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Hi. Something must have caught your eye thanks for dropping in.
I hope you enjoy my portfolio, I appreciate all your comments.
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  • Commented on 'Interfering with nature'

    Will the birds forget how to forage? Same for foxes and hedgehogs Am I ruining the birds and animals ability to hunt and forage for themselves?

    I don't think so. My next door neighbour feeds Foxes and Badgers (hand feeds Badgers sometimes) almost every night, but it doesn't stop them digging up my lawn for slugs and worms etc.. grrrr.... Sometimes we don't see them for weeks, but they still come back after their break, so I guess they are getting their food naturally from elsewhere?
    • 15 Sep 2012 8:42AM
  • Commented on 'Anyone else having trouble?'

    All sorted.
    Thanks Dave
    • 24 Mar 2011 5:20PM
  • Commented on 'Anyone else having trouble?'

    Yep, same problem here.
    i'm only getting a middle bit.
    • 24 Mar 2011 4:35PM
  • Commented on 'Sunseeker Rally'

    Anyone have any information on the event at the weekend. I have photographed my local event "The Somerset Stages Rally" for many years and want to try this one?
    • 21 Feb 2007 10:11PM