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ParadoX 14
7 Aug 2008 10:29AM
Very strong message.

Well done.

7 Aug 2008 10:32AM
First visit for me. Your professionalism shines through. Wouldn't presume to critique; your technique is A1 (as it should be!) Your messages are strong (looked through your Gallery) and was very, very impressed. Your messages come over loud and strong.
JAILER68 13 143 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 10:34AM
Fantastic picture. Very well thought through. Well done.
imander 13 388 7 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 10:46AM
that is brilliant, a really well executed image, could make a superb campaign poster, very powerful and emotive
MNPHOTO 12 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 10:47AM
this is brilliant strong image well done
Isher 12 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 10:50AM
Wow, that is fantastic, and powerful. Great Job!
Leightonhs 13 155 1
7 Aug 2008 10:54AM
This is very good, what a stark message it presents.

conrad 16 10.9k 116
7 Aug 2008 10:54AM
Ah, excellent - really gets the message across!
7 Aug 2008 10:56AM
very creative..
LesF 14 182 9
7 Aug 2008 11:01AM
Well thought out and executed.

User_Removed 13 485 13 England
7 Aug 2008 11:16AM
excellent Dan, really well thought out and executed. An HC/EC for sure

bayliner185 13 16 1 Northern Ireland
7 Aug 2008 12:15PM
Interesting and thought provoking image Dan!!

Nick_w Plus
13 4.3k 99 England
7 Aug 2008 12:24PM
Now this is good - very powerful image
DaveU 14 1.4k 125 England
7 Aug 2008 12:33PM
A good concept and cleverly worked Dan. You could do the converse of this shot, with the large lady looking onto her thin reflection, as a matching pair to this one. Combined title something like "Hopes and Fears".
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
7 Aug 2008 12:40PM
7 Aug 2008 12:45PM
good reflextion
Thanatos 13 6
7 Aug 2008 1:12PM
Very Now
PeteWilliamson 15 545 2 Isle of Man
7 Aug 2008 1:59PM
Yeah Dan.. its all there... well thought out and executed series of shots.
It works loads better for me without titles. It gives me the freedom to make of it what I will.
7 Aug 2008 2:11PM
Very powerful image. Excellent!
pmaclll 14 5 Scotland
7 Aug 2008 2:36PM
well done
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 2:46PM

If you want something with a title within the shot .. then I might upload something tomorrow that suits you Smile

Thanks for the comments and clicks everyone ...
mhaseman 13 608 1
7 Aug 2008 4:36PM
Excellent concept and very well produced. Nice job Dan.
Cheers, Martin
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 4:37PM

Didn't know you were back on the site ! Was just thinking I hadn't seen you around on here in some time .. welcome back anyway and thanks for the comment!

kitsch 14 439 4 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 4:48PM
excellent idea & very well executed
Hebe 13 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 5:10PM
Such a strong image which you have captured so powerfully.
kaybee 16 7.4k 26 Scotland
7 Aug 2008 5:15PM
Toilet seat up I see
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 5:28PM
Hopefully these will show you how the shoot progressed Roy ... some more to come which are a bit more graphic .. will have to decide when to stop posting from these.
Ayelet_A 12 11 3 Israel
7 Aug 2008 5:40PM
Amazing picture! I actually got chills. Very strong and definitely delivers the massage.
The work of an expert for sure.
Very impressed-
Paintman Plus
14 1.4k 177 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 5:52PM
Excellent idea and execution.
HowardA 13 231
7 Aug 2008 6:27PM
Great job...good idea, well presented. Congrats on your HC.

dmhuynh72 12 44 3 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 6:29PM
nicely done
HelenO 13 46 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 6:33PM
Fantastic shot! Sends such a powerful message. Very well done indeed. J x
55jase 15 188 2 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 6:47PM
awesome.this could be used for a advert for all the people with eating disorders.a very strong image. very good
Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
7 Aug 2008 6:54PM
Fantastic, now how many woman see/think this of them selves.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 8:04PM
Thanks for the clicks and comments everyone and of course cheers for the HC Pete Smile
challicew 12 1 1 South Africa
7 Aug 2008 8:51PM
Ditto to all of the above!
landandlight 14 46 Scotland
7 Aug 2008 9:23PM
Finally an HC I agree with!
PeteWilliamson 15 545 2 Isle of Man
7 Aug 2008 9:49PM
Just wondering Dan... Which was shot first honestly Smile

Did you go out with the intention of this series or did a one off image plant the seed?
chris-p Plus
15 72 England
7 Aug 2008 10:00PM
Brilliant and thought provoking...
Mjhearne 13 432 4 Scotland
7 Aug 2008 11:54PM
A strong image with great impact!

Well deserved HC award!

culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2008 12:33AM

This was all shot in the same day along with the previous shots in the lake .. which were done in the afternoon. The idea of death, eating disorders, crime scenes and domestic violence were all topics that were partly covered with a view to their being further shoots on from this.

