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She Awaits

By culturedcanvas
The same model as the past few days uploads but this time a different theme and location. These were shot prior to the indoor images and obviously still make use of the chessboard as a prop.

We had to cut this session short as the land we were on gets used by the police dogs too for training. So despite having permission to be on site it's generally safer not to be ... ive not lost a model let to a GSD but there's always a first time Wink


Tags: Portraits and people

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Simon-Gimson 14 236 1 England
4 Sep 2008 9:48AM
this is so kool love the mute colors

Shroomer 13 14 167 England
4 Sep 2008 9:58AM
Very appealing with the light and great effect at the angle
4 Sep 2008 10:00AM
very nice, but for me this doesn't need the chess board. distracts rather than adding something
kaybee 16 7.4k 26 Scotland
4 Sep 2008 10:06AM
You wouldn't lose her Dan.
She might lose a limb - but you wouldn't lose her (well not all of her)
POOCHIE 14 21 6 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 10:08AM
Now after all my babble yesterday I love this shot, but like sarah said yesterday not sure why but something inside just says yes. I'll have a bash at explaining though as I'm not in a hurry to get to work though as the weathers pants and I'm on the chainsaw dropping trees today, and would you believe it shooting a wedding tommorow as 2nd tog and expecting 2 inches of rain, "Oh deep joy " if only it was my shoot and I could persuade the bride to be adventurous and get soaked" ? anyway your shot, Imagine if this had been filmed past the point at which this shot was taken and then been rewound really fast to this point and bang you hit the shutter thats how it feels and I dont know why thats why I like it but I tend to think in a very cinematic way the pose suits the model perfectly and the look she's giving is sort of impish like she's trying to capture your heart but then she might bite you, ok Dave there must be enough there for murder by mouse lol. & PS Koens right doesn't need the chess set.

DaveU 14 1.4k 125 England
4 Sep 2008 10:10AM
I think that on this occasion I agree with Koen. The background is sufficiently strong not to need the chess-set, though you probably have some plausible reason for it's inclusion. She's a beautiful model and yoo've done her justice here.

Alternative title "Being Faye Dunaway"

Edit: Lol Pooch but you must have typed your stuff at just the same time as me cos I did'nt read your words before I typed mine. I agree though that there are some shots that you look at they just strike a chord .... no critique necessary, no niggles needed.
POOCHIE 14 21 6 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 10:15AM
See Daves chess move there Dan ?
Quote:though you probably have some plausable reason for its inclusion.
I've wanted to learn that move to use on koen and Dave in the past, thanks Dave. I think its called my Knight takes your Pawn and guards my critiquing arse from being challenged lol.
DaveU 14 1.4k 125 England
4 Sep 2008 10:18AM
.... bring your chess set to Focus Pooch, we'll have a game.

Or tiddly-winks if you prefer Wink
User_Removed 13 172 1 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 10:20AM
Great shot, excellent lighting

POOCHIE 14 21 6 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 10:21AM
Tiddly winks me-thinks chess is for thinkers ? did I spell that right wan.... not sure. We ought to stop this now we're making a mess of Dans page.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 10:37AM
Dont worry about making a mess of the page ... it's the only sensible conversation I'll get out of anyone today Smile

Got to say I dont agree about the chess set though Smile

However it does need better placement. These were the initial shots as we were getting set up so I kind of rescued a few from the shoot (We are reshooting this in a couple of weeks)

I'd have given a bit more seperation between her and the chess set ... in some I had her toying with the pieces and in others just holding them. I shot around 30 or 40 very quick shots off before the dogs arrived and all of these were with an old 20D at ISO 400/800.

My feeling is that without the chess set it's just another shot of a woman in her underwear in against a wall. I'm not sure that the chess set is the right prop for this set but it does need something. So that was my reason for it's inclusion .. to offer something slightly different.

On top of that I was kind of thinking about creating a more romantic olde worldy edge and chess seemed to be a suitable prop and maybe there's some indication of intelligence through the chess set too ???? Maybe Im talking ***** ... Smile
DaveU 14 1.4k 125 England
4 Sep 2008 10:44AM

Quote:it's just another shot of a woman in her underwear against a wall

This is EPZ Dan ..... we're all shallow and as long as the woman is pretty then that's all we want. I see your point though in wanting to differentiate yourself from the herd .... perhaps better as you say if the chess-set was separated, say slid down to the left of the shot ... maybe even partially out of shot. Also, as is probably makes more sense and would sit better as part of a set featuring yesterday's shot and possibly others featuring that model and the chess set.

