'Portrait Photography' Competition - Win A Samyang 85mm F/1.4 FE II Lens!



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A quick view of cuffit's recent activity.

  • The Heron by MartinWait

    Super shot! Chris
    • 20 Sep 2022 11:54PM
  • Ruby-throated Hummingbird by TDP43

    Contact! Great shot!
    • 3 Sep 2022 6:23PM
  • Scarborough by mrswoolybill

    Cracking photo - the 'power' is in the imperious Gull, but the individuals in the background appear to sum up how we feel about them as well. Great stuff! Chris
    • 14 Jun 2022 9:58PM
  • 1000 bikes Mallory Park by GaryTombs

    Great shot, Charlie. I put a comment on yesterday but I must have pressed a wrong button!
    • 6 Jun 2022 5:55PM
  • Rapid by ww2spitfire

    Fine shot!
    • 23 May 2022 11:38PM
  • [email protected] 1/100th sec by rickie

    Great shot, and nicely framed - as always. Chris
    • 19 May 2022 10:11PM
  • No.47 by nigell

    The practice is working! The bike is spot-on; good skills. An 800th is fast for a pan and it must have been quite a swing to get such clarity of bike and rider. The ISO might also be considered high for such a bright day but it has worked for you. Perhaps try reducing the shutter speed to blur the background a bit more. Good shot though. Chris
    • 1 May 2022 10:19PM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine Christmas Prize Draw Winners Announced

    May I add my thanks to the EPZ team for putting on such a competition in what might be remembered as 'difficult times'; a great achievement - thank you. I was fortunate to win a prize and often thought the 'open to all' might dilute the ability to win for EPZ members; however, it was good to see that the majority of prize winners are all familiar members of the site. Again, many thanks for all the Team's efforts, very much appreciated. Chris
    • 13 Jan 2022 8:57PM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine Christmas Prize Draw Winners Announced

    After joining in 2006 I was lucky enough to win a compact camera a year or so afterwards. Since then I have always enjoyed entering the Draw but with no luck until now. Signing in to see who has won - my name appears - what a delight, I have won a Samyang lens!. It must take a fair bit of time to acquire the prizes and organise it all, so huge thanks to the EPZ team for that. Chris
    • 9 Jan 2021 11:36PM
  • Posted on: Free ePHOTOzine Plus Membership For 1 Month!

    All the best to everyone for 2018 and thanks to the EPhoto team for putting together another great Christmas Draw. Chris
    • 25 Dec 2017 10:37AM
  • Posted on: Check Out These Iconic Rolling Stones Photographs On Display At The Snap Galleries

    Some years ago I took my son to a Music exhibition/show at the NEC and some of these photos (genuine photos from the original negatives, framed and signed) were on display at one of the stands. I had always loved the photo on the cover of Between the Buttons by The Rolling Stones but, unfortunately, they were a little out of my price range at the time - and likely to be really out of it even now. Great photos, still, so to speak.
    • 5 Apr 2016 1:59PM
  • Posted on: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens Review

    I am not sure it is a good idea to compare the new 100-400 zoom lens with prime lenses. I won't argue with just about any comment made above, but practicality isn't mentioned. I have a prime 300mm lens, but, at national motorsports events, which are invariably busy theses days, the prime is often relegated to the camera bag as moving 10 feet to the right or left, backward or forward will not get the shot. The 300 (2.8) is the choice of many a photographer but I suspect that most have better access within the tracks than the average spectator. I also have a 70-200 lens plus a 1.4 extender but that is often underpowered as with the odd exception, you are a fair way from the track as it is. Therefore, rather than carry two cameras and lenses and a combination of kit to try and match the spot I might find myself, the 100-400 is a compromise, for me, worth considering. The new one is more expensive but the design also makes it more attractive. There are many fabulous photos taken with the older version (aircraft particularly) which are really sharp so the new one ought to be a t least as good. Our use of lenses is almost as variable as the number to choose from.
    • 31 May 2015 2:47PM
  • Posted on: Real Or Photoshop?

