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A quick view of cyman1964uk's recent activity.

  • Cola Rollers

    Thanks for all the votes and the kind comments. The idea was all Tammy's and Treasa's, I just pressed the button! Wink
    • 19 Jan 2015 3:31PM
  • Incoming

    This is a beautiful shot. I love the sharpness on the bulk of the bird yet with motion blur in the wings and the bokeh background is a bonus!
    • 24 Aug 2014 1:18PM
  • Flung off the roundabout

    Very good, Tony. Yes, two images indeed. The first was the background shot with only the boy on the roundabout (and yes you are dead on 1/6th sec). Camera held on tripod to maintain exact shooting position and then shot his mum jumping from just in front of the roundabout with more normal (approx 1/100th sec) shutter speed. Composited one on the other. Smile
    • 30 Jun 2014 9:57PM
  • Sammy the Hat!

    Thank you everyone - definitely one of my best shots ever! Smile
    • 20 Jan 2014 12:09PM
  • Fishing at Puri Sea beach(India)..2

    That light looks magical!
    • 23 Nov 2013 1:58PM
  • The Ice Queen and the Dark Queen

    Thanks for the kind remarks and the award, guys. Much appreciated!
    Philpot, I used a 70cm beauty dish with diffuser to camera right in 45/45 position (or possible a little more head-on) and a silver reflector to the left to bounce back some fill. I placed my grided striplight (one stop higher than main beauty dish light) between the black background and the reflector to light the Ice Queen's hair and a gridded small silver reflector dish to the right provided the nice spotlight behind the Dark Queen's head.

    I went to the shoot with this kind of setup in mind, not ever thinking it would be nearly as effective as this. It is easily the most involved lighting setup I have ever used! Grin
    • 18 Nov 2013 4:36PM
  • Raindrops

    Wow I thought this was a studio shot! How do you get backgrounds like this outdoors? Tongue
    • 14 Nov 2013 10:01PM

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