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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • The AA Man

    Fabulous!! Everything about this is spot on - great job and has my award.
    • 5 Feb 2017 6:28PM
  • Through the window...

    Fabulous - here's vote 30.
    • 22 Jan 2017 6:16PM
  • Mystic eyes

    Fabulous lighting.
    • 22 Jan 2017 4:24PM
  • Yes Dad ......

    Great work and concept. Small point, I would have the shadows at the same angle.

    • 22 Jan 2017 4:17PM
  • The Moon

    Thanks so much for the HC and all the votes and comments.

    The 300mm 2.8L is known for its sharpness, but I was concerned that the 2X Mk3 would degrade images. I believe this shows my fears were unfounded and it is far less expensive than the full 600mm lens, but there is a trade off in speed.

    • 20 Jan 2017 5:53PM
  • Goldfinch

    This is wonderful. The sharpness and colour are spot on.
    • 16 Jan 2017 7:19PM
  • Gavia stellata

    Fabulous capture!!
    Has my award.
    • 4 Dec 2016 9:45AM
  • George

    A great portrait.
    • 12 Sep 2016 4:57PM
  • Pheasant

    A magnificent shot - has my award
    • 12 Sep 2016 4:55PM
  • Prom

    Great natural portrait. I hope she enjoyed her special evening.
    • 3 Jul 2016 9:15AM
  • Cloisters

    What a striking image. I love the hue and lighting. Fabulous.
    • 3 Jul 2016 9:10AM
  • Bumble Bee

    Lovely shot. I have tried macro, but just don't have the patience, so admire anyone who does and who produces shots like this.
    • 3 Jul 2016 9:07AM
  • Sparrows.

    Lovely sharp shots.
    • 3 Jul 2016 9:04AM
  • E-Type Jaguar

    Possibly the most beautiful car ever made in my opinion and you've captured it perfectly.
    • 25 Jun 2016 6:33AM
  • Portrait of a young Sparrow

    This caught my eye - great capture.
    • 25 Jun 2016 6:26AM
  • In formation

    Lovely capture.

    I was unable to make the show, but did see the Arrows from Ickwell Green.

    • 9 May 2016 5:57AM
  • 45305 GCR

    Lovely shot.
    • 14 Apr 2016 8:15PM
  • tube

    This is a great image. The converging lines draw you right into the picture and make you look for more around the outside. The empty platform is a bonus. Well done.
    • 14 Apr 2016 8:13PM
  • Common Pheasant

    • 15 Jan 2016 5:10PM
  • Suspended

    This is up with the best of the Clifton Bridge at night - well done.
    • 30 Dec 2015 4:17PM
  • GENES-ISH Band

    Nice present - she is to be applauded!
    Good shot - were they any good?
    Haven't seen Phil C with hair for years now and a suit jacket??
    • 30 Dec 2015 4:04PM
  • Avro Anson

    Great shots

    I share Nathan's view re shutter speed and 250th for prop planes works well. However, with a long lens there can be a trade off with shake.

    • 15 Dec 2015 8:02PM
  • Kestrel

    • 23 Oct 2015 7:31PM
  • It's back to the forties

    Great mono image. I would have expected to see a steam loco in the background in keeping with the period. The diesel shown entered service in 1957.
    • 22 Oct 2015 7:18PM
  • Cant See The Wood For The Trees!

    Great shot and fabulous lighting.
    • 13 Oct 2015 8:10PM
  • The Vulcan Bomber

    I was in two minds whether to comment on this one, but thought that some observation might help with future comps given the potential this image has.

    The background image is shot at dawn or dusk, with resulting warm light. The Vulcan, presumably on its own layer, should have the colour balance changed via an adjustment layer to warm it up and blend it with the scene. This can be done via Levels or Curves, or the colour balance adjustment. If you clip the adjustment layer to the Vulcan layer you will affect the underlying layer only. I would also suggest the plane is darkened slightly, as it's just too bright for the scene.

    The horizon is always at eye level, which would make the plane extremely low in the sky. This maneuver would not be possible with such a big bird and therefore the Vulcan needs to be reduced in size and set in the top right quadrant of the shot to make it more believable.

    My comments are in no way meant to be negative and I hope they will be accepted in the spirit intended.

    • 13 Oct 2015 8:04PM
  • Power House

    Fabulous low light image.
    • 13 Oct 2015 5:20PM
  • Woodpecker

    Super sharp - well shot.
    • 12 Oct 2015 7:27PM
  • Durdle Door

    I love this place - great shot.
    • 12 Oct 2015 7:26PM
  • I wonder.............

    Beautiful colour, clarity and pose. I do agree with Karen about losing the corner.
    • 12 Oct 2015 7:25PM