Hey there,
Well, you found my stuff, even if I am not home to greet you personally. Leave a message after the beep, oops, maybe just leave a message, don't listen for a beep, and if you hear one, be concerned!
I have several cameras, try to look like I know what I am doing, when in reality I am just as lost as the average guy, or perhaps average noob would be more accurate. Do not be fooled by the joining date, I never used it for years! Um, that would be the site I never used .....
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Person with Camera, and various protrusions of varying dimensions. Often seen sighing at vague advice given.

When it comes to types of photography, listed by check boxes at bottom, I like most, but never tried some. Many I would like to attempt, but it is about availability.


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    Wildlife / Nature
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    Black & White
    Nude / Glamour
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    WB cap by Mennon