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Photo Albums


Welcome to my portfolio.
I live just west of Melbourne in Australia, I moved here from Scotland in 2008 and set up home with my wife. I love photography and although I have been on here for a good few years, it is only now that I have decided to go a step further and buy new equipment and improve my skills.
My old Kodak camera which I used in Scotland has been retired now and I have replaced it with a Cannon 600d, also bought a new tripod and a couple of Polarizing filters.
Getting out and about is something I enjoy when i have the time, but I have decided to take on more time for my hobby and spend less time watching the never ending supply of rubbish on television.
I have been impressed with many members photographs and some have given me great encouragement to get out and do some more work, night shots is something I used to enjoy so it seems I will have to revert to being a night owl again.
I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs and Im always looking forwards to all your comments good or bad, every comment will only help improve my photographic skills.
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