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I have several cameras, try to look like I know what I am doing, when in reality I am just as lost as the average guy, or perhaps average noob would be more accurate. Do not be fooled by the joining date, I never used it for years! Um, that would be the site I never used .....
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  • Gnarled and Misted

    Thank you spkr51
    Thank you Dudler
    I normally do a custom wb on each shoot, repeating as needed due to lighting changes. Obviously that doesn't work well at night.
    I work 12 hour shifts and it was my first day off following seeing it as I passed by on a work day, I was fortunate to even see it before going to capture this.
    Luckily Apple blossom isn't as fleeting as Cherry although it does have better days. Whilst I cursed the mist on getting up at 3.30 am to get ready and travel there, I decided to go and see anyhow, a good decision I thought on achieving this end result along with other frames shot. There are perhaps other years to get the dawn streaming through its branches whilst in full blossom.
    • 17 Jun 2018 8:36AM
  • Beauty & the GMC Bus

    No ones commented on the grinning figure on the fender yet, horny beast!
    • 21 Feb 2018 3:34PM
  • Stormchaser

    Hi dudler.

    Third Mod - Original SOOC jpeg added, no crop

    Fourth Mod - I processed as my upload original, and then duplicated, moved slider to set black point more left than it was, this makes it bluer and the tendril darker, which wasn't reality but is perhaps more desirable. If it wasn't for wishing to keep the tendril a much darker contrast than rest of frame I would perhaps try dodging and burning n areas to add atmosphere. A part of me likes the look though as it came originally, which is why mod 4 wasn't my uploaded version for critique, but another part says dodge those clouds and make them shine in places, and darken others.

    I have not cropped but considered it. To my eye you have the bird too far down to the corner perhaps and I will add mod 5 as a suggested crop based on mod 4 colouring.

    Yes, the tendril and the Bird make the shot, the tendril as the contrast to the light chasing the storm away.

    I will work on another version too to add some atmosphere based on my comments.

    Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated.
    • 23 May 2016 8:05PM
  • Severn Scenes - Two Bridges, Two Power Plants

    Hi folks, first off a big thanks to all replying and doing mods it is appreciated.

    The scene, this is not the sea, this is The River Severn at pretty much its highest navigable point to large ocean going vessels as it is adjacent to Sharpness Docks. Ships can indeed get higher upstream but it is littered with wrecks on the bed, lives have been lost (around 300 in 20th century) and the river is very tidal. The River Severn has one of the top 3 tidal ranges of all the earths rivers rising 48 feet. Most traffic going further upriver use the Sharpness Gloucester Canal to avoid the treacherous section north of where I stand.
    I am actually where I currently work, stood on what perhaps is an earth defence against flooding standing perhaps 20 feet above those sheep at most. I can only get access to it whilst at work, and whilst they are aware I carry my camera it has prompted questions on a security issue, cell or mobile phones though a far greater risk. The shots are all taken prior to the start of my shift and have varied between 5 am an 8 am. I find the river fascinating as I get older and begin to appreciate it more with the life that is on and in it or surrounds it and just wish to capture some of its current history.
    I probably fail to convey all of what I wished to know in my post, I seem very good at that despite trying to give good information for you. The main shot was processed in acr and I did use a graduated filter in there to achieve the sea and sky, basically it was angled stretching from the top down to the lands edge and was applied after doing my main processing to try to get what I want. The composition is dictated by foliage in front of me and also the fact the water really is not very far so a limited amount of foreground to play with. Colours and look to the main image is far better than I expected to get from seeing previous days shots so I am not unduly displeased, and it perhaps has a watercolour softness to it. Surprisingly more often than not The Severn is almost devoid of water here leaving a channel and some other areas only most of the time, that wide expanse mud or sand flats, I was ecstatic to see it both with the tide in, and vessels on it. If you look to the left of the ship, you see a single spike, look further left, another, left again and the power station, Oldbury , those spikes? The Old Severn Bridge. In the mods you can see Berkeley Power Station, the countrys first nuclear reactors, now decommisioned.
    My reason to post is attempting to capture the scene and not having the water and above as haze, hence my trying a polariser to see if it would aid matters. I do have some grads which I could use but in honesty to do so would probably require a tripod, the camera frowned on, a tripod? I don't think so somehow, I have to keep it low key or risk comment and action taken. That then rules out HDR to achieve my aims also. Tanya points out Skylights and UV's of little use to digital and suggests what I have already applied in the main image. I have tried this lens, a 75-300, a 35-135 and a wide angle so far, all give varying results but the latter are just not long enough to show the bridges in any size. I was really hoping to find an idea of how to capture it in one take, Willie as usual being the closest to understanding what I am asking in his responses. Maybe I am asking far too much with posing the question about it, but it is I suspect possible to get a better result than I currently manage is just how! I will probably try my 300/4 prime, just to see how it handles the image and i also have a manual Tokina zoom that goes to 205mm to try also. Even if I handheld and used a grad, I dont expect it will give a better result than adding it in acr after the shot.
    • 30 Sep 2015 8:29PM
  • Feeling Sheepish

