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Activity : Photo Comments


Feel free to critique any of the images without 'clicking'
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  • Baby Biggles in a box

    Amazing photo, you must have a great camera.
    • 15 Oct 2015 9:30PM
  • Dunluce

    Cheers. Had to wait for the extreme North-West sunset to get the sun out of the frame / onto the castle
    • 13 Jul 2015 5:40PM
  • Check Mate

    Thanks very much for the award
    • 24 Sep 2014 12:00AM
  • ~

    Thanks for all the comments....

    He only touched the wall momentarily.
    • 1 Sep 2014 12:55PM
  • ~

    Thanks very much...
    • 5 Aug 2014 9:49AM
  • ~

    thanks very much....
    • 19 Jul 2014 5:40PM
  • ~

    Thanks very much
    • 19 Jun 2014 1:06PM
  • Book cLub

    Thanks very much...
    • 24 May 2014 2:38PM
  • ~

    Thanks. The foreground came from a very varnished table ...
    • 23 May 2014 4:36PM
  • ~

    Cheers, got abit lucky that night
    • 21 Apr 2014 1:47AM
  • ~

    Yea, it was pretty unusual conditions... And was probably the only chance I'd get
    • 2 Mar 2014 4:37PM
  • ~

    You're right, I should have taken a step to the right.

    I remember concentrating on trying to frame the railings on either side correctly so I could later crop to a panoramic .

    Thanks for the suggestion
    • 27 Feb 2014 1:45PM
  • Vancouver

    I had no idea you could see the lions Gate bridge from this side of town until I saw the lights on he bridge in the night shots from here...
    • 5 Feb 2014 3:42AM
  • ~

    It's awesome (and a lot lot smaller than my D700)
    • 1 Feb 2014 8:36PM
  • ~

    Quote:I have to say that the sense of a decisive moment in these shots impresses me more than the clever PS stuff in your panoramics... Maybe it's my personal lack of vision: I admire your ability to excel at both styles.

    Thanks. I've always loved actually being outside shooting landscapes/panoramics but have always found them a bit dull to look at - I rarely browse other peoples landscape portfolios. I could look at mono documentary / street portfolios etc all day.
    Thanks again.
    • 31 Jan 2014 12:47AM
  • Escape

    THis is exceptional, wish i had taken it.

    Very original work.

    I've just used my award, otherwise this would get it.

    As good as anything that I can recall seeing on ephotozine.

    Well done...
    • 23 Jan 2014 4:35AM
  • Vancouver

    Quote:These just keepgetting better and better.

    unfortunatly there's not much variation of composition! The light does change alot though...
    • 21 Jan 2014 10:18PM
  • Vancouver

    Thanks very much for the award. Much appreciated...
    • 21 Jan 2014 3:06AM
  • Vancouver

    Cheers, I'd miss my tripod if I left mine back in UK too
    • 14 Jan 2014 5:30AM
  • Vancouver

    Thanks very much for the award, much appreciated, particularly coming from a class landscape photographer...
    • 12 Jan 2014 3:59PM
  • Vancouver

    Thanks very much.

    • 22 Dec 2013 5:16AM
  • ~

    Thanks Derek,

    I havn't seen the article yet, hope I didn't come across badly!

    Thanks again
    • 16 Dec 2013 3:12PM
  • Vancouver

    I can't work out which one i Prefer.

    I'd rather have waited till the sky brightness dropped a little more.

    I went to shoot the sunset from the bridge and this was an after thought on the way home. Worked much better than the sunset shot from the bridge...
    • 13 Dec 2013 4:53PM
  • Vancouver

    Thanks. I preferred the other one aswell.

    It's indeed expensive. Its amazing that only two hundred years ago it was largely covered in forest.
    • 12 Dec 2013 5:27AM
  • Vancouver

    Thanks for the comments. My favourite was the first one with the pastel colours. I realised I've taken quite a few panos over the past 6 months and have never uploaded them. More to come.
    • 10 Dec 2013 8:17PM
  • Vancouver

    Thanks very much. I've got a few pano's saved up from the past 6 months so it's about time I uploaded them...
    • 10 Dec 2013 1:32AM
  • Vancouver

    Thanks. It should be printable about a meter wide at 300dpi.

    Should look alright on the wall...
    • 8 Dec 2013 8:14PM
  • ~

    It's got abit of Spaghetti Junction about it...
    • 26 Nov 2013 7:55PM
  • Light and Shadow II

    Looks like Vancouver.....

    Nice work....
    • 23 Nov 2013 3:47AM
  • ~

    • 17 Nov 2013 4:25AM