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  • "Sound II" by Antony Gormley

    Amazing shot, great composition just for the curves and their reflections alone. Whoever thought to stand the statue in the middle must have had a streak of creative genius for it makes for a sublime image with the reflection in the floor.

    Brilliantly composed shot and an excellent capture. Fabulous image.

    • 14 Jun 2010 8:42AM
  • Walking with Elizabeth Frink

    Great capture, wonderful idea.
    • 14 Jun 2010 8:33AM
  • Meadow

    Many thanks for your comments all. It was an opportune shot taken whilst out walking in Leicestershire. Surprising for the fact that it wasn't the shot that I thought would be first favourite!
    • 14 Jun 2010 8:27AM
  • Jade 2

    Great shot.

    I love the side lighting, although some might consider it harsh, I think it works brilliantly with this image. The skin tones are also great and remind me a lot of these anime / graphic type images that have become very popular of late. The eyes and catchlights are perfect and place the focus of attention exactly where it should be.... at least in my un-informed opinion Smile

    This my favourite in your portfolio, second to Hollywood dreams.

    Excellent work.

    • 16 Jun 2009 4:49PM
  • flora

    Hi Stuart,

    Love this image, brilliant work. The light, the textures and the colours reach out of the image, truly giving it that third dimension. It drags the viewer in with its layers and depths. Truly it is a wonderful image.

    Crikey, I can almost smell the moss and the damp earth !!

    • 20 May 2009 7:40PM
  • Bath skyline

    Stunning image.

    The IR, in emphasising the buildings, really shows the gradient of the landscape in a totally unexpected way. Looks very surreal, almost like an etching. Heard a lot about IR but this is the first time I've ever seen anything quite like, or as good as, this !

    Inspiring work.

    • 18 May 2009 5:26PM
  • levitation

    Wonderful shot.

    I love the intensity of the light, the way it illuminates the way forward and yet still gives good emphasis of the subject. I love the subjects casual over the shoulder glance and the spring in her step. For me the angle of the buildings works brilliantly adding a strange almost quirky fantasy factor and all the while the subject is perpendicular suggesting that it is the surroundings that are not as they should be...

    All in all a very magical capture... the sort we all dream of taking !

    Great work.


    • 18 May 2009 4:54PM
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  • Hi Sue,

    Many thanks for your comment. Just dropped by to have a look at your portfolio and so glad I did. Some beautiful and very strong images. Great photography! ... and '60 watt' OMG if it isn't Bagpuss!!!! Brilliant work. Cats make such fascinating studies even though I'm not particularly a great cat lover it never ceases to amaze me how much character the feline face can show.

  • Fine collection of images in your portfolio. Beautiful and evocative landscapes.

  • Thanks for your comment. Great gallery you have, love the June and Hayfever work makes beautiful flora even more beautiful
  • Fabulous portfolio, stunning images. The hues you capture and portray are so perfectly in balance with the scenery and conditions giving tremendous ambience, and making for some truly great shots.
  • Hi Myra,

    Thank you for your comments. Great gallery you have, from the serene to the wild and the beautiful, every image exudes a slightly different feel. - Wonderful images.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your comment on Yellow Parasols. link

    Thought I'd wonder by and take a look at a few profiles.

    Great gallery you have.

    I particularly like Swirl, Llangors II, and Fit II together with the humour of Partied Out Smile

    Great work.

    Thanks again.