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Welcome to my portfolio.

Not sure how you will have discovered my work, searching for specific subjects, just browsing or another way, but whatever it is I hope you find something within my portfolio that you like or inspires you.
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  • No Man's Land

    Well how many people can actually say I have been in no man's land? Well after spending last night in NML between Finland and Russia I can! You need a permit to be in the area, not seen the one for our group, so have to take it on trust that it e...0

    13 Sep 2010 11:03AM  |  Read


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  • Sometimes...

    Things just don't go to plan. Take Saturday for instance. A relaxing day doing falconry photography with three friends, no pressure, no need to advise people, just the chance to take some photos for myself. So what went wrong. Well there were...0

    13 Jul 2008 5:04PM  |  Read


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