    Thanks Pam for your thoughts.

    I had to do the crop because of the red brick abutting the natural stone, it just doesn't fit but I lose some of that nice shadow in doing so.

    Seeing your comment on burnt out bit I had to check it in ACR a little surprised by it, I found there are two tiny burnt out bits, halfway up the left side of the face, the wool indeed does show two tiny areas. A little suprised as the flags dont indicate it, only on adding to show places in image with red. I will draw the entire image back a touch perhaps on the highlight slider.

    I still cannot make up my mind around colour or black and white.

    I had looked at the two white spots, and also those brown leaves, I will remove, you are right, they distract.
    • 16 Sep 2015 5:44PM
  • From out of the Depths ......

    Your comment very welcome thank you dudler.

    Whilst processing, I did indeed ponder opening the shadows up, I added contrast to lift them from being too flat. I was reluctant to open them, in fact I should have tried it rather than just thinking about it, it being easy to revert if needed, a foolish ommision on my part. Opening them opens up the leaves on the branches to the left of frame and doesn't kill the play between highlights and shadows that I feared in amongst the background, highlights often enhanced by darker abutting areas. The whole aspect of those two branches descending about light, depth and nature, normally I would be keen to exclude objects to frame edge.

    As to the crop, I wont comment as of yet, waiting to see if your prediction on your fellow team members is correct. I will however upload the original frame pre crop but post processing. A little unfair on yourself, you may wish to look at the crop again in light of its aspects.
    • 13 Sep 2015 6:30PM
  • walkway

    I am not a pro or part of the Critique Team so obviously lack there depth of knowledgebut can contribute on my personal observations.

    Major flaw for me, the legs and feet of the woman nearest centre frame are excluded from the image, for me, I would have liked to see them and perhaps what would be a foot of space behind/below them to frame edge.

    I too think it needs rotating its optical based on the glass partition leading lines of the sides I think.

    The central beam blurry edge I think created by your processing, the black point extends off the edge of the histogram making the shadow tones darker evidenced by the signage at sides near edges. That to me though is artistic impression perhaps rather than trying to create realism and an exact image replica of life. If you masked the frame and processed two versions, one for the highlights of the roof, the other for the remainder, you could clean it up perhaps. At +40 on exposure it does begin to take an exact shape with edges that are distinct, I wonder if it has side shop roof level lighting casting a shadow there.

    I like dark images, I would prefer greater tonality myself in the image with less mids filled in, there is a lot of lost image detail there. On the sides itself, I am all for losing it, on the concourse subjects? Perhaps not. You would need the original raw to be able to do the job properly and see .

    My tuppeneth worth, hopes I dont offend with it.
    • 13 Sep 2015 5:53PM
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