portfolio page.
9 Mar 2010 6:19PM
Absolutely stunning PF!!! Grin

What an outstanding P.F. So beautiful in every detail. Love your style and your professional quality. I am very envious indeed. I am just getting started and at my age too lol. I can only dream about photos like this, Thanks for sharing them with us. I love to turn photos into greeting cards, it's my hobby. I would be so proud if I could come anywhere near as close to your talent. Wonderful and very inspiring.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
20 Jan 2010 7:07PM
Thanks Vince.

Sea eagles you need to contact Ole Martin-Dahle at Norway Nature, cheaper if you can find 3 mates and organise yourself, but he is booked up until 2011 I believe.
14 Jan 2010 8:39PM
Just had a look at your website, some absolutely stunning wildlife images. The images of the Sea eagles have inspired me even more to try and photograph them for myself and if I could manage images half as good as yours I would be well pleased.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
13 Nov 2009 11:27AM
No problems Paul. I did notice that in the forums last night, but did not reply then.

Thanks for taking the time to look, and I do intend to expand the more creative side, but you're right landscapes and portraits are not my thing.

Picture_Newport 9 659 19 United Kingdom
13 Nov 2009 9:33AM
From the forums C & C thread, it was sugested that we add our thoughts to the PF comments for the member. Hope yo don't mind.

1. What do you like of their PF (if you do)?
Cheryl is clearly an accomplished and exceptional wildlife photographer. All of her fauna pictures are outstanding and difficult not to like and admire.
One of my favourites of hers is 'Another Artistic Gul' .

2. What do you think is lacking in their PF?
Not so much lacking as would like to see more of. Images like 'Blue' and 'For Lee' , both beatfully lit and very well captured.
I suppose the obvious could be said... Landscapes, Portraits and Architecture, but this clearly is not Cheryls thing.

3. How do you think they can improve their PF?
Pretty hard to improve on what Cheryl does, as above, she is clearly an accomplished Wildlife Photographer.

4. What would you like to see in their PF?
As 2, more of Cheryls Still Life and abstract work.

5. Whose work would you recommend them to have a look at.
Appologies, but as wildlife is not really my thing I would struggle to reccomend any that Cheryl was not already aware of
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
30 Oct 2009 8:00PM
Thanks Jonah
jonah794 Plus
8 1.7k 11 United Kingdom
26 Oct 2009 11:57AM
Great PF of course well done with your honorable award! Well done, all the photos are really superb!

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
7 Oct 2009 9:15PM
Thanks Paul
7 Oct 2009 9:07PM
Well done. I knew I'd seen this pic somewhere when I saw it on CF.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
7 Oct 2009 1:58PM
thanks Beverley
Well done on your winning image on countryfile - I recognised this as one of yours as soon as I saw it ! - well deserved.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
6 Oct 2009 7:04PM
Thanks David and Phil
6 Oct 2009 6:54PM
Well done Cheryl, Lovely image and deserving winner.
mex Plus
10 27 3 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2009 4:30PM
hi cheryl, made up for you, many congrats on winning, was the best imho, good luck and well done.phil
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
21 Sep 2009 4:47PM
Thanks Phil
mex Plus
10 27 3 United Kingdom
21 Sep 2009 4:07PM
good luck on countryfile, you have 1 of the best p/f on here, i work night shift so dont have time to comment, so i just vote, again well done an good luck.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
20 Sep 2009 8:38PM
Thanks guys, think the numbering means he is Mr December Wink

Please only vote for the image you like and not just because I am an ePZ member.

20 Sep 2009 8:13PM
Just saw you got in the final 12 Cheryl. You will get my vote for sure. One of mine got a mention in the top list and shown on tv too!! Lovely photo. Hope you win.
ringyneck Plus
11 315 18 United Kingdom
20 Sep 2009 8:04PM
Congrats on getting to the 12 on countryfile calendar...think he might be in the winter section....lol.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
14 Sep 2009 7:18PM
Thanks Tom and Fish Grin
12 Sep 2009 5:06PM
Love your collection. Your nature photos are fantastic, not only capturing difficult species but also in difficult conditions. Will be back soon to check out your new shots.
wow such a varied and talented portfolio.an artist behind the camera.a real pleasure viewing
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
29 Aug 2009 6:21PM
No problem James.
29 Aug 2009 10:32AM
thankyou so much for the e2 prezzie you gave me. Grin

18 Aug 2009 9:16PM
WOW! What a stunning Portfolio you have here, don't know how I managed to miss this, you're bird photos are gorgeous, well done. I'll be looking out for you in the future!
Many regards,
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
14 Aug 2009 6:47PM
Thanks James
14 Aug 2009 3:49PM
wow youve got some good captures on the water droplets.

nice pf

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
14 Aug 2009 2:41PM
Thanks Steve, hoping to get over there tomorrow afternoon.
Wilmot Plus
9 338 1 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2009 8:59AM
Stunning PF Cheryl,maybe see you in the 'Carlton' hide at Brandon soon?
Wonderful shots
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
2 Aug 2009 7:40PM
Thanks Steve - see you in the hide at Brandon again soon Smile
Steve_S Plus
12 180 3 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2009 10:46PM
Awesome PF Cheryl, I particularly find your in flight shots to be stunning...(and the squirrels of course Wink )
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
23 May 2009 4:47PM
Thanks Rachel