Glad you don't mind the banter ..... it makes EPZ what it is. A good bit of fun punctuated occasionally by some nifty photographs, and far less bland and boring then many other sites because of it.
challicew 12 1 1 South Africa
4 Sep 2008 10:48AM
I'll just click and run!!! Leave the many words to those above hahaha
4 Sep 2008 11:02AM

Quote:My feeling is that without the chess set it's just another shot of a woman in her underwear in against a wall. I'm not sure that the chess set is the right prop for this set but it does need something. So that was my reason for it's inclusion .. to offer something slightly different.

well, it basically is a good looking woman in her underwear against a wall. but the chess board doesn't change that. it doesn't provide a story here, doesn't add another layer. it's just a chess board standing in the bg, without any connection to the subject. But don't want to make it look like the board makes a lot of difference as it is. think it's better without it, but it's a good photo with it.
Jools_jti 14 257 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 11:40AM
Beautiful image, lots already said, but I do like the repetition of pattern from bra to tattoo to wallpaper.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 12:01PM

I agree it doesn't provide any real narrative in this shot and am not sure that the chess set is needed. It's served it's purpose in getting a conversation going though about use of props in shots Wink

Being serious in these shots I was trying to get across some sense of isolation, something slightly classic but equally something with a twinge of eroticism in it too. Pooch cheered me up when heused the word impish ... as that is essentially what I was trying to convey in the pose and look.

So suggestions for props which convery playful, but indicate intelligence, suggest something slightly olde worldy, yet have a modern twist (I used the tattoo turned into shot for this - something no one has picked up on???)

Maybe you are right and this set just works on its own .. the background, colours, hair and underwear working in harmony.


PS Thanks for the debate again Smile
Richsr 13 91 223 England
4 Sep 2008 1:21PM
Not a lot to say after reading all that - for me I like the details you have captured in this model and the tones/ lighting.
Regards Richard.
stix 15 924 87 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 7:43PM
I agree with everything Koen said about the chess board, I don't like the way it 'touches' her arm either.
I can't help thinking Dan the way you are talking in this post and your women and violence shot that you want to do something intelligent and worthy. However for me all I keep seeing is a young girl in her underwear, have to say this for me is undermining all your talk of intelligence and isolation. I'm starting to find it irritating,
but I am in a grumpy mood.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 7:59PM
Worthy? Interesting point Martin.

Surely all photography is worthy to the photographer? No matter if the subject is a landscape, something editorial or perhaps just a photo of a much loved pet? To me it matters not if the subject is serious or indeed fun - it's the execution that counts.

Sometimes you may want to show love within a shot, sometimes you may want to show a family connection, create a dramatic landscape that makes someone think "wish I had been there" ... or maybe you just want to record a scene!

Sometimes you might even want to give a character in your shot a sense of intelligence or a feeling of isolation.

I too don't like the way the board touches her arm and I did start work on one of the other shots this morning where this isn't the case and indeed it is just a young girl in her underwear.

Then again all any digital shot is is simply an interpretation of reality collected as bits of data on a memory card. The process of selecting your focal length, the camera you are using, the angle of shot, composition, the software you use to process and how you decide to put your stamp on it all influence the final output.

In this equation you have the photographer, the model and the viewer. Each one contributing their own elements to create the finished impression in the mind of whomever the viewer is .....

It's a shame you don't enjoy a bit of banter about shots Martin as it's probably my favourite element of being on sites such as EPZ. Matters not if the conversation is serious, tongue in cheek, or not really grounded in reality as long as people talk and discuss.

May I suggest you have a beer and put your feet up ....

stix 15 924 87 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 8:19PM
I cant argue about anything you say there Dan.
My point was that I get the feeling you want to explore 'big and deep themes' like isolation, and domestic violence, but I don't feel you can do this with a shot of a young girl with her top off.
I might be getting the wrong end of the stick here, but to me you are coming across as rather pretentious, by trying to add layers of meaning to a glamour/fashion shot that just aren't there. If you are serious about exploring these themes, I would love to see them.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 8:31PM

Im serious about exploring every theme I ever shoot. As I say I take shooting family shots of my step daughter as seriously as I do work for a client. I kind of like that approach and don't wish to change it.

