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Welcome to my portfolio.

Not sure how you will have discovered my work, searching for specific subjects, just browsing or another way, but whatever it is I hope you find something within my portfolio that you like or inspires you.
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A quick view of csurry's recent activity.

  • New Year, More of The Same!

    Thanks Mike, Alan and Willie.

    Alan I shot plenty where the plane of focus was off, believe me Grin
    • 16 Jan 2018 6:48PM
  • Red squirrel in snow, jumping

    Thanks all.

    I only get the grey locally to me as well Pam, I just happen to be working in Scotland for a few weeks. Seemed a shame to be here and not make the most of a covering of the white stuff and an opportunity to photograph red squirrels in near perfect conditions.

    Thanks Alex and Gavin for the user awards.
    • 11 Dec 2017 7:28PM
  • Merry Christmas

    Thanks everyone

    Thanks for all the user awards
    • 26 Dec 2015 1:34PM
  • Squirrel and hazelnuts

    Thanks all

    Thanks Ron for GEA.

    I will have to look later to thank for individual awards as viewing on iPad does not make it easy to see names.

    They are quick, but I got lucky on this day and after others had quiet days I got more than 30 visits.

    • 5 May 2015 6:50AM
  • Reflecting

    Thanks all

    Still doing a lot of photography, but just not posting as much (OK almost at all).

    • 29 Apr 2015 1:58PM
  • Osprey

    Thanks all

    I did have a good time thanks John. Though I think I was a bit rusty at action photography as I had been working on a different project for the last few months, but don't have any images that I yet want to share from those experiments.

    Thanks Phil for the UA
    • 23 Aug 2014 11:52AM
  • Another Jumper

    Thanks all

    Thanks John, Matthew and Zoran for the UAs Grin
    • 2 Feb 2014 1:18PM
  • Flowers, scenics, more flowers, more scenics. Hope the polariser is OK Smile

    Will revisit when not so busy to have a good nose around!
    • Posted on CathyI's profile
    • 5 Nov 2007 12:18PM
  • You have a fascinating portfolio which I only discovered by virtue of your comment regarding my dispute with characterboats.

    I'm not really qualified to comment on most of the work, but if I ever want a lesson in visualisation of a finished image I know where to go.
  • Your portfolio is excellent Miles and I am glad I had some small part in your early publishing success.

    I just have one request, lose the duck Wink
  • That 'current' banner is something else, now I know why you spend so much time doing self portraits Wink
  • Love your landscapes Doug, probably don't visit often enough to show my true appreciation. I would buy a decent landscape lens, but I know when I'm out-gunned.
  • Such a talented couple - like Doug's portfolio I probably don't visit often enough to show my admiration for your work.