I plan shoots in advance, usually on paper and when possible in conjunction with the models. It's then a matter of planning which images I want and I usually have them in my mind well before the shoot begins .. these can sometimes take the form of sketches (as indeed this one did) or sometimes just written descriptions. (I have to mention here that my partner helps with the development of these concepts and often models for me too)

The idea for me is to tell a story with this type of work ... so the concept develops ... we talked about serious issues, then I spent the night with my better half planning the shots we would shoot with the model and trying to come up with a narrative through a number of images.

I then make adjustments on the shoot .. for instance the bathroom shots here started with the model in black underwear but they appeared too 'glamour' and not 'innocent' enough .. so we switched to white ... the bra then seemed superflous .. so that was removed too. We shot door open, door closed, and went through the process. Roy mentioned the other day about the toilet seat been up .. however at that point in the shoot it wasn't required .. we wanted to show the girl getting weighed, being traumatised by what she saw on the scales, and then going through the routine of looking in the mirror and seeing something which didnt exist .. an image of herself which she found ugly.

To tell a bit more of the story she then feels so disgusted she makes herself sick ... and following shots go through this process ... I won't post them all on here (infact ive posted more than I originally intended) but I will show one or two more to allow the rest of the story to develop and end.

We spent the planning night thinking about the mindset of the woman in the images ... but found time to talk about other concepts too (Some of which we are shooting next week)

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Nina (the model in these shots) as she was instrumental in a lot of the creative ideas on this shoot and continually came up with great concepts and suggestions throughout.

Thanks again everyone for the comments ...
keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
8 Aug 2008 1:09AM
Difficult subject to convey with any originality in a way and the mirror image has been done before in many editorials.

I don't see this as Photo Journalism either as it's more an editorial is set up with a purpose in mind.

However, the photo is well taken enough but I think 9/10 people given the same brief would come up with this particular idea. The trouble is the old weighing scales, sick down the toilet (more a bulemic sympton, but hey) and photo's of tormented emaciated figures are going to be in there too.

Possibly a subject where only the shock treatment would trigger a reaction in people.
I'll keep and eye out when I pop in too see if the revulsion emerges.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2008 1:53AM

It's a good point .. and yes shock value is probably the only way to get a reaction though I've already decided not to post any of the more 'graphic' images as they simply raise accusations of shocking for shocks sake.

As mentioned not the strongest shot out the ones we did but still one I wanted to cover .. the self perception idea is well covered and any stock site will be illustrative of just that ... but as these shots will find themselves the same final location covering the bases is of course important.

As for category .. well I dont really put any thought into that, but as this was shot as a story rather than a singe shot 'photo journalism' got chosen first and so be it. It is incredibly difficult to come up with originality in this type of subject but hopefully there's one or two that are semi-original .. if perhaps not fully developed. Something to keep working on I suppose ...

When you pop back there may be one or two more images up here .. but nothing as graphic as you might perhaps expect .. of course the obligatory sick, scales and mirror shots will be well covered though.


PS - Shouldn't you be in bed at this time?

kaybee 16 7.4k 26 Scotland
8 Aug 2008 10:07AM
Thanks for laying out your thought/work processes Dan ......... I have no imagination and am not organised enough to figure out what I want to do.

As Keith has said - it has been done before ............... but then again - almost everything has been done before somewhere. But that does not make it any less relevant or detact from its value.

PeteWilliamson 15 545 2 Isle of Man
8 Aug 2008 10:56AM
What Kaybee said.. and as much as it has been done... its pretty powerful stuff for EPZ I think..

Having looked through the series again I do feel that the water shots look slightly more glamour (if thats the right word).. even though there all dark.. the model looks more comfortable once dead (which maybe the intended look) and this makes it look almost erotic maybe?.. I'm not sure... I'll get my coat. Smile

culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2008 11:27AM

Ive replied on the other image but ill do it again here .. Smile The water shots were test shots for another concept .. they only happened to be taken on the same day and the only real connection is that the model ends up appearing dead.

The concept is that the model is abducted, and we see the story from the street scene, through to her capture, escape, re-capture and then finally death.

I'm not sure exactly which 'mood' to spin onto it at the moment and thats the reason I'm kind of working through the shots I suppose.
ashley 16 167 1 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2008 6:55PM
Very well thought through shot.

Well done.
jonathanbp 12 99 Thailand
9 Aug 2008 10:11PM
amazingly powerful, profound!
Eviscera 14 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2008 4:53PM
superbly executed from concept to image , powerful

CathyT 14 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
17 Aug 2008 10:41PM
Very good.... I'd have EC'd this.
redstag 14 100 15 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2008 10:22AM
OMG, now it makes sense.
I have reverse annorexia, when I look in the mirror I see a slim and fit man, not the fat lump the rest of you see! LOL.

(Sorry if this is flippant, the message here is very powerful. Unfortunately I am going back through the series which means my comment on the last shot comes from not understanding.)
canongirl08 15 18 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2008 5:52PM
Powerful image .....

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