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A quick view of curt's recent activity.

  • nice colours by curt

    Thanks I love the 70mm
    • 23 Aug 2011 12:16AM
  • spider by curt

    lol thanks for the coments the focus wasnt the best i had just got the 70mm sigma macro and was a bit scared to get that close let alone keep still that why iv tried to photoshop it up abit i know it not the way to do it but sometimes you just have to try Smile
    • 30 Sep 2010 6:24PM
  • #21 Cheng DTM 2010 by 330bmw

    Number3 is spot on for me they are all excellent but thats my fave!
    • 22 Sep 2010 9:57PM
  • Gathering nectar by piperpics

    Very good! i want to get that close Smile
    • 26 Jul 2010 10:51PM
  • Hopeless by Ingleman

    Thats amazing really brilliant shot
    • 25 Jul 2010 8:10PM
  • Trains Coming by raul_naja

    Right no more driving its trains for me now Smile awesome image and brave model
    • 25 Jul 2010 8:09PM
  • Ninja by spadxiii1918

    excellent pic iv been trying htis stuff myself but youve cracked it! well done really cool pic i will upload one to when i get this good
    • 24 Oct 2008 5:47PM
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