As for coming across as being pretentious .. well I take that as a compliment because that's generally exactly what I am.

I am arrogant, cocky, brash, abusive and usually right. I don't really care if that attitude offends people or bothers them in the slightest. It's me and being frank I enjoy being true to myself.

I am equally helpful, easy to approach, loyal and despite appearances actually a reasonably nice guy in many ways. Some may like like the qualities identified in the first paragraph .. others may like those identified in this.

It matter not either way to me Wink

As for the process of exploration well you hit upon a really incisive point. Which is that to succeed you sometimes have to fail. With failure comes and opportunity to learn. For you this shot is a failure in terms of giving the impression of some of the ideas I had.

The overall theme wasn't isolation or intelligence rather they were subtle things I might have liked to have partially indicated within the scene. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't.

My point is this ... from causing a little bit of conversation I come away with greater knowledge of people's opinions and thoughts. Not only that but so do others who take the time to read the banter and serious comments on this page ...

For me thats success in itself .... Wink
stix 15 924 87 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 9:13PM
As I mentioned I would love to see some shots from you of serious women tackling serious subjects and themes. This would provoke far more interest and banter than a girl with her top off,( having a grungy background doesn't hide the fact its just another glam shot.)
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 10:01PM
I am a bit surprised at you using the term glamour though. It's one of those terms/words that photographically can be thorwn at a lot of shots. From fully clothed fashion to soft porn ... and along the way you can include a bit of boudoir, lingerie, implied and fine art nude too.

It's not really very descriptive is it? Like looking at a car and saying its a saloon or a coupe. It gives some impression of what it is but doesn't really tell you anything else ??

It matters not what you think or feel about a grungy background. The fact of the matter is that it does change the feel of a shot. It does alter the market for it and it does influence who may or may not like it.

Yes, you may be correct this particular image could still easily fall under the glamour category. Then again so could a lot of shots that you and others have taken with no real intention to be in that market either.
stix 15 924 87 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 10:25PM
I use the term glam in this case as shorthand for a picture whose main purpose is to titillate. I've got nothing against that, its the pseudo rationnalisation I don't like.
Its like going to the Tate Modern seeing a blank canvas and by the side of it, 4 paragraphs of complete bollocks explaining what its about.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2008 10:57PM
It's also seeing 4 paragraphs of bollocks on a piece of artwork that possibly sold for more than most people make in a year.

Are the paragraphs psuedo rationnalisation ? Maybe there just a big fat pair of fingers saying 'f**k You" because they pulled off something you or I can't?

Is it right or wrong?

Personally I don't mind either way though I admire someone who pulls off such feats whether they be artistically/differently abled or someone who simply pokes fun and takes the piss ... such as Mr Damien Hirst.

Titillation is rarely an aim in any of my photography. Sometimes my aim is to provoke, take the piss, cause copntroversy, wind people up or simply to make people smile. Sometimes it's none of those .... and sometimes it's simply just a photo.

One way or another theres always a 'sale' made ... either you sell me that your opinion is right, or I sell you that my opinion is right.

Someone, somewhere is selling someone else 24/7 .. and making money, connections, friends and enemies in the process. I'll stick with my methods and way of thinking for now ... mainly through that rich streak of arrogance and self beleif that it is in me.

Not a bad effort on your part though ... you even made me have an extra couple of beers ...

kaybee 16 7.4k 26 Scotland
5 Sep 2008 10:26AM
Call me thick (and most do) - but when I saw this I thought the chess set had been put there more as a statement about the way people just seem to abandon things when they move on ather than anything to do with the girl.

Okay - there is a chess set in other shots but I didn't take it as a deep meaning series ................. was I meant to?

Do I have to reassess my life and the way I look at images and try to find a meaning in every one of them or can I look at a pictue of a pretty girl and think - I like that?
stix 15 924 87 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2008 1:36PM
I admire your self awareness and confidence. Smile
Mjhearne 13 432 4 Scotland
6 Sep 2008 7:21PM
Chess board or no chess board?? I still see this a sa very pleasing image! And at least Dan does educate on what his shots are about, rather than jujst uploading pretty images. I like the light on this one and the angle. IMHO I would have cropped just a tiny bit more from the top.



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