    I managed 21/25; the others really had me fooled.
    • 14 May 2015 11:03AM
  • Posted on: Is Photography Destroying Nature? Some Nature Lovers Seem To Think So

    It would probably take a document of the magnitude of a dissertation to encompass and make sense of all the issues that surround the problems in Singapore and elsewhere in the world - where even bigger threats to wildlife exist way beyond both bird watchers and photographers. Although not a bird watcher, the telescopes they use do appear to enable them to stand-off at a greater distance than most photographers - even when armed with long lenses.

    I would offer one reason why photographers try to get close to wildlife - the requirement of a good shot to have a clear background free from any distraction and with the creature 'doing something', feeding for example. If you then have a shed-load of those photos to choose from, then the creature that is not seen often is going to attract more attention. In many ways, the issue could be applied to any photographic subject.

    I would like to think that in this country, most photographers have a responsible attitude to their subject, but the sheer scale o camera ownership now (in all its digital forms) means that the numbers of irresponsible people increase as well. When taking photos with an SLR in the 1970s, having one was worthy of a conversation in its own right when you met some kindred soul!
    • 27 Apr 2015 10:19PM
  • Posted on: Free e2 For A Month For All ePHOTOzine Members!

    Thanks to Pete and all at Ephotozine for access to ePZ and for all your work throughout year. Seasons Greetings to everyone and all the best for 2013. Chris
    • 25 Dec 2012 1:44PM
  • Posted on: Viper Rucksack designed by Andy Rouse is out now

    Crikey, I've seen soldiers select less kit when boarding a Chinook helicopter for an operation - just how much do you need for a photo shoot!!!
    • 16 May 2009 10:44PM

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  • Posted on joop_'s profile

    Great photos Joop. I very much enjoyed looking through your portfolio. I hope you find your next dog, I liked the photo of Bono. We are fans of Terriers as well, they have great temperament; we have an Airedale Terrier - Ruby.


    • 15 Sep 2018 11:20AM
  • Posted on cgp23's profile

    Rob, saw your recent photo of Cal Crutchlow and had a look through your portfolio, you have certainly come on leaps and bounds since those early shots - which were pretty good anyway. Many of your photos would not be out of place in a sports magazine. Chris
    • 8 Jan 2013 6:38PM
  • Posted on p12owe's profile

    Peter, I wondered if you had a related skill or interest, nevertheless, to me you have a natural talent and a photographer's eye - not being constrained by the theory is clearly an advantage in the way you work. Like Andy, I look forward to seeing your future work. By the way, I have just noticed your 'avatar' above (the face) which is brilliant in itself! All the best for the future. Chris
    • 4 Dec 2012 12:25PM
  • Posted on p12owe's profile

    A very good series of photos which, from the look of your portfolio, show a great deal skill and knowledge in both camera and software - if this is your 'just learning what all the buttons do' then you must either have a natural talent or perhaps incredible luck at pushing random buttons! Chris
    • 4 Dec 2012 10:28AM
  • Posted on javam's profile

    By chance I caught sight of one of your aircraft pics and wanted to see more; a really impressive portfolio. All your photos are excellent and the jets pin sharp which is no mean feat given the speed they do. I enjoyed looking. Chris
    • 23 Jun 2012 6:31PM
  • Posted on cambsman's profile

    Viewed a recent picture and will add a vote in a minute but also viewed your portfolio which I enjoyed; varied themes (less the fruit bowll!). Rather than pick a shot out I thought I would leave a comment here. I find it amazing that it is so often possible to look at a portfolio and completely miss the photos a s they go through; I think it is due to the volume on the site these days. Chris
    • 8 Jun 2012 4:09PM
  • Posted on TheViking's profile

    I like your style! Chris
    • 15 Apr 2010 6:37PM
  • Posted on motorsportpictures's profile

    Scott, some cracking photos here, good luck with your aspiration to be the MSA young tog of the year - plus your other ambitions; aim high! I am sure you will get there. Chris
    • 21 Jul 2009 10:04PM
  • Posted on ColouredImages's profile

    Mike, what a great portfolio. I arrived here before voting on one of your uploads (13 May I think) and went right through looking for the picture at the top of your home page. I was so delighted to see it as it is one of those shots that has remained with me for quite some time - I am sure I voted for it so I hope I did having mentioned it!! Will try and find that upload - excellent photography. Chris
    • 14 May 2009 9:34PM
  • Posted on andy210966's profile

