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I was one of the original members way back in the early 'Naughties' just after EPZ started.

Left after a humongous row with the founder, Peter Bargh over one of his choices of 'Picture of the Week' (it was grossly obscene) and closed my account.

Some of you know me as Mike Otley.
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A quick view of Dann's recent activity.

  • You're mine! by Dann

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate you stopping by.
    • 17 Jan 2021 3:45PM
  • Andrew by K4RL

    THIS should have been 'Photo of the Week'. Infinitely superior to that awarded.

    • 20 Oct 2014 6:35PM
  • Sarah by robCPS

    Despite what my PF says about how long I have been an EPZ member, I have actually been one for ten years and... this is one of the best POW's I have seen. My Compliments.
    • 29 Jul 2014 8:53PM
  • Glass 3 by cattyal

    Brilliant Ali... (Mike)
    • 21 Mar 2014 4:53PM
  • Happy New Year by csurry

    Happy New Year Cheryl. And what a way to start!! Wink

    • 12 Jan 2014 4:33PM
  • Doing What They Do Best by digicammad

    I am a huge fan - and have several friends who have been privileged to be part of the ground crew over the years so I have seen many images of 'The Reds'.

    But this is one of the best ever.
    • 15 Sep 2013 12:59PM
  • Two of a Kind by lobsterboy

    Outstanding Chris.
    • 24 Jul 2013 9:10PM
  • Posted on: Top 7 Best Nikon Portrait Lenses

    Since when has a 50mm focal length been a good choice for portraiture!? Let me qualify that...

    'Portraiture' is 'head and shoulders' i.e. the face almost fills the frame. Anything else is not Portraiture.

    The lens compression difference >< 50mm and 85mm are huge in distortion terms.

    However... if one is shooting a subject that incorporates the full body length then it's fine.

    But that is not 'Portraiture' in pure photographic terms.

    Next! ( Wink )
    • 23 Mar 2019 6:15PM
  • Posted on: Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam

    And the price is.... ♫ ♪ Fanfare!! ♪ ♫...
    • 16 Oct 2014 8:44PM
  • Posted on: LockCircle Camera Body Caps Now Available

    Why? What for? Pointless!
    • 4 Oct 2014 1:08PM
  • Posted on: SanDisk Announce World's Highest Capacity Card

    This is for the 4x video peeps.

    Half a Tb of stills on ONE card!!!

    (Dear God!)
    • 12 Sep 2014 8:07PM
  • Posted on: Samyang Announce Fish-Eye Lens

    If it's anything close to the MFT 7.5mm version then the FF boys 'n girls are on to a winner.

    I don't know how they do it when it comes to controlling CA and edge sharpness - they are good. Mine out-performs my Nikkor 10.5mm f2.8 DX lens all the way.
    • 10 Sep 2014 6:46PM
  • Posted on: LockCircle Camera Body Caps Now Available

    Why? Absolutely pointless - unless one is a poser.
    • 6 Sep 2014 7:06AM
  • Posted on: Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5 UMC Fisheye Lens Review

    Re the 159.00... try here: eGlobal Central UK Wink
    • 29 Aug 2014 5:29PM
  • Posted on: Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5 UMC Fisheye Lens Review

    I have just taken delivery of mine for my E-PM2 and the review above states in the 'Cons' that "Manual focusing ring is a little stiff."

    Incorrect. The focussing ring is superbly damped - and rightfully so given the nature of the lens.

    This lens is a fabulous piece of engineering and equally superb optically. Opening up an image in DxO which automatically detects and corrects CA show almost no modification whatsoever. This lens is even better than my Nikkor 10.5mm f2.8 fisheye when it comes to overall performance.

    BTW - it is available @ 159.00 'out there' if you look Wink
    • 29 Aug 2014 4:22PM
  • Posted on: Depth Of Field & Hyperfocal Distance Calculator

    Looks good but there are are several FREE Apps out there which cover the same ground. This would have to be really something to justify the spend. Is there a 'Lite' (i.e.Free) version to assess first?
    • 26 Jul 2014 5:29PM
  • Posted on: DxO Optics Pro v9.5.1 Launched

    This software is staggering... Just left to 'do it's thing' in standard mode post install... The things it does to my old D200 NEF's is unbelievable. Noise? What noise? Lens abberations? What lens abberations? Fisheye lens corrections? Right on the money.

    Seriously... do I reload my LR 4+ now the new PC is (finally) up and running??

    THAT is a difficult question.
    • 13 Jul 2014 8:35PM
  • Posted on: Nikon D4s DSLR Sample Photos

    Distortion Control settings in the RAW files???

    Won't open in ViewNX.
    • 18 Mar 2014 8:31PM
  • Posted on: Olympus Stylus 1 Review

    'Cons'! What 'Cons'!! (if you want to shoot video - buy a video camera!!)

    (FCS!!! - and THAT's being 'polite')

    As an E-P1 (now traded-in) and a current VERY happy E-PM2 owner... this is an awesome camera.
    • 22 Nov 2013 9:54PM
  • Posted on: Nikon Df Digital SLR Announced

    I want this camera.
    • 6 Nov 2013 6:41PM
  • Posted on: Nokia Launch Smartphone With RAW Capabilities

    There's an App for the iPhone that does the same thing - saves in a DNG format. Works a treat.
    • 23 Oct 2013 9:15PM
  • Posted on: Lomography Launch Experimental M4/3 Lens Kit

    Aren't they!? VERY tempted...
    • 17 Oct 2013 8:44PM
  • Posted on: Lomography Launch Experimental M4/3 Lens Kit

    Interesting.. Paul..?
    • 17 Oct 2013 6:35PM
  • Posted on: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Launched

    I have an E-PM2...

    I think I have just fallen in love.
    • 26 Sep 2013 7:50PM
  • Posted on: Fully Operational 3D Printed SLR Created

    What an amazing achievement!
    • 9 Jul 2013 9:01AM

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  • Posted on JoSto's profile

    Gotcha! Laters!
    • 6 Oct 2017 10:14PM

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