Sean I had removed most of the images for a while whilst I had a rethink about my use of the site.
30 Apr 2009 3:23PM
WHat an amazing portfolio. Beautiful wildlife shots
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
8 Mar 2009 7:18AM
Thanks Carl, I've been at this for some time and also try wherever possible to learn from people or images that I like/respect/admire. Never be afraid to ask questions that's my key tip.
torres99 Plus
9 119 1 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2009 11:49PM
This is a brilliant pf hope to get to your standard just starting out


csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
7 Mar 2009 9:39PM
Thanks Ian
iancatch Plus
11 4 45 England
7 Mar 2009 7:39PM
A stunning and spectacular PF

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
2 Mar 2009 8:25AM
Thanks Paul
1 Mar 2009 8:05PM
Very accomplished, stunning images.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
23 Feb 2009 7:45PM
Thanks Norie.

Most appreciated.
23 Feb 2009 7:38PM
Hi Cheryl,

I too have just came across your portfolio.
Your quality of images is outstanding....hope to be able to produce pics like this myself.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
12 Feb 2009 8:18PM
Thanks Chris
User_Removed 11 11 11 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2009 5:32PM
Hi Cheryl

Just come across your pf, in a word stunning!! Will be back for more!

Kind regards

Chris C
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
11 Feb 2009 10:32PM
Thanks Alan
Just found your portfolio. Wish I'd seen it sooner! Love these pictures, you are very talented. Thanks for sharing these.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
23 Jan 2009 7:20PM
Thanks GMR and Colin, a West Brom fan with taste, whatever next? Wink

I'm kidding. I used to work alongside the training ground and we used to watch the team train, always good for a laugh Grin
23 Jan 2009 7:09PM
Fantastic PF, some stunning shots

GreyMoonRising 9 1.5k 1
26 Nov 2008 7:59PM
What great stuff you have on your portfolio, your a naturaly gifted photographer Cheryl.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
18 Sep 2008 1:23PM
Thanks Karthik and Phil Grin
Phil_Restan Plus
12 280 9 England
18 Sep 2008 1:19PM
Never really had a good look through your pf before, brilliant thats all I can say. Just love the mixture of action and portrait type shots.
Will be coming back for more.
Wow, just amazing portfolio. A must watch for the beginners.
- Karthik
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
12 Sep 2008 8:02AM
Thanks Chris and Linda
11 Sep 2008 8:44PM
Hi cheryl found you through add your face. What a beautiful portfolio, and your website is stunning.

User_Removed 11 11 11 United Kingdom
8 Sep 2008 1:04PM
A stunning portfolio, your images are superb - keep up the good work!

Kind regards

Chris C
Boyd Plus
14 11.2k 11 Wales
21 Aug 2008 6:13PM
I love you Chezzy Wezzy.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
18 Aug 2008 4:44PM
Thanks Konark.
konu Plus
9 31 United Kingdom
17 Aug 2008 5:45PM
Very nice work. U have very good collection of bird in action photos.
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
13 Aug 2008 2:07PM
Thanks Ian
Ian-Munro Plus
10 200 15 Wales
12 Aug 2008 10:19AM
Top quality port folio. I love the bird images.

Great work.

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
11 Aug 2008 2:41PM
Thanks Mark and Di.
User_Removed 14 16 1 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2008 9:29AM
stunning work

31 Jul 2008 9:20PM
Excellent pf,
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
25 Jul 2008 1:22PM

Quote:Great portfolio brought to my attention in the first place by one of your admirers

I have admirers - are they rich and single (and male)? Grin

Thanks Ann.

Thanks Fred.
FredF Plus
11 1 France
25 Jul 2008 10:48AM
Excellent Portfolio. Well done.

pluckyfilly Plus
11 351 33 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2008 8:47PM
great portfolio brought to my attention in the first place by one of your admirers
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
18 Jul 2008 8:35AM
Thanks Gerry.
gerrymac Plus
10 10 1 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2008 4:42PM
Your p/f is really 1st class...
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
5 Jul 2008 10:30PM
Thanks Sarah
sketch 10 1.5k United Kingdom
28 Jun 2008 8:28PM
Very very impressive portfolio you have Cheryl, welldone you, it great, you must be very proud

sarah x
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
27 Jun 2008 3:15PM
Thanks Simon, sorry I so often forget to scroll to the bottom of the page - I need to switch on the alerts.
Simon_P Plus
11 487 4 United Kingdom
10 Jun 2008 7:19AM
Wandered in from the forum, seriously impressive gallery, itís made my day already and its only 7am Grin
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
9 Jun 2008 5:29PM
Thanks Nick Grin
Nick_w Plus
10 4.3k 99 England
8 Jun 2008 9:39AM
A PF of the upmost quality, technically superb from capture thro to processing. A great understanding of the subject matter. A great inspiration.

csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
30 May 2008 1:44PM
Thanks Marek and Deb
Bumpkin Plus
10 59 Virgin Islands, U.S.
27 May 2008 4:23PM
Great pf, these shots are some to be very proud of, something to work towards for me
This is great portfolio. Many, many amazing pictures. Keep going. Marek
csurry Plus
15 9.2k 92
11 May 2008 6:37PM
Thanks Ann
pluckyfilly Plus
11 351 33 United Kingdom
10 May 2008 7:18PM
love your portfolio just been taking a gander - you have some stunning pics