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  • Underneath TIme by Daisy_intheMill

    Thanks - yes, I intentionally went for this look - working closely with my model and what she wanted. Tonal range - yes I am aware - processed in both Aperture and Photoshop. It's something different - working with clients rather than giving them what WE think they should want - she's well used to seeing instagram images.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.
    • 17 Dec 2012 9:00PM
  • Memory Lane Summer by Daisy_intheMill

    Many thanks Smile I"m Jude Gidney if anyone would like to vote Wink
    • 20 Sep 2012 4:43PM
  • Rainy Day at Wastwater by GillyB

    Lovely as always. Hope your well Gill. x
    • 10 Nov 2011 2:53PM
  • Dovestone by Daisy_intheMill

    Thanks Gill Wink x
    • 10 Nov 2011 2:45PM
  • Velvet Folds by ColouredImages

    Wow - can feel that velvet Smile - Jude
    • 7 Jun 2011 2:34PM
  • Buttermere Light by ColouredImages

    Beautiful!!! Wow - lost for words! I'm fine thanks Mike, been busy, busy with this and that and little time to upload. Enjoyed yesterdays little experiment- i think I may do similar again very soon Smile Hope you are well too.
    • 3 Jun 2011 7:58AM
  • Off Camera by Daisy_intheMill

    Thanks for the comments and votes - interesting little experiment. Wink
    • 3 Jun 2011 7:56AM
  • 1st portrait by woodrow

    Hi Paul,

    I like it - the lighting looks soft and flattering, I like the variation in textures of her plaid dress and curly hair. She's got a lovely happy expression also. I always try to get a catch light in the eyes as it brightens/livens them up - the main draw to a portrait is usually the eyes - a lot of expression comes from the eyes. With her looking off camera it's a nice image - looking at camera could be even better ie interacting with the viewer - that's where your skill as a Portrat photogrpher comes into play to get her to interact with you - And as is people all over, different people will like different things - (I did a session the other day with 6 girls and their favourite pic from the whole session was one of one of them looking off camera! Ha! )
    One of your best critics will be the Mum - if she'll give you comments honestly and without being guarded. Ask her not to be kind but expect the worst Wink Try showing her the whole session and pick up on what she likes the best.
    I hope that's helpful.
    I look forward to seeing more Smile
    • 2 Jun 2011 3:32PM
  • Magdale Mist by ColouredImages

    Quite magical - love it!Smile
    • 5 Apr 2011 9:15PM
  • Elgol Blues by woodrow

    I think this is my favourite of the series - looks like a very beautiful place.
    • 2 Apr 2011 5:30PM
  • . by woodrow

    Another Beauty!
    • 2 Apr 2011 5:28PM
  • Pots 'n' Pans 'n' Pony by ChazB

    Lovely Charlotte - so rich - and very close to my house! No I don't live in a stable.
    • 2 Apr 2011 5:25PM
  • The Cottage by ChazB

    Lovely shot - I can smell the peat. You don't half get around Charlotte!Wink
    • 11 Mar 2011 4:26PM
  • Dovestone Jetty by GillyB

    Jude x ( previously known as femin2003 Wink )
    • 2 Mar 2011 6:17PM

    Cute - Jude ( prviously femin2003 Wink )
    • 2 Mar 2011 6:13PM
  • East Sands by ChazB

    Spectacular! Jude ( previously famin2003 Wink)
    • 2 Mar 2011 6:11PM
  • The Red Carpet by ColouredImages

    Well that makes a change! Jude ( Previously known as femin2003 Wink)
    • 2 Mar 2011 6:09PM
  • Clematis by akh

    Hi Tony - hope you're well - just to let you know that I've changed my username from femin2003 - to Daisy_intheMill. Just to save confusionWink
    • 2 Mar 2011 6:07PM
  • Kate by funkeldink

    Lovely work - you're a good friend to know
    • 19 Feb 2011 3:39PM
  • London Eye by woodrow

    I'm not very good with heights and this angle really makes my legs shake - Love the feeling of movement in it now I've seen it larger.
    • 18 Feb 2011 5:36PM
  • All Done by Daisy_intheMill

    Thanks Tony for appreciating the difficulties!Wink
    • 1 Feb 2011 10:22AM
  • The Inlet by ChazB

    Really beautiful Charlotte - Dovestones is lovely at the best of times but I didn't recognise this on opening. Inspirational!
    • 20 Jan 2011 9:10AM
  • 00 by Daisy_intheMill

    Thank you! Much appreciated.
    Mike, I just love crawling around on the floor!
    • 18 Jan 2011 8:51AM
  • Chicago Nights by GillyB

    Wow -amazing!
    • 8 Jan 2011 11:24AM
  • Puss in Boots by peter_oak

    Gorgeous! I need to find some kittens!
    • 4 Jan 2011 5:03PM
  • Snow Damaged by Daisy_intheMill

    Thank you all - and Happy New Year to you too!
    • 4 Jan 2011 3:05PM
  • Underneath The Arches .... by GillyB

    Wow, that's the best yet I've seen of this view!

    Happy New Year to you and hope this year will be brighter in a number of ways for you all.
    Jude x
    • 4 Jan 2011 12:47PM
  • Frosty Morning by FatHandedChap

    Fantastic sky! - looks like a cotton wool blanket. Like the touches of colour at the bottom of the shot.
    • 17 Dec 2010 9:59AM
  • -C- by Daisy_intheMill

    Thank you!
    • 14 Dec 2010 12:18PM
  • Ross-On-Ice by FatHandedChap

    Beautiful - good to see you posting - looking forward to more.
    Here's an RC
    • 10 Dec 2010 8:35PM