    Andy, a stunning portfolio from start to finish. Chris
    • 14 May 2009 8:53PM
  • Posted on LeighRebecca's profile

    I enjoyed looking through your portfolio; consistently good shots. Chris
    • 18 Mar 2009 9:30PM
  • Posted on NickBradley's profile

    Enjoyed looking through your portfolio, worthy of more votes than you seem to be getting but your photos speak for themselves. Chris
    • 12 Feb 2009 9:27PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Great photos and website Barrie. I also like the hints and tech info as I take the view if we were stood side by side, I probably wouldn't get close to your shots but it is great to see how things are done which helps all to improve. Chris
    • 5 Feb 2009 5:16PM
  • Posted on DannyLenihan's profile

    Enjoyed looking through your portfolio, great lighting in your studio shots. Chris
    • 3 Dec 2008 6:41PM
  • Posted on clintnewsham's profile

    Great portfolio and website. Chris
    • 18 Nov 2008 10:29PM
  • Posted on lonely_oryx's profile

    Enjoyed looking through your portfolio, diverse and yet good quality throughout. Chris
    • 20 Oct 2008 5:28PM
  • Posted on paulcr's profile

    It's odd how a photo on this site can lead to a portfolio and you think 'why haven't I seen his/her pictures before?' Loved looking through your photos and also liked the photoshop engineering, particularly the 'schoolroom'. Great work. Chris
    • 9 Oct 2008 6:37PM
  • Posted on lifesnapper's profile

    Really enjoyed looking through your portfolio, in fact I did so from start to finish. Empathised with your comments about photos for fun without necessarily fitting the accepted norms of what does, or what does not make a good photo - I liked them all. Your portfolio matches your views perfectly. Chris
    • 4 Oct 2008 12:18PM
  • Posted on layts's profile

    Enjoyed looking through your portfolio, not least because it is different with an individual style. Chris
    • 4 Oct 2008 12:01PM
  • Posted on PatriciaWilson's profile

    Great colour and shape. Vibrant portfolio. Chris
    • 30 Sep 2008 10:17PM
  • Posted on brownstonechip's profile

    Great portfolio, photos to aspire to - the clarity and sharpness is excellent. Chris
    • 28 Aug 2008 11:14PM
  • Posted on celestun's profile

    Brilliant butterfly photos - Blue nectar is superb although I missed it when posted. Do you rely on the lens only to get close or tubes and the like. The light is also spot on. A great PF. Chris
    • 25 May 2008 4:51PM
  • Posted on andmolliethedog's profile

    A very innovative and thought provoking portfolio, I really enjoyed loking through it. I particularly liked An Officers Mess and Troy Missed the Boat - I think that was the title. Regards. Chris
    • 26 Jan 2008 5:14PM
  • Posted on Diana's profile

    Dianna, enjoyed looking through your gallery, very diverse and interesting. Chris
    • 26 Jan 2008 3:08PM
  • Posted on RaphaelG's profile

    Raphael, some great shots across a whole range of subjects and stunning models as well. I enjoyed looking through your portfolio. Chris
    • 8 Jan 2008 6:05PM
  • Posted on imagesofyou's profile

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful models. I enjoyed looking through your portfolio. Chris
    • 19 Dec 2007 7:18PM
  • Posted on looboss's profile

    Hi, saw a picture of yours today so visited your portfolio. Lots of very good photos, I particularly liked Bathside Bay and Last Ray of Hope (also recognised the crane from Nene Valley. Regards.
    • 16 Nov 2007 11:46PM
  • Posted on paulstefan's profile

    Paul, saw one of your pictures today of Kala Pattha and thought I would visit the portfolio; your pictures really do fire up the enthusiasm - and a great range (sic) of subjects as well. Is the 17-85 your lens of choice as you travel around?
    • 16 Nov 2007 6:53PM
  • Posted on rusmi's profile

    Rusmi, one of your photos caught my eye and I found your portfolio - fabulous images. I spent 6 happy months in the 1970s working near Rome and visited the Capital, Florence or Pisa most weekends with my OM1 camera - great times, great people. Love the pictures; by the way, I have always thought the law to keep the skyline below the height of the churches has helped retain the character of Florence. Chris
    • 17 Aug 2007 5:11PM

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