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Hi all ,welcome and thank you so much for looking at my port ,hope you have enjoyed it , leave a message if you wish, on any image, i will find it , Again welcome and Thank you, Darren.
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  • Me by AngelsSweetSmile

    Hi this is a lovely shot, like how its set out,you look beautiful, oow is that ok to say { blushing} !!!!! and welcome to you, Daz
    • 11 Jun 2009 12:53AM
  • Other Half by Lou_Pink

    Quote:A lovely, candid portrait of a cheeky chappie! Just be aware of things like his headgear!!

    Is it a mohhekon hege cut ? great shot well done, Daz
    • 9 Jun 2009 12:44AM
  • In the garden 2. by D80daz

    Thanks Lou, Daz
    • 9 Jun 2009 12:04AM
  • Angelina by Pete

    I love this image it works for me, only one thing that bugs me about it the sharp lines on her arm, are a bit distracting to me, hope you like my mod, was fun thanks, Daz
    • 8 Jun 2009 11:59PM
  • childrens r childrens by dotpix

    Hi Khursheed, this is a great story and image, you are a man with a BIG heart full of love for others, I too have this, and a way to make a difference, in this world, one smile given out, a kind word, and a helpful deed, make this world a better place, bless you, and I pray you find the happiness that I had found, take care, Daz

    great image so full of Joy. Well done.
    • 6 Jun 2009 12:24PM
  • im Alone ! by R3za

    very nice image, its all been said, well done, Daz
    • 27 May 2009 8:31PM
  • Hollie by shaz4

    Hi Sharon, this is a lovely shot , those catchlights!!!!! fancy swopping heads holly's for my latest one LOL I will do some movement of bits on next one, may do 3 of them just to see what people think , thanks for comments, Daz.

    P.S any room in your suit case, upps got a wedding to do :-{ HOLS!!!!!!
    • 27 May 2009 8:17AM

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  • Posted on dawnmichelle's profile

    Hi Dawn,I can see you love GODs creational beauty , wow what awesome images, bless you, Thank you for your comments and votes.

    • 25 Sep 2008 4:14PM
  • Posted on Barbaraj's profile

    Hi love the colours nice work , thanks for your comments,Daz
    • 28 Jul 2008 6:47PM

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